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Hello! We use Berkeley orthodontics on Ensenada. Got 3 opinions before settling on them and then chose them for convenience and times offered for appointments. I have twins, and the recommendation that I was given by each office was the same: one kid needed braces now and later, and the other needed braces only later. It was easy for me to trust them based on similar opinions from multiple sites, and the fact that recommendations were different for each twin. 

We went to Berkeley Orthodontics on Ensenada just off Solano.  Mainly saw Dr. Nelson [now at UCSF] and Dr. Meyer as I recall.  We were warned for years that ortho might be needed but they always cautioned patience and the end result was perfectly straight teeth with no intervention save a little bit of grinding on one fang. 

I and 2 of my sons have gone to Berkeley Orinda Orthodontics and have been very pleased.  They are efficient and have both great orthodontists and staff.  

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Hi there! We have 2 sons having orthodonture work. They have pretty extensive stuff needing to be done, and they are starting before all teeth are in, which mught be different than what you need. The idea is that because my sons have more teeth than there is room for in their mouth, instead of pulling the excess teeth, they expand the palate to accommodate them and then align them after that. My oldest son wore the expanding retainers 1 1/2 years, and then had braces 1 year. The cost for everything- $4,100 (we have insurance, but we submit the claims and it only pays for part of it, so $4,100 is the actual price.) This was a Phase 1 treatment. He will be re-evaluated to see if a Phase 2 needs to happen, but they are waiting to see what goes on when more adult teeth come in. I would bet that if he needs the Phase 2, it is gonna be the same price. This office has been great! We needed an emergency visit on a Sunday night and there was no charge, and they have been very easy to schedule with. It is Berekeley Orthodontics on Telegraph Ave & they have 2 more offices- 1 on Solano and 1 in Orinda. Good luck!

RE: Price of Braces for Teen? ()

My child just started braces for a similar length of time, though who knows if the details are the same. Berkeley Orthodontics is charging $5800. 

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