Birthday party entertainment for preschoolers


My son is turning 4 and I would love to have a story teller or musician come to his birthday party. Anyone have any recommendations of someone that would be good to entertain toddlers from ages 3 to 5. thanks!


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Grandpa Clyde is great with that age group! Pre-pandemic he had a regular Saturday show for kids at Crieght and Salvage in Berkeley. Now he does a Berkeley backyard song circle the third Saturday of the month), so you can also go and check it out. He is very friendly, and the songs are fun. We are on his listserv, but there is probably a website. He responded to email pretty quickly: clyde [at]

We had a great time during my daughter's 4th birthday last year with an entertainer from Happily Ever Laughter (  She came as a mermaid, did a magic/storytelling/musical show for the kids, painted some faces, made balloon animals, and led a parachute game.  There are many options for characters and activities.  The process was easy and they were very responsive.  Highly recommend them!