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  • ObGyns in this practice (as of 2021): Madgy Girgis, Cheruba Prabakar, Isabelle Cohen

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Welcome! I just had a baby a few weeks ago and loved my OB gyn practice (OB Gyn Partners for Health in Oakland). They deliver at Alta Bates in Berkeley. I worked with a few of their doctors throughout my pregnancy and was happy with all of them. My son has been seeing East Bay Pediatrics (offices in Berkeley and Orinda) and while it’s been only a few visits so far, I have also been happy with his care there as well.

I strongly recommend Dr. Carrie Duffy who is absolutely amazing, she is friendly, always takes time to answer all my questions and makes sure to give me opportunities to ask question even when she is running late. The practice recently changed their model such that they can't guarantee that your OB will be the one delivering your baby but there are opportunities for you to get to know others in the practice who may be on call.  Our pediatrician is Dr. Grace So at Berkeley Pediatrics and we love her. We feel she really listens to our concerns and is very personable and knowledgeable. 

Dr Duffy is my ob, she's great. A saw a couple other people from her office (the ones who happened to be on call during my labor and delivery) and they were great as well. Dr. Emmanuel was there for the actual delivery, and I liked her a lot. 

My OB is Carrie Duffy, and I'm very happy with her. (I still drive to Oakland for appointments, even though I moved to SF, and will be delivering at Alta Bates.) She's usually on time - not always - but the flip side is that if you need to be squeezed in or are late, they're accommodating. There's also an online messaging system to get questions answered, test results, etc. 

Cheruba Prabakar.  BEST bedside manner I've ever had and an excellent doctor.

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Dec 2011

Re: Current OBGYN recommendations?
You asked to respond if we LOVE and Adore our OBGYN. Well I Do! Dr. T. Lee Hambrick 510-893-1700 He has a couple different offices depending on the day of the week. Summitt Pill Hill and across from Alta Bates

Dr. Hambrick is just the nicest person as well as a wonderful, knowledgeable Dr. He tells you the truth about the sistutaion and talks about all the options and what needs to be done and why. Tell him JM sent you. I honestly do not know if he is accepting new patients but call and tell him your situation and what you are looking for. Good luck and congratulations on your soon to be new infant. Love my OBGYN

Oct 2011

Re: Fibroids- Dr Ed Blumenstock or Dr Yvette Gentry?
I have seen both Gentry and Blumenstock (Gentry was my OB and delivered my son), and after winding up with ongoing complications from my delivery (pelvic prolapse, etc.), she actually referred me to Ed Blumenstock, saying that he is who she would send her family members to if they needed gynecologic-related surgery.

His specialty is urogynecology, which I don't believe Gentry is board-certified in(?). I had my appointment with him recently, and found him extremely knowledgeable and straightforward, with a good bedside manner. He also took his time to cover my options, and didn't rush through the exam or office consult.

When I'm ready to have my prolapse repair surgery I'll definitely be going to him (and I've had 4 opinions now, including Dr. Gentry's). She also recommended Dr. Kurt Wharton (who has a website if you google him), but he didn't fall within my insurance so I never followed up with him. Good luck! C

April 2011

Re: OB GYN Rec in Oakland/Berkeley Area - Alta Bates
I too did a lot of research after moving to the Bay Area on hospitals and OB-GYN groups. I wanted to avoid a second C-section. You are right on track with Alta Bates as the L group there really wants you to have the birth you are trying for. I got a lot of recommendations for OB docs and ended up going with OB-GYN Partners for Health in Oakland. I saw Lonnie Lin, but Christine Lee delivered my baby and she was fantastic. I have also heard Goldee Gross is good. I used a doula which I believe really helped me achieve the birth I wanted (VBAC, with low drug intervention). The L nurse at Alta Bates was very supportive in this as well.

One thing that helps if you want less intervention is to start labor out of the hospital and stay out until you feel your contractions are getting to the point you need to go in. That may not be easy to figure out if it is your first, but a doula can help. You are smart to do your research! Best of luck to you. - Happy Mom

Feb 2011

Re: High risk OB delivers at Alta Bates - C section
I would head to Bill Isenberg at Ob Gyn Partners for Health. I had a very complicated second pregnancy, with isenberg as my main person and then two other docs for other issues. Wait, make that three when you throw in my endocrinologist. Care was exceptional. He was pushing for a vbac until my gestational diabetes could only be controlled by insulin, at which point the c-section was scheduled. That too was a great experience. Really cannot say enough good things about him, and his partners. Great care, great referrals, good book-keeping insurance and easy parking to boot. Good luck

Nov 2010

Re: need a new ObGyn
Please go see Dr. T. Lee Hambrick on Pill Hill in Oakland. He is the most caring and concerned OBGyn. I have seen 1st hand how he cares for each patient as if they were family. He and my husband were watching the World Series together over my contractions... still makes me laugh just thinking about it. :)) I Love Dr. Lee JM

Oct 2010

I am looking for recent input about Dr. Gross. I have seen her a couple of times & I have heard good things about her but just want to make sure ... Does she deliver most of her own babies? Is she precise in her diagnosis & treatment? Thanks!! Anonymous

I love OB GYNs partners for health as a practice. Goldee Gross would not be my frist pick, but I have friends who love her for both OB and GYN. You will almost always have to wait for her - and an hour wait is not unusual. I could not handle that. I highly reccomend Bill Isenberg but not sure if he does OB anymore. I also highly reccomned Pat Flores, their NP - and if you meet with her she can tell you about all the OB's. Yes, they do try to deliver their own patients - both my kids were delivered by Isenberg. Its a great practice. good luck

I'm not a patient of Goldee Gross, but I have been a patient in her practice since 2008, where I have gone through a successful pregnancy/birth and two miscarriages. For the birth, I had Dr. Bill Isenberg as my doctor, and after he stopped seeing OB patients I switched to Dr. Jennifer Yarger. Re: your question about whether she delivers her patients' babies, I think the answer to that is most likely no. When I had my daughter in mid-2009, that practice consisted of 6-7 doctors, and they shared call with doctors from another practice (I can't remember how many), so your chances of getting your own OB to deliver your baby were exceedingly small. Some doctors will say that they ''try'' to be there - and maybe Dr. Gross is one of those - but there are no guarantees. To be fair, when I was looking for an OB, I found that situation to be the norm. Insurance companies have put a cap on how much they'll pay for labor & delivery, so doctors have had to take on more patients, and they just can't be available to them all the way doctors used to. If you really, really care about having your caregiver present at the birth, I'd suggest looking into hiring a midwife. Or you could do what we did: stick with your OB for prenatal care, hire a doula you love (we went with the wonderful and very experienced Linda Jones-Mixon) and then hope for a smooth birth that doesn't even really require the doctor to do much.

