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Family Sanity provides resources in mental health for parents of teens and young adults. We hold two parent support meetings each month and occasional special events at a private home In Oakland. Our groups are comprised of parents of teens and young adults who are struggling with mental health issues.

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You might try meeting with Family Sanity's group for parents of teens, which is held in a private home and facilitated by a therapist. I've only met the host, Lisa Scimens, once--but she was very welcoming. I have found just being in the presence of other parents who "get it" can be spirit-lifting if the group dynamic is carefully tended. Here is some info about Family Sanity's upcoming meeting in Oakland. All the best to you, Sarah

Evening Group for Parents with Teens 
Tu Feb. 27   7:30-9pm
 w/Amy Friedman, LCSW

(suggested donation of $20)
Please rsvp to lisascimens [at]