Berkeley High Families Owning Learning Differences (BOLD)

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BOLD (Berkeley High Families Owning Learning Differences) is a support group for parents of children with Learning Differences. This group usually meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at Berkeley High usually in the College and Career Center. BOLD is dedicated to finding ways to support, empower and educate students and their families.

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I hope you get numerous names for educational therapists thru your post. I wanted to alert you and others on this newsletter about a parent support group led by parents for parents with kids with learning disabilities. The group, called BOLD, meets monthly at Berkeley High. Their email address is BHSBOLDcontact [at]  Attending the meetings while your daughter is still in middle school might help prepare you for the issues you’ll face getting your child the accommodations she’ll need in the future.

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There was a nice group at Berkeley High, called BOLD. Was still there last year.