I think in general for GYN/prenatal care, you are looking at individual doctors. For OB/labor & delivery care, you're looking at whole practices. I'm not sure if this will be relevant to you, but we chose our OB (Bill Isenberg, who no longer sees OB patients, alas) because we were VERY interested in natural childbirth, and he had a great record of supporting low-intervention birth. I (naively) assumed that the other members of his practice would share those values. Wow, was I wrong. The members of that practice are all across the spectrum in terms of genuinely supporting natural childbirth and whether or not they view the patient as a partner or whether they think it's the doctor's show and the mom is just a witness to the action. So if you are primarily concerned with who is actually going to be there on the day your baby is born, look at the whole practice, not just one doctor. Best of luck! oakland mom

Not sure if this is recent as I delivered in June 2009. After two deliveries at Kaiser WC, Dr. Gross was my OB thru my whole pregnancy. I really liked her on my first visit as I thought she was friendly and interested. After that I felt like I was just another nameless patient. I had a way better overall experience at Kaiser WC w/my np and then the midwives who delivered me. She was fine and seemed competent, but I always had to wait at least a half hour and felt rushed during my appts. Only at the end, when I was having some minor complications (blood pressure rising) and my husband was ill, did she seem more warm and attentive. The icing on the cake was when I ran into her at Trader Joe's recently and she looked at me like, ''Uh, do I know you?'' The good news was that her partner Dr. T. Lee Hambrick delivered me and he was WONDERFUL! Dr. Hambrick was in and out of the room the whole time I was in labor - 9:30pm to 12:30am delivery (3 hrs.). And he really got me thru the worst when her enormous head and shoulders were coming out. And the next day, he came in and checked on me and I didn't feel like just another nameless face he didn't remember. If I were having another bb at Alta Bates I would switch to him in a second, even though his office is a bit of a trek from Lafayette. His office is on Hawthorne Ave. in Oakland. I always thought I'd feel weird about having a guy OB, but he was great. I can't recommend him highly enough! Good Luck!

I love Goldee Gross - she is amazing and warm. And yes, a few years ago, she did deliver both my babies, who were born in the early morning hours...But, yes, I did have to put up with some long waits - sometimes an hour even but it was worth it. happy patient

Sorry to chime in so late! Goldee Gross was my OB for two of my three pregnancies. Here is my take:

Positives: She is nice, mellow, non-judgemental, easy to talk to, friendly, knowledgable, does not over-react (but does react appropriately), and very well established and respected in the profession.

Negatives: Her office is very busy, and indeed, there were often long waits. Also, as she is on-call for the hospital, there were sometimes situations where she had to respond to something in the hospital while patients were waiting. Besides this, I cannot think of anything I did not like about her.

Best of luck. Remember, she was voted one of the top OBGYN's in the area several years ago, out of hundreds of condidates. Mom the three

April 2010

Re: OBGYN with sincere kind comforting bedside manner
I am so sorry about your loss and am happy to hear that you and your husband are ready to try again. I can relate as I had a late miscarriage after years of fertility treatments. Dr. Bill Isenberg 510-893-1700 is the most caring, kind and intelligent physician I know. I credit him with helping me find the courage to make it through my second (high risk) pregnancy. Best of luck to you. Diane

Jan 2010

Re: OB GYN open to interviews
I have two OB's to recommend, Bill Isenberg and Kurt Wharton, not in the same practice. Both are very experienced and kind doctors who try to deliver their own patients, rather than doing a big group rotation. I'm sure they would be happy to sit down with you before you pick a doctor, that's pretty common. Of the two, I prefer Dr. Wharton, and his office staff are fabulous as well, which I can't always say about Dr. Isenberg's office. They both are supportive of natural childbirth and working with a doula, if that's something you want. Both also came highly recommended by the independent midwives I know. V.

Oct 2009

Re: Pregnant and seeking OB GYN
I highly recommend Elisabeth Schleuning at OB/Gyn Partners for Health. They are in Oakland and also have an office across the street from Alta Bates so there is always a doctor at the ready. I had a long induced labor with my first child and saw almost every doctor in the practice during my time at the hospital. They were all great, I can honestly say. And Dr. Schleuning stuck it out, well past her shift, and delivered our baby herself, which I really appreciated. She is a great listener, all around great doc. She was also my gyn for about 10 years. Elizabeth

March 2009

Hi, looking for new ob/gyn close to Piedmont who is good at surgeries. I have had two C-sections (first baby was breech) so would be looking at a third IF I have another baby! Do not need the dr to be my best friend, just medically solid, reliable, and punctual! anon

Dr. William Isenberg is great! Excellent bedside manner, very knowledgeable, he handled my 3rd. c-section very professionally. He's with Ob/Gyn Partners for Health in Oakland. Generally, he does not run late, but he might cancel appointments because of emergencies (he delivers babies!). Check his website: www.obgynpartners.com mc

I second the reccomendation for Dr Isenberg at OB GYN partners for health. First c-section with him was emergency (general anesthesia), second scheduled. But here is the thing with him - he was totally pushing me for a VBAC (which I was not even sure I wanted) until I developed other complications making that not possible with my second. So he is great if you've had one c-section and are not sure if you are going to need another, and he is great if you know you'll need one. Can't say enough good things about him. No complications from either surgery. good luck

March 2009

Re: East Bay OB Excellent surgeon
Dr. Elisabeth Schleuning in Oakland is great. Her number is 510-893-1700. She is my doctor and did a routine surgery on me with assistance from her male partner in the practice. I can't remember his name but he was great too. Dr. S has a very calm manner and is very personable. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and you don't get the feeling that you're being rushed. The front office staff is also excellent. They are very efficient & the Oakland office is very busy, but it's run very well. Check out their website at www.obgynpartners.com Diane C.

Feb 2009

Re: Ob Gyn who is GREAT at C-sections
Bill Isenberg, OB GYN Parnters for health - office at summitt and some days of the week in Berekley. Two c-sections virtually no scar, no complications what so ever from either (first emergency with general anesthesia, second scheduled). Had two other surgeries with him previous to c-sections. A highly skilled surgeon and great doctor all around. If you, like me, really thought you'd end up with a woman doc and did not want a man - still consider him. I can't say enough good things about his bedside manor, skill, competence, empathy. Have known him for 6 yrs. good luck

Feb 2009

Re: Alta Bates-affiliated OB-GYN
Hi there. I highly recommend OBGYN partners in health on Hawthorne accross from Summit. I too am expecting my second, and have my first appointment with them next week. Last time I was followed by Dr. Nicole Jeffrey-Starr, who unfortunately is taking time off to be with her own kiddos. She was actually at a conference when my baby was born, so the delivery was with Dr. Christine Lee who was also great and who I will see this time. Oh, and Dr. Jeffrey-Starr called me the evening he was born just to congratulate me and check in! Love that. Everyone I dealt with there, from the office staff to the NPs to the multiple MDs I saw at one point or another were responsive and helpful. I had a high risk pregnancy, so I especially appreciated how accessible they were. She was also very sensitive and helpful when I suffered from post-partum depression. It's just ridiculous that it's taken you so long just to make an appointment. I hope you find someone you're comfortable with soon.

