A personal trainer specializing in older adults?

My 69 year old mom wants to find a trainer to get her in shape for strenuous hiking and help her prevent injuries.  She's very wary of anyone who doesn't specifically work with aging bodies... And also would much prefer to have someone come to her house in Berkeley.  Would love recommendations! 

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Hi,  My Mom is 84 and Karah Charette at 716-997-1440 comes to her house to do exercises with her to help her with her walking.  Karah is a physical therapist and my Mom really likes working with her.  Good Luck!

Mary Rocha maryrocha79 [at] gmail.com has TONS of experience with older bodies (I'm 51 and on the younger end of her clientele), helping them grow stronger, recover from and prevent injury, go trail running – amazing. Her training room is completely private and conveniently located in North Berkeley. She does do home visits, too. I can't imagine working with anyone else – she's smart, sensitive, thoughtful, creative, kind, and brilliant at helping people move well. 

Jessica diBiase is a great personal trainer for all ages. She also does house calls. I have personal experience with her as she was a trainer at the gym I used to attend and she is very supportive and motivating!

Hi there, that's awesome that your mom is getting ready for strenuous hiking! I've worked with someone who may be a great fit. Drew Van Zee is a personal trainer who uses a brain based approach to help hiking enthusiasts improve their balance, become more mobile, and overcome pain. I know he has an online program and also works with people in person at Flex gym on Piedmont ave. Here's a link to his website: www.drewvzee.com  I've had improvements in both balance and strength from his work, and he does a lot of work with people in their 50s-70s. I hope he's a great resource for your mom!