Writing tutor / homework support for rising 8th grader

Hello - 

My daughter would benefit from some writing tutoring and homework support. She is 13 and will be entering 8th grade in the fall. She will work best w/ someone who kindly sets a high bar and who can make the work seem a bit fun and works w/ some sort of reward system (as that motivates her). She needs to work on her academic writing and on staying focused and on-task. We live in Berkeley and are looking for someone to tutor her *in person* not too far from home. 

Recommendations are most welcome.  

Thank you! 

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Feel free to reach out to Ms. Amy Mueller mueller.amy2010 [at] gmail.com. She helped my 8th grader with writing homework. She was patient and made it fun for him. She also helped him focus and gave us some valuable tips. She came to our place 2x to help out. She lives near Berkeley, so it may work out.