Jan 2008

Re: ObGyn for High-risk pregnancy
Your story is simply heart breaking. I am so sorry. I know you said perinatologist, but I think you should go meet and discuss your situation with Dr Bill Isenberg at OB/gyn partners for Health in Oakland. He got me through what could easily have been your situation (due in part to an on-call doctor who is no longer practicing) by doing an emergency c-section. I reccomend him because he is very, very compassionate in addition to being an excellent doc. I had several losses previous to my previous pregnancy and every single time I worried, he fit me in for a sonogram. Every time. And trust me, that happened alot. All my perinatology has been done through Dr Goldberg in SF (minor complications of current pregnancy requiring ultrasound monitoring), not east bay perinatal. Dr Isenberg has a great relationship with Goldberg & the whole pratice at SF Perinata. And all the doctors at OB/gyn partners are great. He also is also open to VBAC, under the right circumstances. Good luck

I noticed that someone had recommended Dr. Isenberg as an OB/GYN, and wanted to register another opinion. He is absolutely an intelligent, kind, compassionate physician, and I felt as though I received great prenatal care. Dr. Isenberg was out of town, however, for my delivery, and I ended up passed around between the attending at Alta Bates and Dr. Hambrick, one of Dr. Isenberg's associates because my labor was so quick. Because I had two physicians at the birth who didn't communicate well, I ended up with amniotic sac left inside that had to be removed by yet ANOTHER physician a week later. Dr. Isenberg called to follow up after the birth, but not after the removal of the retained amniotic sac. I wrote a letter to Dr. Isenberg expressing my disappointment and met with him to discuss my experience, but his response was to be angry with me and to suggest that my expressing my opinion was related to postpartum depression (which was not the case). You may have a much different, stellar experience with him (as many do, I think), and he certainly has many ties with physicians at UCSF. I would urge caution, however. Anon

Nov 2007

Re: Looking For OBGYN
All my friends love either Dr. Girgis in Oakland or Dr. Angelyn Thomas in Berkeley. I go to Dr. Thomas and she's a youngish African American woman who went to Harvard. She's gentle, competant and all the friends I have referred to her are thrilled! Happy Patient

June 2007

Re: Looking for a great East Bay OB GYN
I was very happy with Dr Hambrick. great bedside manner, remembered us between visits, compassionate with loss, excited with success. mom of 2

May 2007

Re: Looking for Lesbian-Friendly OB Gyn (TTC)
I can't explicitly say he is lesbian friendly as my partner is male, but my OB when TTC was Dr. Hambrick. He is gay himself so I would guess he would be supportive of lesbians. He was very helpful while we were TTC and supportive through the first half of our successful pg (by natural means) after which I changed medical plans and had to find another doc for delivery. Anyway, we both really liked him, he remembered us from one appt to the next and listened to our WHOLE selves as we explored our procreation attempts. I recommend him to anyone. mom of two now!

March 2007

Re: East Bay Ob Gyn that answers their phone?
No, you're not the only one - that was on the top of my list when I picked an OB: they must answer the phones; no phone trees. I was a patient with OB/GYN Partners for Health, and they have real live people answer their phones during regular office hours (or did through 2005). There are many wonderful doctors there. I saw Bill Isenberg through my pregnancies, and he attended the deliveries of both of my girls (that's another great thing about many of the doctors there -- they attend deliveries instead of sharing call). Of course, when you call, you do still often end up leaving a message, because it's not like the doctors answer the phones (but you knew that), but at least you're talking to a person. And my messages were always returned promptly, typically by one of the nurses. A fan of human contact

Feb 2007

Re: OB GYN in Berkeley or North Oakland?
Check out Dr. Magdy Girgis in Oakland. He's the best doctor I've ever had (specialty or no) and has been in practice for many years. He is patient, kind, caring. Can't say enough good things about him as a practitioner. Phone (510) 893-1700. 365 Hawthorne #301 Oakland, CA 94609. Claudia

Dec 2006

We are joyfully expecting twins in July 2007 and are new to the east bay and have heard good things about Dr. Lee. We are in desperate need of a few OB GYN recommdations. Also, any Doula recommedations Lisa

Christine Lee is my Ob/Gyn and I think that she's great. I started going to her when I became pregnant with my daughter who is now 2. Dr. Lee has two kids of her own, one of which is just a few months old at this point, so she knows what you're going through. She's very responsive to questions, always returns my phone calls, and is generally just a nice doctor. She always gave me good, practical advice during my pregnancy. She's sympathetic and is willing to listen to you. I never felt like I couldn't ask her something. My OB appointments since delivery have been routine, but she remembers who I am even though I don't see her but once a year now.

Another bonus with Dr. Lee, if you're lucky, is that you'll get to work with her nurse (I don't know her exact title) Harriet. You couldn't ask for a kinder, more understanding person to be involved with your pregnancy. The rest of the people in the office are really great too.

One note of caution: Dr. Lee is so good with her patients that she often runs late. If you call the office ahead of time, they will give you a heads up so you don't get there too early. Good luck to you and congratulations on your twins! cl

Dr. Lee was not my OBGYN or even in my group but for some odd reason she ended up doing my emergency C-section. I was really freaked out and she put me at ease. She did a great job delivering my son, who was HUGE by the way. It was a complicated birth and she did a great job. My incision was was tiny and I still wonder how in the world she got my 10lb son out of that little incision. I can only hope that I have as capable doctor for my next child. Dr. Lee Promoter

Nov 2006

Re: Ob gyn with Hills Physicians
Dr. William Isenberg is awesome! Not only has he great bedside manners, but he is also highly knowledgeable. Check his profile at http://www.obgynpartners.com/biographies.html Cristina

Oct 2006

Hi, I am five months pregnant with my first and am seeing Dr. Nicole Jeffrey at OB/GYN Partners for Health. Dr. Jeffrey is relatively new in this practice, and young in the profession. I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with her delivering their baby? I am ok with an epidural, if it becomes necessary, but also want a competent, caring and personal doctor who will be open to working with me and not just ''catching'' the baby. Also, anyone who ended up getting a C section from her? How did that go? I am hoping to avoid this, but I am concerned that Dr. Jeffrey's lack years of experience may influence a C section delivery in some way. Is there anyone out there who knows ofher and could offer me some information??? -Nervous and excited mom to be

