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Congratulations! I heartily recommend the very experienced and compassionate Kurt Wharton, M.D., and the great doctors at East Bay Pediatrics.

I just did a post for another request for an OB, and I can't recommend Dr Kurt Wharton enough.  I had a high risk pregnancy and felt very confident I was in good hands.  He worked closely with Dr Rosa Won at Diablo Valley Perinatal (partnered with Dr Traynor there) and it was a dynamo team. I had a great outcome because of all of them with the healthy birth of our daughter.

RE: Need a OBGYN! ()

Dr Kurt Wharton in Lafayette (he delivers in Alta Bates) was a name I found on this site and am SO appreciative I found him.  I had a high risk pregnancy and he was incredibly attentive and knows his trade inside out.  He saw me on a Sunday two times during my pregnancy to check out what was thankfully nonissues but he urged me to always reach out no matter what.  During the delivery, he was by my bedside practically the whole time and was told by the nurses this is his style (the nurses adored him and loved working with him, which is saying a lot).  He has a great, funny demeanor and clearly loves his profession.  I highly recommend him and felt so calm during my pregnancy because I was in his care.

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Dec 2011

Re: Current OBGYN recommendations?
Kurt Wharton, M.D. hands down the finest ob/gyn. He is honest, caring, fantastic bedside manner, present. Terrific in L & D. He has his own private practice in Lafayette but do not let that deter you, he is worth it and it's really not that far!!! He delivers at Alta Bates. Trust me, I never would have gone with a male ob/gyn but he came so highly recommended that I decided to interview him and am so glad I did. By the way, I came from an office in Berkeley just like the one you described (wouldn't at all be surprised if it's the same one!)and was clear they were not going to be involved in my pregnancy. I couldn't have been happier with my switch. Good Luck! anon

I highly recommend Kurt Wharton, MD. He was my OB-GYN and took great care of me during my last two pregnancies, even though he was then a member of a large, somewhat chaotic practice. He has since gone solo, and so can provide the organized, careful care you are seeking. His office is in Lafayette, and he is definitely worth the trip through the tunnel. His office number is 925 962-0002 E.

April 2011

Re: Is there a smaller OB practice in Berkeley area?

I recommend Dr. Kurt Wharton. He moved to a small practice for just that reason. He and his staff are wonderful, friendly, and they definitely remember their patients. He delivers at Alta Bates, though his office is in Lafayette, but I found it surprisingly easy to get to, and well worth the trip. 970 Dewing Ave # 201 Lafayette, CA 94549-4260 (925) 962-0002 love seeing just one doctor

You could try Kurt Wharton in Lafayette. I know it is not Berkeley, but it is not that far. I would travel to see Kurt from Marin, his office is that good! A real small office feel (he is the only OB) and he delivers all his own babies. He is super personable and will know your name and remember you of course. My husband and I both adored him and he absolutely put us at ease. His staff is also fantastic. I am not sure if he accepts ANthem insurance though. Worth a call. ANother option is Hsiao-Li Cheng (midwife) in Oakland. happymama

April 2011

Re: OB GYN Rec in Oakland/Berkeley Area - Alta Bates
Kurt Wharton sounds perfect for you. We picked him bc we wanted an ob we knew would deliver our baby. He has a small practice in Lafayette (but super close to berk) and he delivers all his own babies! The only time he doesn't is when he is on vacation but he will tell you his schedule far in advance. Their office is warm and friendly and they will all know you and remember you. He will answer all your qs and never make you feel rushed. His appts were ontime (90 percent of the time) and he only cancelled one so he could go out and deliver a baby. His office called me beforehand so I didn't have to drive. But on top of all that, he is one of the best and most well respected OBs. All the nurses at alta bates raved about him. We had a natural birth with Kurt and he was open to our natural birth plan -but he felt at ease that he is such a skilled surgeon too if an emergency (C section) arose. fanofkurt

