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my daughter had a SEVERE underbite since birth and went to Dr. Ferrari in Kensington.  She is AMAZING.  she has been very conservative in her treatment and my daughter's bite is already fixed without any headgear or major intervention, just braces and rubber bands. 

My daughter just completed her treatment with Dr. Claire Ferrari in Kensington/North Berkeley. From the serene office environment, to the warm and friendly staff, Dr. Ferrari has a way with kids and adults. My daughter sucked two fingers each night until she was 9 years old and the braces helped create space in her jaw to accommodate her growing palate. Of note is that Dr. Ferrari uses 3D imaging that I didn't see in other offices I visited for 2nd and 3rd opinions before I chose to have her treated by Dr. Ferrari. This imaging gives a much more comprehensive look at not only dental alignment, but jaw movement and even airway breathing. Good luck!

Dr. Claire Ferrari is fantastic. I cannot recommend her enough. She has guided and helped me for about a decade in the orthodontic care for my son. Her office is in Kensington. You will not be disappointed. She is brilliant!

Strongly recommend Dr Ferrari in Kensignton. She has state of the art 3-D scanning and the expertise required for your case. Also, since she is a small practice you can't beat her personal care towards patients.

I would highly recommend Dr. Claire Ferrari in Kensington.  I have two children and they have both  received treatment from her.  One of them had suffered from sleep apnea, and Dr. Ferrari  and her team have worked wonders to transform his airways. Not only is she a superb orthodontist, she has done advanced training studying airways and sleep. Her office uses the latest imaging technology to help her see patient airways much better than normal orthodontists. She takes the time to talk about the symptoms and helps get necessary information to the ENT. Apparently making the jaws bigger with orthdontics at an early age can prevent sleep apnea in adulthood.   


I've been looking for an orthodontist for my 13 year old. I came across Dr. Ferrari in Kensington at and we have a consultation in a few weeks. On the website, she discusses airway issues and treatment for this. Hope this helps.