I just had a hysterectomy performed by Dr. Jeffreys. I've got to tell you, she was fantastic. Firstly, she gave me lots of information about my treatment choices without pressuring me. Also , she was very respectful about my body and not rushing to cut a big C-section cut. She was able to remove an orange sized fibroid through a tiny hole in my abdoman and I appreciated her care for taking the extra time and skill to remove it that way. Although I will not have the opportunity to have her deliver any babies for me, I think that she is a skilled, caring and respectful ob/gyn and I can only guess that you are in very good hands. Don't let her youth fool you, she's a good doc. Good luck Anon I recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy and was relieved to have Dr. Jeffrey as my OB. Throughout my pregancy she respected and supported our choice to have a natural childbirth and was very confident of me having one. During the pregnancy, we had many questions and she never rushed us during any of our appts. I ended up having to have a c-section, because baby was unable to descend and I could not have been more at ease with having her in the OR. She did not push me into having a c- section - just laid out what my options were before the operation. We decided to go with the c-section, because it was apparent that my baby was too happy in the womb, even after induction. I only dilated to 1 cm, and never felt the contractions the pitocin was producing. I had a doula massaging my back the entire time, but I don't think this was the reason why I wasn't feeling the contractions - baby simply would not descend! Dr. Jeffrey was competent in the OR and based on comments from other doctors and nurses who checked my incision afterward, it was the ''neatest incision they had ever seen''. Dr. Jeffrey knows her stuff - I'm glad to have her as my OB. jd

August 2006

Does any one have any pregnancy/child birth experience with Dr.Nicole Jeffrey of OB & Gyn Partners for Health in Oakland? I am a new patient there and had a reference to go to another doctor (Dr.Lee). Since she was not available, I was switched to Dr. Jeffrey by them. My experience during my first office visit with her was positive. She is young and cheerful and posseses great bedside manners. The wait was bad though. I am in my late 30s and planning for a second child now. I would like to hear about any pregnancy and/or child birth related experience with her. Thanks

I was fortunate enough to be assigned to Dr. Jeffrey 2 years ago when my original doctor was unavailable as well. She was my OB during my second pregnancy and she was without a doubt, the only reason I made it through the pregnancy successfully. She is a top-notch physician and is incredibly compassionate and understanding. You will find her a sheer delight. By the way, she too, just became a new mother about a year ago. I believe she had a boy. Should you see or speak to her, tell her that Kimberly said ''hello, and thank you for everything.'' Let me know if you have any other questions regarding her. Kimberly

My ob is Dr. Jeffrey and your first experience with her sounds like how all my appts have gone - positive. I am pregnant with our first child and her enthusiasm and thoughtful answers to my many worries and questions have helped me through the experience. she is a new mother herself and has fresh experience of motherhood, which is good for me. There was a one time when the wait was long. I told her that I was unhappy about this and if she was running late the next time, to have the front office should have informed us so we could either re- schedule or wait. Apparently, the front office was supposed to let us know, but they did not. so, this is not a mark off her, just the vagueness of the front office staff. After this incident, my appointment wait have not been more than 10-15 minutes. Hope this feedback helps. jd

March 2006

For my last pregnancy, I briefly saw Dr. Goldee Gross (893-1700) and also really liked her. I have no information about what she is like with respect to VBACs and doulas, but she seemed to really know what she was doing and made me feel calm in a stressful situation.

June 2005

I checked the posts, but the only reviews on Dr. Blumenstock are from 1998. I am 8 months pregnant and my OB is one week ahead of me so chances are she won't be able to deliver me. For my next appointment she wants me to see Dr. Blumenstock but wanted to get other people's opinion on him or possibly another recommendation for someone else in the OB/GYN Partners for Health practice. I don't have any expectations as far as having a natural birth or anything like that, would just like a good outcome for me and my baby! Amy

Don't know Dr. Blumentstock, but I would confidently recommend Dr. Bill Isenberg in that practice. I know many woman switch from OB to midwife, but I actually went from a poor experience with a midwife (Baby #1) to a totally satisfied experience with Dr. Bill on Baby #2. He's got a great personality and ''bedside manner,'' is highly competent, and really believes that birth is a normal process that does not necessarily need to be highly ''medicalized.'' Think Dr. Bill is great!

I have seen Dr. Hambrick at that practice for years. He delivered my first two children, but unfortunately missed my third because I delivered early and he was out of town. Dr. Blumenstock delivered my third via c-section (first two were sections as well). I was highly concerned about bad outcomes and both were reassuring and skilled. I work in the medical profession and felt they respected my concerns and wishes.Both Drs. Blumenstock and Hambrick (both male)are wonderful as is Dr. Gross (female). Good luck with your delivery!

Re: Smart Obgyn (June 2005)
Dr William Isenberg, located on Pill Hill in Oakland, is fantastic, will spend time with you, take all questions seriously, and never make you feel silly for asking something. Not sure if he takes Healthnet or not. Office number is (510) 893 1700. anon

May 2005

Everybody told me to go with Dr Goldee Gross but the wait is too long for new patient almost 6 months! I need somebody well experienced for a 40'ish pregnancy Does Anybody know dr Christine Lee, ob gyn partner for health in lafayette ? Thank you

Dr. Lee is my ob-gyn, and has delivered both of my babies. I can't speak to her regarding 40ish pregnancies specifically, but I am very happy with her care. She is professional, but also very personable. A word of caution about the whole office, though...they are REALLY busy, and be ready to wait for appts. They try to deliver their own babies as much as possible, so you might have to see someone else on an appt day if they are unexpectadly at the hospital, or get re-scheduled altogether. This is the case with the whole practice, not just Chris. A great practice, though, and I think you will be happy with your care there.

Hi! Christine Lee is my Ob/Gyn, although I see her in the Oakland office. I didn't need an Ob until I got pregnant last year, and I was given her name by my doctor. I really like her, and here's why.

She's young-ish, I'd say mid 30's. She just had a child herself (my guess is that her kid is around 2 although I've never asked) so I felt like she had some recent experience with what I was about to go through. She's very knowledgable, she could answer any question that I asked. If she didn't have information at her fingertips, she'd get it for me. And I never felt like I was taking up too much of her time by asking questions. She's friendly and efficient too. She returns your phone calls. Best of all, I think, she's very down to earth and practical.