April 2011

Re: Do you LOVE your OB practice?
Hi Neda, I see Dr. Wharton in Lafayette, not too far from Berkeley, (we live in the Claremont neighborhood as well, and it takes me 15 minutes to get there). Can't say enough good things about him, he is the most attentive and caring Dr. i have ever been to, not to mention very competent and experienced.... email me if you have more questions, Pooneh

Feb 2011

Re: High risk OB delivers at Alta Bates - C section
I would highly recommend Kurt Wharton, M.D. He is a fantastic Ob/Gyn and he delivered my baby 6 months ago. He came highly recommended so I went with him despite all my years of seeing only female docs. He has an excellent bedside manner, warm, calming and is wonderful with C-sections if need be. He's been practicing for years and although I did not have high risk if I did you bet I'd go with him. Fully trust his capabilities and knowledge base- he knows what he's doing. His number is 925-962-0002. His office is in Lafayette but he delivers at Alta Bates. Trust me, he is worth the drive if that's of any concern. Rita

I wanted to second the recommendation for Dr. Kurt Wharton. He is an amazing OB. I have recommended many friends to him, all of whom have had great experiences that run the gamut from a VBAC to a high-risk c-section delivery. He is so knowledgable and warm, and so hardworking. My recovery from the c-section he performed for my first child was very easy; in fact it seemed easier than some of my friends' recoveries from their vaginal deliveries. The nurses checking up on me in the hospital said ''Oh you have Dr. Wharton, don't you?'' They recognized how skilled a surgeon he is. My scar healed so well you can barely see it at all. Kathleen

April 2010

Re: OBGYN with sincere kind comforting bedside manner
If you don't mind driving all the way to Lafayette, I can highly recommend Kurt Wharton. I can't imagine a more caring OBGYN. He has a solo practice and takes time with each patient. I switched to him from another doctor that was in the group practice he was originally with. I just felt that he was more caring and patient. Over the years, I have found out that several of my friends see him as well, and everyone has the same reaction -- they love him. I cannot imagine any doctor I would want by my side in a difficult situation than Dr. Wharton. Happy Patient

Jan 2010

Re: OB GYN open to interviews
I have two OB's to recommend, Bill Isenberg and Kurt Wharton, not in the same practice. Both are very experienced and kind doctors who try to deliver their own patients, rather than doing a big group rotation. I'm sure they would be happy to sit down with you before you pick a doctor, that's pretty common. Of the two, I prefer Dr. Wharton, and his office staff are fabulous as well, which I can't always say about Dr. Isenberg's office. They both are supportive of natural childbirth and working with a doula, if that's something you want. Both also came highly recommended by the independent midwives I know. V.

Dec 2007

I have not had a positive experience with Dr. Wharton with my second pregnancy. He seems intent on having me go through another c-section. I am still not convinced that I needed one with my first child, and I only consented as the amniotic fluid was loaded with fecal matter and I was three weeks overdue. I am switching to a midwife named Jeri Zukoski for my delivery at Alta Bates. Does anyone have VBAC experience with Dr. Wharton? Due date is approaching fast!

I was in you situation 6 months ago. I really wanted to go for a trial of labor with my second baby. I needed a c-section for my first. Dr. Wharton and I talked about it - he knew what I wanted but I was about 1 1/2 weeks late and my body was still not complying with my wishes. My cervix was not dilating, etc. He recommended a repeat c-section. I was sad and disappointed but I trusted him. I had an unsuccessful trial of labor with my first son and needed an emergency c-section which was scary and painful. Even on the way to the hospital for my scheduled c-section I wanted a VBAC and was a bit bummed. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. The scheduled c-section was a good experience - and I wasn't as tired as before, healing was faster, etc. When Dr. Wharton opened me up he was surprised to see that my Uterine muscles had seperated and were held together my a very thin membrane. Labor would have caused a uterine rupture. Well, I don't mean to scare you but that is my story. My body was telling Dr. Wharton that a trial of labor may not have been successful. I don't know your situation, why he doesn't want to try a trial of labor, but I'm sure he has your best interests - a healthy baby and mommy in mind. Lori

