Lindy Johnson, CNM

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Lindy is a magician. She delivered our two girls and told us exactly when to drive to Alta Bates to minimize time in the delivery room. She knew our preferences and managed the entire process and staff. Having a midwife is so different from going to the hospital and not knowing who you will be working with. We are so glad we made this decision.

Lindy is also our go-to expert for any questions related to pregnancy, babies, and childbirth. She continues to provide advice long after delivery (she says until they turn 18). We could not recommend her more highly. Thank you, Lindy!

I found Lindy well into my second pregnancy, I was already 30 weeks pregnant and decided that I needed to find someone that would advocate and truly care for me, someone that would help me have a safe and loving delivery. From my very first visit with her, I felt an enormous sense of relief, I felt heard and safe, she was so kind and calm, yet assertive and knowledgeable. We looked forward to every appointment, her calm demeanor and immense knowledge made my husband and I feel very comforted and reassured that I was going to have the delivery and care I was looking for. We knew we would feel more comfortable delivering our baby at a hospital, but we wanted our experience to be different than our first time, we wanted to have someone there guiding us through it and truly advocating for us, so we could have the birth we hoped for. Lindy gave us that and so much more! She was waiting for us at the hospital, with a warm smile and a big hug, she facilitated our check in process while I was in the middle of intense contractions, our birthing room was already set-up for us, with deemed lights and tea candles. She guided the hospital staff and nurses in a calm and assertive manner, everyone at Alta Bates labor and delivery seem to know her and had a great relationship with her, that made us feel so good about the whole thing! Both my births were fast and Lindy was very prepared for that, the way she handled every contraction and every push was so empowering and nurturing, both my husband and I felt cared for and supported. Our baby boy was born to our chosen soundtrack playing in the background, no harsh lights, no rush, it almost felt like we were not in a hospital. It was a beautiful and emotional birth, it was everything we dreamed about!

But it didn’t stop there, Lindy was there with us postpartum, she provided so much important information and reassurance, she had a whole plan for us. Everything from nutrition, to lactation and especially postpartum recovery for me. A lot of women don’t feel supported after birth, but Lindy knew exactly what to do and how to support me and my family. I can truly say that my recovery postpartum was so much better after this pregnancy, because of Lindy’s knowledgeable advice. This was my last pregnancy and I will remember and cherish this experience for the rest of my life! Lindy is the real deal and I wish everyone would be so lucky to have her alongside them during their pregnancy, birth and beyond!

Lindy was a great help through my pregnancy and postpartum experience. She was very clear, knowledgeable, kind, and always available. She helped ease any worries and doubts that my partner and I had. She really made us feel like she was part of our family and so comfortable. We strongly recommend her as a midwife.

If you want to be well acquainted with the provider who will deliver your baby, I highly recommend Lindy Johnson, CNM.

Lindy has an incredible depth of experience and knowledge as a midwife. She listened to my first birth experience and predicted the events of my next labor. She was spot on about the timing and effort required, and took good care of us throughout the process.

She cares generously about the mother as a whole person and by extension the family.

On that note, she's very open to discussing costs and payment options, and is knowledgeable on how to do the business with or without insurance. It is definitely worth a phone call to see if she can work with you. I was very lucky to find Lindy through a BPN review, and I sincerely hope this helps another family connect with her in the future.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Lindy.

I had always wanted to work with a midwife but we let financial worries deter us the first time round. This time, with the presence of COVID and sheltering in place, we decided it was worth the additional cost to have someone in our corner, especially as we knew we would be navigating additional hurdles. We wanted to make sure we had someone clearly advocating for our needs in a room where decisions happen so quickly. Lindy met us where we were, emotionally and financially, and my only regret is not having found her earlier. She helped us find a way to make this a possibility and not feel that finances needed to be a barrier.

Lindy treated my entire family, as participants in this experience without ever losing focus on me and my needs. There was no rushing through appointments (even with the added precautionary measures due to the pandemic), and I always felt heard and seen. Often in the hospitals, I felt the doctors were treating my "condition" and I was just one of millions going through it. Lindsay treated ME, as a whole person, many times even helping me to find my voice and share my sentiments with anyone else who needed to hear them.