All this being said, I think you should know a couple of other things. Again, my experience is in the Oakland office, so Layfette may be different. She tends to run behind, so that your office visits never really happen on time. Also, while she'll answer any question, I often felt like I needed to know what to ask. If you go in armed with information, less will fall through the cracks, but I was late in scheduling some routine pregnancy-related tests because I simply didn't know to do it. If you simply started asking, ''what do I need to do in the next month?'' I think you'd cover your bases there. Overall she's great and I'm going to miss her when my insurance plan changes soon!

Christine Lee is a fantastic ObGyn.I work with her at Alta Bates. She has great skills and is just a nice person. I am sure you would be very happy with her as your doctor. Monica

I had the same issue with Dr Goldee Gross. Heard great things about her but so had every other woman in the Bay Area and the wait list was/is too long! So I saw Dr Schleuning (nee Groginsky). I ended up switching to Jeri Zukoski (midwife) at the end of my pregnancy. She was constantly late for prenatal appts even though I was her the first appt at 9am. On the other hand, since I left Dr Gross' practice, I've heard great things about Dr Lee. 2 women I spoke to were very happy to be her patient! Good luck! anon

I would like to respond (although I'm a little late) about the OBGYN practice in Lafayette and Dr. Schleuning. Dr. Schleuning is my dr right now and I'm 31 weeks pregnant. I have found her to be absolutely wonderful in regards to taking as much time as necessary to answer questions or perform any tests she (and I) feel necessary. She is late for appointments (I too go first thing in the morning) but she's late because something held her up at the hospital so it doesn't bother me. Everytime I've called the office with a serious problem/question she has been the one to call me back! The only thing that would prevent me from recommending her for you is she is due with her first baby in July and I'm not sure how long she will be on maternity leave.

As far as the Lafayette office, it is much more relaxed and less hectic as the Oakland office. It's a little further for me, but less stressful than trying to get to Oakland during rush hour!! Amy

Sept 2004

Re: Seeking a More Personal ObGyn Practice
You don't name the practice you are with but I am a big fan of OB/GYN partners for health in Oakland. Large practice but my doc is excellent & does a pretty good job of ''remembering''. Staff (nurses, front office, surgery scheduling) are all very helpful & friendly. I think in the current healthcare situation in this country most docs are overworked - perhaps part of the reason why they don't remember patients. good luck

August 2004

Does anyone have any experiences/information regarding Dr. Hon Fong at OB/GYN Partners For Health in Oakland? Thanks! sc

I don't see Dr. Fong but have been a patient of OB GYN partners for health for about two years and highly reccomend the practice. They are efficent, very good with difficult situations and good at letting you know when there is going to be a wait. Dr. Isenberg is my doc & is excellent. good luck

June 2004

Re: ObGyn for High-risk pregnancy
I have a bleeding disorder which posed some possible complications during my deliveries. Dr. Goldee Gross (Oakland/Lafayette office) was amazing both during my pregnacies and during the delivery of my 1st child. She was sooo thorough and prepared for everything. My husband is a ''worrier'' and after the birth he told how Goldee keep him informed about concerns throughout the labor. She is always late for office visits but once you have her in the room she is completely attentive and focused on you and your baby. She was out of town for my 2nd child's birth and Dr. Esinberg? (spelling?) from her practice stepped in. He was great as well. Gwen

April 2004

Hi, Dr. Elisabeth Groginsky at OBGYN Partners for Health has changed her last name to Schleuning. Thanks, Erica

Feb 2004

Re: Hill Physicians Woman OB/GYN
I highly reccomend OB/GYN partners for health. there are a couple of women OB's there & two midwives. I actually love my doc there but he's the wrong gender.

Dr. Lee Hambrick is the best! He specializes in high risk preg. and can assist you and spouse with proceedures and recommendations in getting pregnant... worked for us! Besides his bedside manner is warm and generous as is he. And he made my delivery exactly what I wanted. Lucky mom

Goldee Gross is part of Hill Physicians. Her office is in Oakland She has been my ob/gyn for years and delivered my last two kids. Goldee is smart and caring and speaks truthfully and clearly about various risks/options cocerning any condition you may have. I am not sure what you mean by progressive, but she was open to and has respected my wishes during child birth. Her office is on Hawthorne, just off of Broadway. The number of her office is 893-1700. twr

December 2003

I have an incredible OB - Dr. Bill Isenberg. Have not gotten to delivery yet but he has been wonderful in dealing with complicated, emotional issues and tricky procedures that not too many docs do. I cannot reccomend him highly enough. Good luck

August 2003

Dr. Groginsky was my OB/GYN when I had my daughter about a year ago. My prenatal and labor/delivery experiences were very positive, and I know that had a lot to do with the care we received from Dr. Groginsky. It was evident to me throughout that she loves what she does and I appreciated how she took time to listen well and answer my questions. Our baby was born on a Sunday, and when she came in to the hospital to deliver our daughter (she was NOT on call), she said, ''I can't imagine anything else I'd rather be doing on a Sunday afternoon.'' She was warm, encouraging, and competent throughout the delivery, and after it was all said and done, my husband and I felt tremendously grateful for her care and support. We were so sad to say goodbye to her when we had to change insurance providers once I stopped working. We would definitely choose her again if we had the choice. Best of luck to you! koe

Dr. Groginsky has been my doctor for 2 ''high-risk'' pregnancies and I simply adore her. In my first pregnancy she very early on noticed that my cervix was not completely closed and made a note of it to check at the 20 week ultrasound (all this unbeknownst to me at the time). At the ultrasound we found out I was already 1 cm dilated and needed to immediately get home and be on bedrest until I hit week 28-30. I was devastated (as I'm extremely active) and the remainder of my pregnancy was very trying, as I was frustrated, scared out of my mind I'd lose my baby and angry. She did a cerclage and I eventually got more freedom and did not deliver until three days before my due date. Dr. Groginsky was cautious, but not overly paranoid and very supportive. If it had not been for her foresight, I may have had a premature delivery, which is how most women find out they have an incompetent cervix. Dr. Groginsky responded to my phone calls personally, is always level-headed and despite her tender age is, I think, an excellent doctor of the highest caliber.

When I was pregnant with my second child, she did a preventative cerclage. At first I got more freedom, but at 20 weeks, even with the cerclage I was ''funneling.'' The perinatologist recommended strict (flat on my back) bedrest, which with a toddler was extremely daunting. Dr. Groginsky--knowing my history--told me I could do modified bedrest and the rest of my pregnancy (despite weekly ultrasounds) proceeded without problems. I delivered 3 weeks early, but after my cerclage was removed.

