Orthodontist Rec Needed - Necessity of Underbite Treatment

Hello, our 10-year-old was recently referred to an orthodontist for overcrowding issues.  The orthodontist is recommending reverse-pull headgear to correct what he perceives to be potential for a future under-bite; my son does not have an under-bite now, but apparently his x-rays suggest he may develop one in the future (when he reaches puberty).  Can anyone recommend an orthodontist who can provide a second opinion on the certainty / uncertainty associated with this type of prognosis?  Specifically I'm hoping the second opinion will help us understand whether X-rays are really a good predictor of future potential to develop an under-bite, and if any other information can improve that prediction.  Thanks!  

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I have no idea what his take on your specific issue would be, but Dr. Righellis (510-482-0600) in Montclair was who we went to for a second opinion with our first kid, and we were so impressed we've used him for both our kids, and have always been very pleased.  Good luck.

my daughter had a SEVERE underbite since birth and went to Dr. Ferrari in Kensington.  She is AMAZING.  she has been very conservative in her treatment and my daughter's bite is already fixed without any headgear or major intervention, just braces and rubber bands. 

Straty Righellis , you can google him.  In Montclair / Oakland.  Both my kids went/are going to him.