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Hello, and welcome to A Passion for Language!

I provide tutoring in all aspects of language arts for students in 3rd Grade through High School, and get tangible results! While not a clinical learning specialist, I have had much success in helping young people who have many kinds of learning differences.

I can inspire your child to sharpen and deepen their capacity as a writer, dramatically improve reading skills and comprehension, improve confidence, and help them write creative pieces, successful essays, and winning applications. I also support IEP's at school and for students diagnosed with ADHD. 

If you choose to work with me, you will find that I am steeped in literature, and have a true passion for language and for working with you!

Parent Reviews

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A friend of mine highly recommended Amy to help my 10 year old twins in the areas of spelling and writing. Both girls had fallen far behind and Amy was able to identify their needs immediately after starting to work with them. I say this because there had been several tutors, teachers and consultations with teachers that had produced no progress or answers. Amy is so patient, kind, creative and helped build up the self esteem that had been lost from years of struggle. Both of my girls love working with her and I recently told Amy she was the best thing to happen to us this year and truly believe it! 

A dear friend recommended Amy to us and she has been a godsend. Our son was missing a strong writing and reading foundation and more disturbingly didn't enjoy or want to do either. Amy got him excited about the process, showed him the fun, reinforced a growth mindset, and helped build his confidence. The difference after he started working w/ Amy is amazing. It used to be like pulling teeth to get him to try and now his most recent answer to  was it a good session was, "no... it was AWESOME!" This was followed by a detailed account of what they did and wrote about. Specifically, Amy has helped my son make tremendous gains in his writing... from not writing coherent and complete sentences to writing far more thoughtful and structured opinion and report writing. I'm so grateful for her gift in increasing his skill and love of learning!

I would HIGHLY recommend Amy and will be asking for assistance for years to come!

Amy has been a phenomenal support for our 3rd grader during the pandemic. We've been sorting our child's ADHD diagnosis, pursuing an IEP, and struggling with how best to encourage our kid during remote learning. Amy has been patient and caring, and though our kid still resists writing, she is attached to Amy. During our child's time with Amy, in addition to working through school assignments, Amy introduced poetry writing to our kid, who became enamored with the form. We cannot recommend Amy highly enough. Amy is adaptable and creative in her approaches, and it is clear she wants to find the best modalities for your kid.