while i haven't had VBAC experience w/ dr. wharton, i can tell you that as a physician, his judgement is right on. if your amniotic fluid had meconium in it, your chances of your newborn aspriating it were very high. if your dr. thought you needed a c-section and you were three weeks overdue at that point, i'd say the correct call was made. all of us have ideas of how we'd like our deliveries to go. most times, they don't turn out that way. while consulting w/ a midwife is a nice idea and probably part of what you'd like your delivery to be, a midwife isn't going to be as helpful w/ a vbac (JMO). many ob's have stopped doing vbacs due to the risk of uterine rupture. at some point, the care in your delivery is going to be transferred to an ob, like it or not. i'd say, do some serious soul searching- isn't the goal here healthy baby, healthy mom? dr. wharton is incredible, vbac or not. and he'll do what's right for all of you. mom of 3 and an MD

About Dr. Wharton- I didn't have a VBAC with my two kids, however Dr. Wharten DID deliver both of my babies. Both times he was the on-call doctor (he was not my OB). Just want to say that he did a fabulous job. The first kid was born in the operating room as I begged not to have a C-section. He made every effort so that I did not have to have one. He used the foreceps (actually with both births). The second kid came out easier. I was very happy with his efforts not to do a C-section. Happy to have had Dr. Wharton

I have not had a c-section with Dr. Wharton, but I did have two successful vaginal deliveries, one with the baby in the face up position, a frequent cause of c-section delivery. Dr. Wharton was able to turn the baby so she could be delivered.

I am a physician and have had to choose my own doctors very very carefully so that I could trust them completely and truly be a patient with them, not second guess what they are recommending. I chose Dr. Wharton because of his low c-section rate and excellent clinical judgment.

Dr. Wharton was one of the first OB-GYNs in this area to do VBAC and he is a great supporter of natural birth whenever possible. If he is recommending a c-section for you, he has real medical reasons to do so. Perhaps this baby is very large, and your pelvis is narrow. Also, I am not sure from your posting that you realize that ''the amniotic fluid was loaded with fecal matter'' indicates that your first baby was in distress and possibly could have suffered brain and lung injury if put through the stress of a labor and vaginal delivery. Dr. Wharton's decision to deliver you by c-section in that setting was to ensure the health of your newborn. A healthy baby is ultimately what it is all about. It is important to not lose sight of that goal by getting caught up in concerns about how the baby is delivered. As both a physician myself and a patient of Dr. Wharton's, I state with confidence that if he recommends a c-section, it is for the health of you and your baby. Elizabeth

Nov 2007

Re: Looking For OBGYN
I know you mentioned in your post that you wanted a recommendation for a female OBGYN, however, I felt that way to before I met Dr Kurt Wharton who was cevering for my OBGYN 12 Years ago when he was part of a practice in Berkeley. He now has his own prctice In lafayette right off the freeway. It actually is not far. He talks to patients in his office first and if annual visit catches up on your life. He seems to really care and either makes great notes or has a terrific memory...........His Staff are friendly and polite. 925. 962 0002. Happy with my OBGYN

Oct 2007

Re: GYN In Lamorinda
I've seen Dr. Kurt Wharton since he was based in Berkeley (he's been in Lafayette for two or three years). He is a very kind, extremely patient, very skilled doctor. He has always taken time to talk to me about my health, and is great at answering questions. He's on Dewing Ave in Lafayette, at 925-962-0002 Happy Patient

June 2007

Re: Looking for a great East Bay OB GYN
Didn't see the origional post, but saw the recomend for Dr. Wharton and wanted to chime in that he did 2 c-sections for me and did a good job. I liked him. He just said anything on his mind. I liked it. Plus, I will be forever gratefull to him for showing me how to deal with my hernia. Some of the things he said while checking me just cracked me up! Like: ''Ethyl Kennedy had 11 c-sections the old zipper way'' and, well, lots more, not PC but, funny & reassuring. You can't even see the c-section cuts he made now & I recovered really fast. A healthy Mom with 2 healthy kids!