Having that individual support in a hospital setting was everything i could have hoped for. In the delivery room I could immediately tell when Lindy entered it - she established such a calm just with her presence and everything slowed down to meet her. She helped me feel strong and capable, and any self-doubt was barely allowed to pass my lips before being met with her encouragement and trust. I was able to have a successful VBAC and to safely welcome my daughter into my arms.

I will never be able to find enough words to say thank you....but here's trying - With the greatest of thanks Lindy - I can only hope for others that they find your support and care!

Lindy took care of me through three pregnancies. Some were difficult; most were joyous, but through it all Lindy kept me calm, safe, and hopeful.

Her care was exemplary: Lindy is incredibly knowledgeable and armed with both a broad base of experience and deep understanding of the latest research.

Of even greater value was the emotional support and love she provided. Despite any complications that arose, Lindy was there to explain what was happening, clearly tell me my options, and support my final decisions. I can't imagine giving birth without Lindy on my team. In fact, our family turned down a job offer that would have required moving, in large part because I was pregnant, and didn't want to give birth without her!

Lindy works with the doctors at Alta Bates, and has a respectful partnership there. She goes out of her way to transform an otherwise sterile hospital room into a calming space, and keep you apprised of what's happening throughout your child's birth. Because of maternal complications during labor, being at home wasn't an option for me, but Lindy was able to transform a frightening few days into moments of joy and magic.

Lindy Johnson has been my midwife for all five of my children and I feel so privileged to have had her in my corner!

Lindy offers excellent prenatal care. Her office is warm and comfortable and she has lovely setup for the siblings to play. They look forward to seeing her as much as the grownups- which makes prenatal visits so sweet!

One of the things that really made working with Lindy so special is the support she gave to my partner. She honored their importance and invited their full involvement in the pregnancy, birth and infant care.

Lindy is a fierce advocate, she is experienced, unflappable, reassuring and so caring. She even went above and beyond and transformed the birth room into a lovely, serene, homey environment. She was gentle, nurturing to me during my most challenging moments throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She held my family with her encouragement, sharp intellect and humor. She listens so respectfully and responds.

I absolutely would recommend Lindy Johnson to any family for the best both experience imaginable.

Highly recommend Lindy Johnson and the other midwives in her office. I recently gave birth to a large baby who arrived sunny side up. Lindy was calm, supportive, direct, and knowledgeable. I fully credit her expertise (and hints for labor/birth preparation) and careful labor coaching for allowing a healthy unmedicated birth. Her follow up care is great too. Her focus on the health of the mother throughout pregnancy and recovery is so refreshing. Call her as early as possible if you're interested in working with her.

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. She’s not an ob but CNM Lindy Johnson may fit your needs. She delivers at Alta bates. I had the same issues with my ob office, which is why I switched. Her care is definitely different-more midwife style-than an on but imo is better and she is always availabe by phone. She doesn’t see you until you are already pregnant so you’d need to find a separate doc for fertility.

Lindy is amazing. I just had my second with her and had the most wonderful experience. After having a mediocre birth experience with a previous midwife, we were so happy to have lindy support us. Not only is she loving and nurturing, she knowledgeable and skilled. I had  an easy delivery with zero complications and no tearing! I felt so cared for and safe. I almost want to have a third just to have lindy!

Lindy Johnson! She is amazing, the most knowledgeable, patient, superwoman of a midwife. Shes delivered probably thousands of   babies, has seen it all and doesn't get fazed by anything. I had a slightly complicated birth but she was completely calm and in control of the situation, I wasn't even aware anything was amiss till baby was safely out.

You'd be delivering at Alta Bates and her office is across the street. She's a bit old school in that she doesn't email/text but she's very responsive by phone. I had an amazing birth experience and I can not recommend her highly enough. I've heard the other midwives in her practice are good too.