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Happily Ever Laughter is AMAZING!!!

I can't recommend them enough. They live magic! 


I had the most amazing experience, I had to pass it on. For my son's 5th birthday, we had a fairy from Happily Ever Laughter. Best decision I have ever made. Although my son loves Star Wars, and Transformers, and dragons as much as the next boy, I wanted a good performer more than I wanted a specific costume. We went with the circus girl, but could have chosen a pirate or train conductor theme. The fairy was beautiful, dressed in an original, whimsical costume, and she fascinated the children with songs, and magic, and a story that united the entire performance. Amazing.

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March 2014

RE: Circus-themed character for 6 year old birthday party?

Happily Ever Laughter! They have a 'circus girl' character http://www.happilyeverlaughterparties.com/characters-themes/just-for-fun/circus- girl.html but all their characters do magic shows (which are funny and interactive) as well as your choice of face-painting, balloon twisting, or sometimes a singalong.

I (and my kid) have had great experiences with this company - performers are professional and work very well with boys and girls of all ages. They are not cheap, and they use annoying 'fairy-speak' on the phone and in e-mail, but I'd hire them again in an instant. HEL Fan!

Sept 2012

RE: What favors for boys at 4-year-old's co-ed fairy party?

Yes, you should give your daughter the fairy-themed party she wants! Please don't worry about the other parents. Little boys have vivid imaginations and are just as capable of believing in fairies. I speak from experience: I am a former children's entertainer. When I attended co-ed birthday parties as an elaborately dressed fairy, the little boys were just as enamored with me as the little girls. Sometimes even more so! And if by chance you were considering an entertainer, may I suggest my former company? I was a fairy with Happily Ever Laughter back before I had my own little elf to care for. The ''real'' fairies they send out are absolutely amazing performers. Your daughter would be thrilled to have a real fairy at her party and I'm certain the little boys (and their parents) would be convinced that fairies are awesome. Best of luck with the party! -Retired Fairy

Nov 2011

RE: Low-key birthday party for a 3 year old

I recently went to a party were one of the faeries from Happily Ever Laughter performed. They were amazing. Is made the birthday magical without the mom having to do much. A little decorations, a cake, pizza and that was it. The faerie did the rest. She showed up in an amazing costume and kept the kids memorized for over an hour. She brought her own magic show, balloons and facepaints. The facepaints were really special. It's not cheap but a great way to keep the stress off the moms. Happy Mom!

Oct 2011

RE: Birthday Party Ideas for a 7 Year Old Boy

Have you looked into Happily Ever Laughter Parties? I cannot say enough great things about them. They do characters for boys and girls. The costumes are handcrafted and the performers are simply wonderful. www.happilyeverlaughterparties.com Aimee