ARAG network attorneys (Cal legal services)

We are looking for a trusts & estates attorney to help us develop our wills. We have coverage through Cal's ARAG plan and were given the following network attorneys to choose from, all of whom are in Berkeley:

Zachary Epstein

Hale Kronenberg

Vincent Yu

Scott Pesetsky

Sofiya Feerer

Jonathan Vaknin

Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with any of these attorneys?

Thank you!

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We had a good experience with Scott Pesetsky about 5 years ago.  After we had a child, we hired him to help us with a will, revocable trust, and some other basic estate-type documents.  He was organized, intelligent, and communicated clearly.  I am a lawyer (in a totally different field), and I found him trustworthy and and easy to work with. 


He's not on your list, but we had a good experience with Kyle M Johnston, who has an office on College Ave. 

Helped with setting up a trust and also with some estate matters when my mother passed away. 

I am not familiar with the names you post, but myself and most of my friends have used Amir Atashi Rang who is with ARAG.  His main office is in San Francisco financial district close to BART, but he also can meet with you in Lafayette.  Seriously he is outstanding!!  You will not be sorry. He is so well informed, covers every detail, knows the law intimately, and is so enjoyable to work with—you will love him and feel very comfortable with him.