Support Group for Single Parent with Young Adult Child with Mental Illness

Any recommendations for support group or resources for mom with this situation. I have Kaiser for healthcare which does include some great resources but not for this. This is a long standing issue which I pretty much have handled alone for 15 years but I feel frayed. I support my daughter (financially and otherwise) as much as I can but am feeling like I would like to talk to other parents in the same situation. As my daughter has aged she has become more demanding. 

Any suggestions appreciated 

Thank you in advance

In Oakland but have support group will travel in East Bay

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Can you provide a bit more information on how old is your daughter now?  Does she live with you?  What type of mental illness?  If your child is an adult (over 21) then you do realize that you are not obligated to support her financially anymore?  Is her illness so bad that she cannot hold down a job?  Does she know what a budget is and could she stick with one if you put on such a thing?  Not  judging you.  Sounds like either you, your daughter or both of you could use some mental health care.  You also need support to ensure that you are not going down a rabbit hole.  

Hello Missy, In my experience it takes working with heartbreak, shame, confusion, denial, etc  to come to the clarity you have about your child's mental challenges.  As a parent of a child-- now an adult -- with multiple challenges (mental illness being one) I know first hand.   Have you checked out the local NAMI, meetings are in church at Stannage @ Marin (Albany area)?  NAMI = National Alliance for Mental Illness ? They have a group designed specifically for parents (and/or loved ones) of teens and young adults.  From that group more connections/suggestions/referrals are possible.

  BTW: As I was very much about alternative remedies/help for health (and very much against allopathic medicine) I tried to address my son's problems with emphasis on diet, exercise, meditation, etc.  It didn't work.  In fact, he suffered greatly, I saw -- in hindsight.  No doubt it works for some people however, but my son isn't one of them.  ( I am shamed, occasionally, by well-meaning, yet ignorant people who feel they know better....but have never lived with a child like ours).   

   My prayers for you and your daughter in this journey. 

You might try meeting with Family Sanity's group for parents of teens, which is held in a private home and facilitated by a therapist. I've only met the host, Lisa Scimens, once--but she was very welcoming. I have found just being in the presence of other parents who "get it" can be spirit-lifting if the group dynamic is carefully tended. Here is some info about Family Sanity's upcoming meeting in Oakland. All the best to you, Sarah

Evening Group for Parents with Teens 
Tu Feb. 27   7:30-9pm
 w/Amy Friedman, LCSW

(suggested donation of $20)
Please rsvp to lisascimens [at]

The Ann Martin Center in Emeryville has multiple resources:

Also, look into Childrens Health Council (CHC), formerly Parents Education Network (PEN):  iinfo [at]

24-hour crisis lines: 855.278.4204. (Santa Clara) | 650.579.0350 (San Mateo)415.781.0500 (San Francisco) | 800.273.8255 or Text BAY to 741741 (Crisis TextLine)Be sure to try to attend EdRev 2018 on Sat.,April 21 at AT&T Park in SF

I also recommend the NAMI meetings in Albany.   They meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the church at 980 Stannage Avenue, Albany.

There are also free 12-week "Family to Family" classes that are NAMI sponsored and offered periodically.

I found these both to be very comforting and they actually helped me keep my sanity through a very difficult time with my son. 

Stay strong and take things day by day.  It does get better eventually.