I have never had a better doctor than Elisabeth Groginsky. We are not planning any more children, but I will miss my close contact with Dr. Groginsky. I compare all my other doctors with her and they all come up wanting. Not every doctor can catch everything every time and since your baby is fine, I would urge you to give her another chance. Loyal Patient of Dr. Groginsky's

July 2003

I'm considering having Dr. Goldee Gross for our OB/GYN (first baby). I've read the posts on the website but am wondering if anyone has feedback on experiences with her? We're considering her or a Certified Nurse Midwife. Thanks

Dr. Gross delivered both of my children, and I thought she was terrific. I definately felt a part of all the decisions that were made during pregnancy and labor, and my deliveries were not that easy. I would highly recommend her. Mom of 2

Goldee Gross was my doctor for my second and third pregnancies, and I absolutely love her! She is very attentive, interested in you as a person, spends a lot of time talking and discussing things with you, and really knows her stuff. I had a few glitches with each pregnancy, and she not only figured out what was going on, she dealt with each issue in a very calm and respectful way. She is very smart, up on current research, and overall an absolute wonderwoman. I only have one suggestion: Since she does spend a lot of time with each person, make your appointments in the morning, because as the day goes on, she does tend to run behind schedule. I adore her, and recommend her 100%. If she accepting new patients, I would snatch her up in a second! Mary

Goldee delivered my 2nd son in 2001 and I love her! She is really great; attentive, compassionate and patient. The downside is a lot of people agree with me so she is really busy. I found that I needed to set aside at least an hour for every appt (although I usually had mine at the end of the day so that could've been part of it). I trust her completely and despite being so busy, she's never made me feel rushed. Another downside is she never called me back when I had questions, always a nurse (and not always on the same day). Goldee is a remarkable person, but since it is your first baby you may want to go with a midwife who may be more available to you. I liked Laura Hooper, a midwife in Goldee's office. Laurie

Goldee is wonderful! She's a patient, thoughtful, and considerate doctor who never hesitates to spend as much as time as needed to solve a problem or answer a question. The downside is, of course, that she's always late as a result, and always much in demand. I have been a devoted patient of a colleague of her for nearly 20 years; when he's not available, Goldee's the only one for me. Kathleen

I saw Dr. Gross a few times for a pregnancy that ended early. Yes, she is friendly & personable & thorough. On the downside, she tends to run late (very) and I am not even sure she is accepting patients. I needed to be flexible to schedule my appointments with her. Laura Hooper is very nice (one of the midwives) and runs on time. I felt like she might be too casual for me (first pregnancy) but did like her -- all new OB patients meet with her first. Overall I would reccomend the practice and plan to return once I get pregnant again. I really liked the combo of OB's and Midwives (there are two but I only met one). Good luck

Goldee Gross is wonderful - I adore her. She was the lead OB for my very scary c-section a few months ago and I am very happy to have her as my doctor. HOWEVER -- because Goldee is such a caring, diligent, and topnotch doctor, it is very difficult to get in to see her. The front staff chronically over-schedule her - one time I was in with five other people waiting to see her. Over the last year (~20 visits) I averaged over an hour wait per visit even though I called to see how late she was running. The upside is that she takes time with each person. In short, Goldee's smart, capable, warm, and overbooked. Shirley

Dr. Goldee Gross delivered my first son and will be delivering my second child. I can't say enough about how wonderful she is. She always gives you as much time as you need at each appointment. Answering any questions you have without making you feel hurried or silly. She was great in the delivery room. Dr. Gross was not on call the night I was in labor but came in a 5 in the morning to personally deliver my son. She was great at helping me direct my pushing which made it almost easy. At one point my son's heartrate dropped a bit but she calmly had me try different positions while pushing which was all that was needed. I highly recommend her. Rochelle

Goldie is currently my GYN and she was my OB until I switched to a certified nurse midwife and delivered at the Birth Home with Beah Haber. I think Goldie is a good doctor but I was very unhappy with her and her office for prenatal care. She is always in a hurry, she is quite conventional in her attitudes toward alternative medicine, she cautioned me not to put together a birth plan because she thought it would turn off the hospital nurses, and in general, I think our philosophies about birth were really different. Her midwife, Laura Hooper was not much better. I was invited to attend a meeting where I would meet the other 5 or so doctors in her practice because any one of them could be the doctor that delivered my baby if Goldie wasn't available. I didn't like the feel of that. The worst thing that happened was that I noticed a growth in my abdomen (that was not the baby itself), and rather than physically examining me, she told me that it was just my large intestine and that there must be feces filling that part of the intestine. I later discovered during my ultrasound I had a huge uterine tumor. Now, I'm not sure that my complaints about Goldie are necessarily specific to her or would be something that you would encounter with any traditional OB working in a hospital setting, so take my comments with grain of salt. It turned out that a hospital setting was NOT the right place for me to give birth. Ironically, I still have her as my GYN. I don't think my needs for a GYN are as high as for my pregnancy. Pregnancy, especially a woman's first pregnancy, is a very different circumstance, I think. By the way, Goldie's patients really love her, at least from what I could tell by talking with people in the waiting room. anon

I have a friend who went to Goldee for extreme endometriosis. She *adores* her and highly recommends her for any OB/Gyn needs. Jennie

Jan 2003

I'm looking for recommendations / comments / feedback on Dr. Elisabeth Groginsky, at Ob Gyn Partners for Health Med. Grp. I looked at the website, and would like more recent comments / recommendations. In particular, if anyone who has used her has had fertility challenges, I would like to hear about it - and also, if any lesbians and/or single moms have seen her or others in her practice and have comments about the ''gay-friendliess'' and ''single mom-friendliness'' of the practice. Thank you!

I am a lesbian mom and used Kristienne McFarland as my midwife at this practice. She was great, although on maternity leave for another month. Dr. Groginsky delivered our baby bec. it was a C-Section. She was very competent although not very warm. best of luck. Ruthy

I cannot speak to Dr. Groginsky's friendliness to lesbians or single moms since I am married, however I can highly recommend her as a ob/gyn. She delivered my daughter and I had a very difficult labor. It was 12 hours, I had back labor and ultimately had to have a C-section. She was great during the whole process. She came in and out often to check on me and was there during most of the pushing phase. Another thing I appreciated about her was that my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and during my second pregancy she knew I was worried and told me I could come in any time if I wanted to hear the baby's heartbeat.

