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Coyote Coast is designed to provide therapeutic support services to teens and families experiencing emotional, behavioral, and substance-related difficulties. Coyote Coast programs specialize in providing support to families who are considering out-of-home placements such as wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, and rehabilitation programs, and we work extensively with teens returning from these experiences.

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I know from experience that caring for a depressed child is difficult and challenging. My heart goes out to your and your son. When one of my sons had a hard time with anxiety and depression, and once a week talk therapy wasn't helping, we turned Coyote Coast in Orinda []. We worked with Alex Georgekopolis. They work with the child struggling as well as the family. We are a very close family but their assistance in handling this need was helpful on many fronts. If they aren't what you're looking for, they are well connected and can probably give you some suggestions.

Wishing you all health and the best support and care available.

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We had a fantastic experience working with Coyote Coast after our kid came home from wilderness.  They have an intensive wraparound program with family therapy and a mentor plus groups if you want it. 


Coyote Coast specializes in helping people in your exact situation, and they are very good at it. I highly recommend giving them a call ASAP. They are often all booked up, but it's worth calling. They have "mentors" who are actually licensed therapists and provide a variety of levels of support. Our family has benefited from their services.

I also cannot say enough good things about AA. They do have "young persons" meetings, and your son could find a sponsor. They encourage not only sobriety, but "clean living" in general, which includes being honest, taking responsibility, and other traits that everyone could benefit from.My understanding is that recovering addicts of all kinds are welcome at AA meetings (even for recovery from non-alcohol substance abuse).

My friend is using Coyote Coast in Orinda. They help the returning teens and their families have a smooth transition home and a successful life after. They have mentoring program too. My friend says it has been a great resource for them.

Coyote Coast, a private social work type organization specializes in dealing the kids like this, in Orinda should be able to help you. They are thoughtful,experienced and work with troubled kids and placements like schools and wilderness..  I'd be wary of sending away an adopted kid, but I know an instance where it worked well.  I think these schools are full of adopted kids.  Adoptive mom of teen.