seeking an orthodontist in berkeley


i am looking for a good orthodontist for my 15 year old son who will need teeth extraction and braces.  i would prefer an orthodontist in Berkeley.  thanks!  

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Immi Song on Solano Ave. she is a perfectionist. She is on the lower mid portion of Solano so it’s officially in Albany.

I have found Dr. Iezman and Osterman to be fantastic with both my kids.  They have been conservative and totally reasonable and rational in their interventions, they explain everything in understandable language, they are very competent, and their staff are skilled and super-friendly.  The only caveat is I've found their prices to be higher than others, so you may want to compare.  They have 2 Berkeley offices and they want you to generally attend one office or the other, so this restricts scheduling a little.

Robert Iezman - two offices one Walnut Street and the other in south Berkeley.

Good luck. 

I and 2 of my sons have gone to Berkeley Orinda Orthodontics and have been very pleased.  They are efficient and have both great orthodontists and staff.