Jan 2003

I am interested in any current opinions of Dr. Hambrick as an OB. Tamalie

Dr. Hambrick delivered my son who is now 2 1/2 years old, and I am currently seeing him for the birth of my 2nd due in May. I think he is great. He has a really freindly and easygoing manner. He did a great job with my birth. He totally respected my birth plan and reminded me (with a look in the eye and smile) when he showed up in the hospital that I had requested no drugs and minimal intervention if possible, so he wasn't going to offer unless I asked, or medically necessary, which I thought was good. It worked too! He did a great job with massaging my cervix so to dialate faster and minimize tearing. I also had a doula, who he welcomed and respected. He also managed to call ahead to Summit and reserve the primo labor room with the jacuzzi, which supposedely is very hard to get! My doula even recommends him to clients now because of our expereince with him. I hope it goes as well the 2nd time around! Lisa

Sept 2002

I see gyno Dr. Elizabeth Groginsky, who is part of Hill Physician's, and I like her a lot too, for about the same reasons as Dr. Dalton (amiable, professional and caring.) JBS

Aug 2002

I am searching for a new OB/GYN in Oakland. My former Doctor, Dr. Kashkin, is now only working one day a week. I read the recommendations on the website about OB/GYN Partners for Health but am specifically interested in any feedback on Dr. Isenburg. Thanks. Julianne

I too am a former patient of Dr. Kashkin's (she was my doc for 20 years!) and was really disppointed when she went to one day a week and I found out I was pregnant! I know you are looking for feedback on Dr. Isenburg, and I'm not using him, but having been in the same position as you, wanted to tell you about the other doctor in her group I am using. She recommended that I see Dr. Lee Hambrick. I had some reservations about having a male OB/GYN but have been very happy with him. He ended up caring for me through my second pregnancy and delivered my daughter, and I will continue to use him as my OB/GYN. I found Dr. Hambrick to be very personable, always running on time (which was the opposite of what I experienced with Dr. Kashkin) and never in a hurry. He always had time to talk (again, with Dr. Kashkin I always felt she was in a hurry). He did push me to be induced when my daughter was a week late (she ended up coming out on her own time!) but it was done gently and not in patronizing manner at all. And he was very patient with my 3 year old daughter who came to just about every appointment! I've also heard good things about Dr. Isenburg, and I'm sure you'll be in good hands with anyone in that office. But there is my two cents about Dr. Hambrick! Hilary

I see Dr. Goldee Gross who is a partner of Dr. Isenburg's. However, I did see Dr. Isenburg when I started bleeding at about 10 or 11 weeks pregnant. He was wonderful. Of course I was terrified and he was kind, patient and explained everything thoroughly. I was fortuate enough to have Goldee deliver my baby, but if it had not been her, I really wanted it to be Dr. Isenburg. Lisa

I was referred to Dr Isenberg (think that is the spelling) for infertility. He was very friendly and reassuring at first. However I had a bad reaction to the treatment he tried (clomid) and I felt he did not monitor me carefully enough. When I had follow up questions I had to make an appointment and he was not very sympathetic to my situation. Instead he seemed to feel that there was not a big problem, kind of a ''just relax'' attitude which I did not find very helpful. In the end I went to see Dr. Susan Willman (RE, who specializes in infertility) who was the opposite in terms of monitoring and excellent communication. Of course Dr Isenberg might be great as an ob/gyn but for infertility I would not recommend him. anonymous

Dr. william Isenberg is my ob/gyn for my current pregnancy. I switched to him when i was 4 months pregnant, and I wish i have done that earlier. He is close to a midwife in the way he practices obstetrics. He is gentle and caring, always on time, and delivers his patients himself. always patient, understanding and takes the time to answer each question you have. His assistant Dianne is wonderful and pleasant. she will make you feel comfortable and will encourage you to call if you want ot be seen even if you dont have a scheduled appointment. If you have any doubts, you can go for a consultation, talk to him about your expectations, and see if you can work together. best of luck. gd Mhr> I cannot say enough wonderful things about that man. He is impressively current medically, willing to listen to and able to meet the individual needs of his patients, and genuinely very warm and caring. He always made time to answer all of my (gazillion) questions, and he personally returned nearly all of my calls. Dr. Isenberg rightfully takes pride in having delivered nearly 100% of his patient's babies himself-- a record I can't imagine anyone in the Bay Area could match. Dr. Isenberg supported my desire for a home delivery with a midwife to the bitter end by performing my complicated delivery which ultimately involved a hospital transfer late in labor. At that stressful time, my midwives were extremely impressed by his respectfulness towards them, his continued focus on my desire for natural childbirth, and his successful efforts at enabling me to deliver my baby naturally and without a stitch or tear. My midwives (and he) agreed that most doctors would have done a C-section on me the minute I walked in the door. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Isenberg to guide me through my pregnancy, delivery, and my ongoing gynecological needs. He is the East Bay's secret treasure; meet with him and you will see that you cannot do better than to have Dr. Isenberg as your doctor. Melissa

When my first child was born 2 years ago, we ended up at Summit with the Dr. on call, Dr. Isenberg. As we had planned to have a home birth, we were disappointed to be at the hospital. However, we ended up having a very good experience with him in this situation. I had hoped to deliver with no interventions, and was able to do so with the exception of one monitoring dictated by hospital policy . I am now working with him on my second pregnancy (even though he knows I am planning another home birth.) He's a nice guy and a progressive doctor. He isn't hung up on doing every test if they are not warranted. His practice also has 2 midwives whom patients can utilize, and I've heard good things about one of them, Laura Hooper (the other midwife is newer, and I haven't met her.) As far as my experience with their office, they seem to be organized and courteous, and I have usually been seen without an excessive wait (and I get end-of-day appointments, when things are more likely to be backed up.) I can't say that I'm ever thrilled to visit my Ob/Gyn, but I will be sticking with Bill Isenberg for my care in the future. Patty

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Isenburg in Oakland. He is an incredible doctor. He is head of the birthing unit at Summit Hospital. We were actually using a midwife throughout our pregnancy and hoping to do a home birth, but because of complications, we ended up in the hospital for our birth. Our midwife was there, and her energy was impatient, scolding, and even rude at times. We were so disappointed in her. Dr. Isenburg appeared and rubbed my back for a long time, giving me soothing visualizations that helped my fears and pain in labor enormously. I was able to deliver naturally, which was important to us. He actually had real tears in his eyes when our baby girl came out! He is full of heart as well as his extensive knowledge about medicine. He was consistently on time for appointments, and always patient with my zillions of new mother questions. We regard him so highly, and I feel that his patients are truly lucky to have such a wonderful human being inside of a wonderful doctor. Alison

