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  • Ob/Gyns at this practice (as of 2017): Yvette Gentry, Carla Stelling, Andrea Mendelssohn

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  • Hello, 

    I am looking for others who have recently seen Dr. Yvette Gentry and/or Dr. Carla Stelling at East Bay Woman's Health in Oakland.  I am looking for continuous and individualized care throughout pregnancy/birth/postnatal and this Clinic is one of only a couple that can offer that in-network for an anticipated Birth at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley.  I've searched the archives and all info is several years old.  Can anyone speak to recent care at this practice with either of these OBs?

    Thanks in advance!

    I had a routine pap visit with Dr. Stelling a couple years ago before I started trying to conceive. I found her very kind and approachable. I did not stay with the practice because I ended up using my PCP as my OBGYN (Dr. Janet Arnesty), but if I hadn't done so I would have been happy with Dr. Stelling. 


    I gave birth back in early May and honestly loved their clinic. The receptionists and nurses were all very kind and patient and helpful. I moved to California at 21 weeks and was in a bind to find a clinic and they were one of the few that was very quick to accept me as their patient.

    Dr. Stelling and the nurses at Alta Bates Berkley were INCREDIBLE. I had to give birth on my own (partner was sick, no family in town b/c COVID) and I had the kindest and most compassionate nurses during my very long labor.

    They also gave me very good care for the two days I stayed at the hospital. They keep the baby in the room with you- there’s no neonatal baby lamp area. Which is to allow the mother to bond with her baby. But the nurses would change the diapers and even swaddle and rock my baby to let me rest.

    The only con was that I didn’t meet Dr. Stelling until my very last appointment at 38 weeks. It didn’t turn out to be a big deal for me in the end though. 

    let me know if you have any other questions!

    -Angela Rojas :) 


    I wish I could give you a glowing review, because I know how tough it can be to find an OB that fits with your plan, etc. Unfortunately I had a really bad experience with Dr Stelling. I had to switch to her at 6mo pregnant (I moved) and by the end it was too late to switch again (and during covid). In short, she was very cold and not receptive to any of my questions, wishes or concerns. Every time I had an appointment with her she would flag something as concerning and send me off for testing, and it turned out to be nothing. I wasted so much time and anxiety on needless tests because of her. She pushed me to be induced early against my wishes (and with dubious evidence that it was necessary). During my labor, she was not physically present (until the end) but was calling the shots over the phone, and she instructed the nurses to go against my stated wishes multiple times. Basically, she seemed to care much more about her own schedule/preferences than about mine. My husband said she acted like a doctor who got sued a lot, in that she always assumed the worst and caused a lot of unnecessary panic rather than take the time to assess whether or not that was necessary. In the end, both my kid and I are healthy, so ultimately she did her job. But my experience of pregnancy and labor was really negatively impacted by having her in the picture (I had loved pregnancy and OB checkups before I switched to her). Friends told me nice stories about their experiences with OBs they trusted, and it sounded like such a different experience from mine - I'd recommend finding one you feel good about. I never met Dr Gentry, so she might be completely different. The nurses at that practice were all great. 

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I 100% recommend Dr. Yevette Gentry. She is my 20 yo duaghters doctor and couldn't be more amazing. https://www.obgyn-eastbay.com/provider/yvette-gentry-md

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Oct 2011

Re: Fibroids- Dr Ed Blumenstock or Dr Yvette Gentry?
I have seen both Gentry and Blumenstock (Gentry was my OB and delivered my son), and after winding up with ongoing complications from my delivery (pelvic prolapse, etc.), she actually referred me to Ed Blumenstock, saying that he is who she would send her family members to if they needed gynecologic-related surgery.

His specialty is urogynecology, which I don't believe Gentry is board-certified in(?). I had my appointment with him recently, and found him extremely knowledgeable and straightforward, with a good bedside manner. He also took his time to cover my options, and didn't rush through the exam or office consult.

When I'm ready to have my prolapse repair surgery I'll definitely be going to him (and I've had 4 opinions now, including Dr. Gentry's). She also recommended Dr. Kurt Wharton (who has a website if you google him), but he didn't fall within my insurance so I never followed up with him. Good luck! C

Hi! I had bad fibroids, with some other complications, and had a hysterectomy done by Dr. Vanessa Chan, Dr. Gentry's partner. I couldn't be happier with my care. If you want more info privately, you can email me. l

Feb 2010

I had a midwife during my first pregnancy who turned out to be sort of a dud. In the meantime, I've gotten great standard GYN care from Nurse Practitioner Kathy Koger at East Bay Women's Health. I've just found out I am pregnant and can be seen prenatally by Kathy with oversight (and ultimately, delivery) by one of the OB's at the practice...does anyone have experience with Dr. Yvette Gentry or Dr. Vanessa Chan. Do they lean 'progressive' or 'conservative' in terms of medical interventions? I will be clear about my own desires and expectations during my first prenatal appointment but wondering if anyone has had direct experience with either of these doctors. Thanks.

I have been a patient of Dr. Gentry's for years. There are definitely things I don't like about the practice -- there is ALWAYS a long wait to see her, I'm not hugely fond of one of her nurses, and I found her bedside manner to be pretty lacking during a very difficult period for me (I miscarried twice.)

