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Personal Training-Strength Training for Adults

I help people build strong bodies through a personalized resistance training program. I love meeting people where they are at physically, mentally, and emotionally, then providing the ‘scaffolding’ to reach their fitness goals in a way that is both satisfying and sustainable.

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I have worked with Mary for about 15 years...yes, that long. She is wonderful! Mary really knows what she is doing, is kind and encouraing, and makes it fun. I began to get stronger immediately and continue to make progress. Every session, Mary watches and coaches and corrects, always gently and specifically. In all the time I've spent with her, I have never gotten hurt (tired and sometimes a bit sore, yes, but that's to be expected). The same cannot be said of a lot of physical trainers, who push their clients too hard, too fast. You will never feel dumb or uncoordinated or slow -- Mary meets you where you are and patiently brings you along. You will be hooked after the first session, I promise!

Mary Rocha maryrocha79 [at] has TONS of experience with older bodies (I'm 51 and on the younger end of her clientele), helping them grow stronger, recover from and prevent injury, go trail running – amazing. Her training room is completely private and conveniently located in North Berkeley. She does do home visits, too. I can't imagine working with anyone else – she's smart, sensitive, thoughtful, creative, kind, and brilliant at helping people move well.