I recommend Dr. Bill Isenberg 150%!! I have been a doula for over 12 years and he is my favorite ob. I have attended several births with him and find him to be very compassionate, understanding, and respecting of what the birthing woman/couple want as far as their birth is concerned. I have heard nurses describe him as ''midwife like'', and they are absolutely correct. (I even had one couple I was working with switch from a midwife to him) He attends most of his births, so you have a good chance of having him there and not an oncall doctor. He is the head of ob/gyn at Summit and is very knowledgeable. If you are looking for him as a gynecologist - I also give my endorsement. He is my own personal gynecologist that I chose several years ago when my doctor retired from practice. In my opinion, he is the best!. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me Linda

August 2002

There are recommendations for a lot of the doctors at OB/GYN Partners for Health, but none for Dr. Elisabeth Groginsky. Can you give me some recommendations for her, good or bad? Thanks! M

I have seen Dr. G. two times, for the ''yearly''. So, while I cannot recommend her as an OB, as I have not had that experience with her, I can recommend her as a caring, informed gyno. Both times I saw her she spent time with me, willing to talk about anything I wanted to. I've never felt rushed and feel she's really there for me. I would also recommend seeing her at the Lafayette office over the Oakland one if possible; the Oakland office is much more busy (chaotic) than her Lafayette office. Hope it helps, thx

I don't know if you can say this is a ''recommendation'' for Dr. Groginsky. Dr. Hambrick with OB/GYN Partners for health was my OB during my pregnacy (my daughter is 2 now), but when I went into labor, he was unavailable so Dr. Groginsky delivered. This was my first time giving birth so I don't have anything to compare to, but I didn't have any problem with her. Actually, I guess I could say that she helped me avoid a C-section when my baby's heart rate dropped due to lack of oxygen. She and the nurse were also very helpful when it came time to push by describing ''how'' to do it. So I don't know what she's like throughout a pregnancy, but she seemed fine in the delivery room. I would DEFINITELY highly recommend Dr. Hambrick. His sublte, southern manner took a little getting used to for me, but he was great. Hope this helps. Jennifer

Dr. Groginsky was not my O.B., but she was on call when I went into labor, and she ended up delivering my baby. She was very nice, easy going, and seemed very professional. All of the doctor's in that group seem great. Mary

When I was looking for a female OB/GYN all the ones that were recommended to me were not taking new patients. I thought I was having a miscarriage so I needed to see someone immediately. Well Dr. Groginsky was taking new patients so I went to see her and had a very bad experience with her. She had me take a pregnancy test to determine whether I really was pregnant. The nurse knocked, she opened the door, the nurse showed her the test result, she looked at it and she closed the door. She then just kept talking and didn't tell me what the result was. So I had to stop and ask her and she confirmed that it was positive. So at this point I'm hysterical because I was heavily bleeding so I was sure I was having a miscarriage. She said she would check me to see exactly what was going on. So she leaves the room. She was gone for a very long time and I was just getting more hysterical. When she finally returned she tells me that the test was actually negative. She then immediately proceeded to blame this completely on the nurse and then later insisted that I was never pregnant to begin with. After this experience I've been getting my OB/GYN medical needs met via midwifery care. Including the birth of my baby at home. Diana

April 2002

Try Dr. Bill Isenberg. In addition to being an OB/GYN, he is head of Obstetrics at Summit Hospital in Oakland. My wife has been very happy with him and we were both very happy with the way he handled the birth of our daughter 20 months ago. His approach to birthing is much more like a midwife than one would expect from an OB / GYN. He's just a fantastic Dr. and a really good guy. You can reach his Oak office at: (510) 893-1700. Adam

Try Goldee Gross at OB/GYN Partners for Health. Might be a bit out of your way. Her office is located next to Summit Hospital. She is great, absolutely worth the drive. Understanding, practical, friendly. The office staff are also wonderful. There are seven doctors total, although not all of them are women (about half and half). She delivered both of my children (and I mean Goldee). Goldee went to great efforts to make sure she was the one delivering my children. Peggy T.

August 2001

regarding recurrent miscarriages ...
We love or OB/GYN practice, OB/GYN Partners for Health in Oakland, and Lafayette, too. I had one miscarriage and spotting with my next pregnancy. I felt very well informed and cared for by all there, including the front desk staff! They are all reproductive endroconologists so many of their pregnancies are high risk. We needed assistance concieveing and felt in control of the process, while being guided by highly informed doctors. We started with Dr. Blumenstock, a man, who I believe is currently on sabbatical. Then we switched to Dr. Isenburg, also a man. When my pregnancy was out of the danger zone. We chose to work with nurse-midwife Laura Hooper who delivered our baby at Summit. Many people rave of Goldie Grosse, M.D., but she was not accepting new patients when we started there. I could not speak more highly of this practice. They are located across the street from Summit in Oakland. Their number is 510-893-1700. The woman running the front desk is named Beth and she would happily match you up with the most appropriate doctor if you explain what you are looking for. Best of Luck, Mariflo


I would like to recommend Lee Hambrick of OB/GYN Partners for Health. He is in the same practice as Ed Blumenstock. I started going to him 3 years ago, long before my husband and I started thinking about kids. When we got pregnant in December and heard that Alta Bates might be a better place to deliver than Summit, we made an appointment with Amy Huibonhoa. I would join others in saying she seemed great. However, when we approached Dr. Hambrick to tell him we were switching so we could delvier at Alta Bates he immediately agreed to remain my OB/GYN and deliver at Alta Bates. We had been very happy with him up until then and were thrilled that he would do that. He also told us in our first meeting that he personally delivers 75 percent of his patients.

I should add I had experienced some early signs of miscarriage and that Dr Hambrick responded to that crisis very well. He was not an alarmist, but made sure we came in every week and then every two weeks for the first trimester for ultrasounds. He answered our questions honestly, and made both me and my husband feel comfortable. His assistant Diane is amazaingly warm as well. I'll never forget her squeezing my hand and expression of delight when, after another bout of spotting, the ultrasound still showed a viable fetus. Finally, in our childbirth prepapration classes, we heard other parents lamenting that their visits always went so quickly that they always forgot their questions. Dr. Hambrick always comes into the room and sits down and chats with us before doing anything. We always feel like we could take an hour if we needed it and we never feel like he is rushing to see the next patient no matter what time of day we are there. I cannot yet comment on the delivery, as I am due tomorrow, but I have been very happy these past 3 years and especially these past nine months. Mary

February 1998

I highly recommend Dr. Ed Blumenstock (365 Hawthorne Avenue, Oakland, 510-893-1700) for pregnancy-problem matters.

While individual results may vary, were it not for Dr. Blumenstock's sensitivity, humility and skill, my husband and I would not know the joy that today is our 2.5 yr. old daughter (literally).

Because of his gentle, inclusive manner, we decided to take one final step on the painful road of infertility treatments, and that was the one that worked. Glory Hallelujah!