That being said, I thought she was great during my (successful) pregnancy and the birth of my son. Anytime I would start to get freaked out about something between prenatal visits (which happened a lot given my history), when I brought it up with her she responded in exactly the way I had hoped. I luckily did not need any interventions or drugs during delivery, but we had discussed when an induction or C-section would be required, and I thought her explanations were very reasonable and realistic. I was confident in her experience and knowledge, and felt I could trust her. She was also perfectly fine with us having a doula in the delivery room -- I've heard some OBs are quite hostile to the idea. I didn't think that I would care so much about who actually delivered my son, but ended up being relieved that she was on call (and actually at the hospital) when I went into labor, and I'm really happy she did the delivery.

I met Dr. Chan once (they want you to see both doctors at some point during your pregnancy, in case the other is on call when you deliver). She seemed nice, but not as experienced as Dr. Gentry.

Hope this helps ... Congrats on your pregnancy! Good luck! anon

Feb 2006

Re: Need new ob/gyn in East Bay for OD pregnancy
I can highly recommend Dr. Yvette Gentry as a wonderful OB/Gyn in Oakland. I went through Invitro Fertilization and have had many complications with my pregnancy, after years of infertility. Dr. Gentry has been my OB and has been very informative, compassionate, and supportive throughout. Her office staff is also wonderful. You do not have to wait a long time to see her in her office, and she has been very good at calling me when I have had emergenices and questions. Her office staff is very professional and warm, as well as efficient. She has experience with assisted fertility procedures, and high risk pregnancy and is very supportive and knowledgeable in this area. She was highly recommended by my IVF doctor. I cannot say enough good things about her. She delivers at Alta Bates. Her office number is: 510-653-0846. kristen

Sept 2004

Re: Seeking a More Personal ObGyn Practice
I used Dr. Angelyn Thomas and her buisness partner Dr. Gentry. I really liked the office staff and the doctors. On the day I deleivered, Dr. Thomas was ready and available right on time. Her offices were/are located near Summit hospital and I am not sure if they moved offices with the consolidation with Alta Bates. I'm sure you can find them on line or in the yellow pages. They were great! Carrie
Note: Angelyn Thomas is now practicing with Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation

July 2002

Dr. Yvette Gentry, OB GYN, in Oakland, was recommended to me by a friend who doesn't have kids. I'm expecting my second baby in December and would love to know if anyone has had any experience with Dr. Gentry - particularly around childbirth. Thank you! Nancy

Hi, I used Dr. Gentry as my OB/Gyn for 5 years prior to and including my pregnancy. I really loved her (and still do). She was very supportive throughout, but gave me the most information when I asked for it. Her office is walking distance from Summit, so she prefers to deliver there. I wanted to deliver at Alta Bates, though, and she does have priviledges there, too. I guess that since she doesn't do deliveries there as often, she is not as comfortable with the nursing staff there. But, everything was fine...and she got there very quickly when it was time to push (30 minutes earlier, I was only 5 cm!). I hope this helps... I have recommended her to several people. Michelle

I am a patient of Dr. Angelyn Thomas, Dr. Gentry's partner in her practice. Dr. Thomas delivered my son last Aug. I only saw Dr. Gentry once, so I can't speak to her abilities, but I can say that I was always happy with my experience at their office. Their nurses and reception staff are professional and friendly. I can also say that if Dr. Thomas happens to be on call when you go into labor, you will be in good hands. She does have a somewhat traditional bent (I think I was her first patient to use a doula) but I felt very well cared for by her. I particularly liked the fact that she is a good listener. Good luck! AM
Note: Angelyn Thomas is now practicing with Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation

I have gone to Dr. Gentry for a couple of significant GYN procedures, and I have found her to be extremely competent, professional, thorough and women-centered. Her partner, who's name I can't recall, is equally qualified. They are both Cal alumni! Cindy

I want to HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gentry and her entire staff. They have helped me through one miscarriage and, thankfully, two smooth deliveries. I have sent several friends to Dr. Gentry also, who are as happy with her as I have been. I find that sometimes it's easier to learn about how great a Dr. is not by how they handle when things go right, but what they do when things go wrong. When I miscarried prior to the birth of my two girls, Dr. Gentry and her office staff were incredible supportive and compassionate, and I was devastated. She was encouraging when I was frustrated trying to get pregnant again and helpful in every way. They have continued, even as they have increased their patient load, to offer great and personal service. I believe Dr. Gentry really cares and takes time, and it shows. She was great through delivery as well, but I really became a loyal patient long before then. Also, she was happy to work with my doula, Treesa McLean, through both pregnancies, and now Treesa is a fan of hers as well. Leslie

I would like to highly recommend Dr. Gentry. I saw her throughout my second pregnancy and she is very professional and down to earth. i never had to wait more than 10 minutes for my appointments and she always took time to answer questions. I would describe her as graceful, calm and composed. In terms of teh childbirth, my baby came so fast (under one hour of labor) that she never made it to the birth but all the doctors at Summit spoke very highly of her. And I felt very well taken care of when she did arrive just moments after the birth. I will definitely go back to her when number 3 is on the way. all the best, petra