Natashia Fuksman, MFT

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Natashia is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#93357) who works with individuals and couples, as well as leading groups and talks based out of her office near Ashby and Claremont Ave in Berkeley. Her work is centered on deepening one's intimacy, bonding and supporting parental development. Natashia comes from a multi-cultural/multi-lingual background (fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish) and has a keen sense of working on issues related to communication, parenting and equity around diversity & feminism within longterm relationships. She specializes in working somatically, using Hakomi Method. 

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I have worked with Natashia Fuksman (, and she was amazing. I worked with her solo, but she also specializes in couples counseling, particularly with respect to deepening intimacy and parenting. Her heratige is culturally diverse so I think she would fit the bill for being culturally inclusive. When you go to her website, it seems like her main thing is sex therapy, but she is really so much more. SheI would recommend talking to her to see if she might be a good fit for you.

An alternative to anger management would be to find a therapist that will help you process your anger and get to the root of it. I saw a wonderful somatic therapist (Natashia Fuksman) in South Berkeley and she helped me process difficult emotions while I was with her (not anger per se, but she is very non-judgmental and I'm sure she would be open to working with someone on anger). I highly recommend her if you live in the area.

Natashia Fuksman in Berkeley is amazing - I have done a new mother's group w her as the facilitator. She specializes in postpartum transitions. Very holistic minded/spiritual.