Great OB especially for fertility? (CW: miscarriage)

I'm 40 seeking to conceive child #2 and just had an early miscarriage. In the process, I came to feel that my OB's office was not a good fit for me. Because of the impersonal approach of the practice group, I hardly ever talked to the same person twice, and efforts to get help during the miscarriage were met with slow replies or non-responsiveness. Unfortunately, as my insurance doesn't cover fertility, I can't go directly to an RE. Can you recommend an OB who is great on fertility issues? And / or can you recommend an OB who is available when you need them (my OB at this practice group was booked up for the next three months solid!) and in a well-run practice that allows you to build human connections? (I hope my desires don't sound unrealistic. I actually had a good experience at Kaiser because I always saw the same OB, and when I got pregnant last time they efficiently ordered a small suite of labs to make sure everything was going well. But now we're with Blue Cross Blue Shield.) Thank you!

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Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. She’s not an ob but CNM Lindy Johnson may fit your needs. She delivers at Alta bates. I had the same issues with my ob office, which is why I switched. Her care is definitely different-more midwife style-than an on but imo is better and she is always availabe by phone. She doesn’t see you until you are already pregnant so you’d need to find a separate doc for fertility.

I had a great OB/Fertility doctor, however it is in San Francisco, UCSF, Heather Huddleston (