Open-minded therapist recommendation for general and post partum?

I am interested starting therapy and have no idea where to start looking. I am looking for a psychotherapist who is open-minded to different paths of spiritual growth/healing. I am also hoping to find someone who can help me work through some post partum and general life issues. I live in Berkeley, but for the right therapist I would be willing to travel. If you know of a therapist who fits what I am looking for, please reply!

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Natashia Fuksman in Berkeley is amazing - I have done a new mother's group w her as the facilitator. She specializes in postpartum transitions. Very holistic minded/spiritual.

Hi - I would highly recommend Lee Safran.  I worked with her individually doing depth therapy and also attended one of her Postpartum Stress Support Groups. I had seen therapists in the past but found that she cut through much of my constant chatter and helped me put some pieces together from my past that continue to help me. I hadn't had this type of experience elsewhere.  She is at

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