High risk pregnancy - rec for non Kaiser doc

Hi parents- I just learned I am pregnant after two years of trying for number two and am looking for non-Kaiser doctor recs. I have a long complicated obstetric history so am fairly confident I need to see a perinatologist. I will have to have an early c-section because of my history. Can anyone recommend an OB/perinatologist for a high risk pregnancy? My experience with my last high risk pregnancy and emergency c-section was very difficult so hoping others have had good experiences!

thank you.

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Thumbs up for Sandhu in Lafayette (ample and free parking so same commute time to berkeley) and Traynor in Walnut Creek for Perinatalogist. I deliveried via CSection at John Muir (seriously great staff but horrible food). Good luck 

I just did a post for another request for an OB, and I can't recommend Dr Kurt Wharton enough.  I had a high risk pregnancy and felt very confident I was in good hands.  He worked closely with Dr Rosa Won at Diablo Valley Perinatal (partnered with Dr Traynor there) and it was a dynamo team. I had a great outcome because of all of them with the healthy birth of our daughter.