Anahat Sandhu, MD

925 299-9001

970 Dewing Avenue #203 Lafayette, CA 94549

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Dr. Anahat Sandhu in Lafayette. Many patients love her. She’s a sole practitioner and attends 90% of her patients’ births herself. She’s a surgeon and does C-sections. She does deliveries at John Muir in Walnut Creek. 

Thumbs up for Sandhu in Lafayette (ample and free parking so same commute time to berkeley) and Traynor in Walnut Creek for Perinatalogist. I deliveried via CSection at John Muir (seriously great staff but horrible food). Good luck 

I've been seeing Dr. Anahat Sandhu in Lafayette for over 10 years. Best OB-GYN ever!  She has a small solo practice and gives individual attention.  Good luck.


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Dec 2011

Re: Current OBGYN recommendations?
I love my current OBGYN. I also moved from a large practice in SF to her private office and loved the new treatment. No longer did I have to wait endlessly for my appointment, or get rushed through or have my appointments constantly cancelled. I moved to her practice mid- pregnancy at about 6 months and I am so glad that I did. She really spends the time with you and answers any questions. She is also the only OBGYN I know that will do Breech vaginal deliveries.

She is in Lafayette but so worth the drive. She prefers John Muir deliveries (Walnut creek) but will also deliver at Alta Bates. He name is Dr. Anahat Sandhu. You wont be dissappointed! Hila

April 2010

Could someone recommend an OB/GYN whose office is in Oakland, Orinda or Lafayette who does their deliveries at John Muir in Walnut Creek? My current OB is amazing but she moved her office to Concord and it is just too far to drive out there from Oakland, particularly in those last months when appointments jump to once-a-week. My husband works at John Muir so it's important for us to deliver baby number 2 there. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! anon

Dr. Anahat Sandhu, at Lafayette 925 2999001. She is really nice and supportive. Good Luck! Liliana

Dr. Sandhu is in Lafayette and she is fabulous. I worked with her when I worked at John Muir and would hands down see her when we decide to have baby #2. maybe baby

March 2008

Re: OBGYN in Walnut Creek
I would like to recommend my OB/GYN Anahat Sandhu to you. She practices in Lafayette, not Walnut Creek, but she is absolutely fabulous. She really takes the time to listen to you, I have never had to wait very long or felt rushed out of her office, and even though she is in a solo practice, she tries to deliver all her patients' babies. She also really knows her stuff, and has been completely gracious when I have needed to call her after-hours or on the weekends. I can not say enough good things about her. Kristi