Feb 2007

Re: OB GYN in Berkeley or North Oakland?
I have two recommendations to make. The first does not meet your location requirements as his office is in Lafayette, but he is an excellent OB-GYN. His name is Kurt Wharton, and I saw him for both of my pregnancies in Berkeley. I should mention that I am a surgeon, so it is very difficult for me to find a physician for myself who I trust so much that I can truly be a patient with him and not second guess what he is recommending. Dr Wharton answered all my questions and I felt well cared for throughout both pregnancies. He is also now in solo practice, so he is the only physician you will see in the office. His office number is (925) 962-0002.

If you want a woman OB-GYN in Berkeley, I also recommend Amy Huibonhua. She is a young, smart woman who actually delivered my last baby (he came fast before Dr. Wharton arrived) and she is also a wonderful doctor. I have jointly cared for patients with her and respect her greatly. Her number is:(510) 204-0965.

Both Dr. Wharton and Dr. Huibonhua deliver babies at Alta Bates. They are also part of a larger on call schedule combining multiple groups of OB-GYNs, but that is something that I believe all of the OB-GYNs is the area participate in. Hope this helps. Welcome to the neighborhood Elizabeth

June 2007

I had a c-section with my first child with Dr. Wharton and I am wondering if anyone has experience with him for a VBAC? Thank you! Need help to decide

Dr Wharton handled my first pregnancy, though I delivered with Dr Sakamoto, when they were both still at Berkeley Orinda Women's Health. I had changed doctors within that practice after having a very bad experience with Dr Foley. Dr Wharton was wonderful throughout my whole pregnancy. He listened, provided sound advice, and was very respectful of my wishes to avoid prenatal testing. I never felt rushed during office visits or pushed to do something because it was the usual process. I did not have a c-section so I'm not in your situation, but I do feel you can absolutely trust Dr Wharton for high-quality, consistent care. He will absolutely respect your wishes for your second pregnancy and delivery. He is now practicing in Lafayette and does not participate in a call group so he will deliver your baby instead of whoever is on call that day. Something to consider if you don't want to be in a tug-of-war with the on-call doctor about a c-section at the hospital. anon

Aug 2006

Re: Ob-GYN in Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek
Dr. Kurt Wharton practices in Lafayette. He started his own practice about a year ago after having been with a Berkely group for many years. He's wonderful! Extremely nice and engaging. Welcomes your questions and does not rush you through appointments. He delivered my daughter last May and it was a very positive experience. You can reach him at the following: Dr. Kurt Wharton 970 Dewing Ave. #201 Lafayette, CA 94549 (925) 962-0002

I highly recommend Dr. Kurt Wharton whose practice is in Lafayette. 925-962-0002. Office staff is great. Nurse in practice wonderful. Don't know if he's taking new patients, but it's worth a try anon

I absolutely LOVE my OBGYN, Dr. Kurt Wharton. He was one of the two original doctors with the Berkeley Orinda Women's Health practice. When that practice got too many MDs and too impersonal, he left and started his own solo practice in Lafayette. I was thrilled because I didn't like how the office was run anymore in that practice. All of his original wonderful staff and pretty much all of his patients went with him. I've been with him for 12 years now, through 2 pregnancies, a miscarriage and menopause. He has the best bedside manner ever. Dr. Kurt Wharton 970 Dewing Ave, Suite 201 Lafayette CA 94549 925-962-0002

I have to add an additional recommendation for Kurt Wharton, MD. We stayed with Dr. Wharton when his practice moved from Berkeley/Orinda to Lafayette even though it is quite a drive for us from Alameda.

