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Estate Planning Attorneys Amir Atashi Rang, Amir Sarreshtehdary and Amanda Ewing-Rice.

We specialize in wills, revocable living trusts and powers of attorneys to bring peace of mind to our clients. We work collaboratively with a vision to establish lifelong relationships with our clients.  We are dedicated to educating our clients and believe that proactive planning is for most people regardless of their family dynamics or financial situation. We provide customized plans, for every stage of life with counseling-based legal strategies. Our main office is in San Francisco. We have offices throughout the Bay Area and can meet in Mountain View, Berkeley, Walnut Creek or San Mateo.

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I am not familiar with the names you post, but myself and most of my friends have used Amir Atashi Rang who is with ARAG.  His main office is in San Francisco financial district close to BART, but he also can meet with you in Lafayette.  Seriously he is outstanding!!  You will not be sorry. He is so well informed, covers every detail, knows the law intimately, and is so enjoyable to work with—you will love him and feel very comfortable with him.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Oct 2012

RE: ARAG Lawyer for Estate Planning?

I have the UC Legal ARAG legal insurance and can wholeheartedly recommend an outstanding lawyer on this plan for Wills and Trusts and Health Directives. His name is Amir Atashi Rang and his contact information is (415) 398-7275. You will love this man!! He is a gentleman, knowledgeable, and takes the time and effort to get to know you and your situation in detail and covers everything thoroughly. He is a total delight and you will come to love him. I first learned of him through a UC friend and many of us have passed his name on to our friends and we all adore him! His main office is in San Francisco (near BART and worth the trip!) but he got so many referrals through UC he opened a satellite office in Berkeley where he comes one day a week or so. Kay