Kurt is a rare doctor who is kind and engaging while also being a top notch diagnostician and surgeon. He helped us get pregnant and did a masterful emergency c-section. He takes a personal interest in your family and even tries to be present at all of his patients' births. I could not recommend him more highly! Alameda mom

March 2006

I'd go with Wharton. He's young, he's a wonderfully nice guy, a great doc, great bedside manners. -- Anon (ex ABMC L nurse, now in midwifery school)

March 2006

I would recommend Dr. Kurt Wharton. I have worked with him in the past and I really appreciate his caring and knowledgable attitude with both his patients and the staff. He is comfortable with patients who want less intervention and is not pushy or has his own agenda. If I was to have another child, I would be torn between using him or Dr. Bill Isenberg. An ideal practice would be the two of them! Labor/Delivery Nurse

Oct 2005

RE: Which doctor at Berkeley Orinda Women's Health?

I am a patient of Dr. Wharton's and was under his care for my second pregnancy when he was in the processing of moving to his own practice. I actually ended up delivering early via C- Section with Dr. Honegger two days before Dr. Wharton's first day solo. I was very impressed with Dr. Honegger's bedside manner and presence prior to and during the surgery. It happened very suddenly and she was very understanding and calming. Dr. Wharton had performed my first C-Section and he is tough to beat.

That being said, I did have a slight complication from the second C-Section with a nerve root being tied into my internal incision. Not dangerous but unbelievably painful. Dr. Wharton actually made a housecall on a Saturday morning to diagnose the problem as he didn't want me mobile until he knew what was going on. He really does take a personal interest in your care. I now make the trek out to Lafayette to see him and it is worth the drive.

Hi, I'm a former Berkeley/Orinda OBGYN patient and Dr. Sakamoto's at that. I loved Dr. Sakamoto was my OB with my two children. I had met Dr. Wharton several times. When Dr.Sakamoto left, I saw Dr. Wharton and have followed him to his new digs in Lafayette. I live in El Cerrito. It's worth it. He's available, helpful and personable. He really wanted to go on his own so he could provide more service. It's worked out well for me. Good luck. anno.

Re: Smart Obgyn (June 2005)
I have been seeing Dr. Kurt Wharton for three years. I think he is phenomenal. He has an excellent bedside manner and is a ''straight-shooter'' at the same time. I was his patient when he practiced with Berkeley-Orinda Women's Health and moved with him to his new practice.  Good luck with finding someone. Satisfied with driving to Lafayette

Re: Fibroid Surgery (June 2003)
Dr. Kurt Wharton at Berkeley-Orinda Women's Health did laparascopic surgery on me last fall. The surgery went fine, and I barely have a scar from the procedure. I have heard others say that he is a fine surgeon too for c-sections and other procedures.


My Ob-Gyn is Dr. Wharton at Berkeley-Orinda Womens Health whom I highly recommend. I was referred to him by my primary care physician Dr. John Jones of Alta Bates Medical Associates whom I have the utmost confidence in. I had originally hoped to have a female obstetrician but when I first met Dr. Wharton he made me feel so comfortable and was so gentle that I felt extremely lucky to have him as my Dr. He always allowed time at the end of each exam for me to ask questions and was never condescending. I was lucky enough to have him deliver my daughter and everything went great. I had told him I didn't want an episiotomy (who does!) and he really seemed to make that a priority. He always put my mind at ease whenever I had a concern.

I switched to this practice when my private practice OB-GYN left the area. A trusted friend recommended I see Dr. Wharton, and he is now my official OB-GYN. I especially appreciate his respect, warmth, knowledge, and communication skills. During my second pregnancy in 1998, I was high-risk for a while and got to see and know all of the members of the group fairly well. Of course, each has his/her own unique bed-side manner, but I always felt I was in the best of hands. Karen