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  • Been dealing with vaginal cysts and am interested in finding a Dr/clinicians who know how to deal with them and treat them. 

    Any of the Ob/Gyns at Golden Gate Ob/Gyn in San Francisco will be more than capable of helping with Bartholin cysts - I'd personally recommend Dr. Karen Callen, Dr. Donna Wiggins, Dr. Fung Lam, or Dr. Jane Fang, though in general the practice is excellent. They are worth the drive into the city. Best of Luck! 

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If you’re willing to cross the bridge, Dr Donna Wiggins at Golden Gate OB is stellar. I had a high-risk pregnancy and would go back to her again if needed. 


Dr. Karen Callen at Golden Gate Ob/Gyn. They’re in SF (a busy practice, but rightfully so, given their expertise!!) I would (have) trusted Dr. Callen with my life! She’s also just a great person, in addition to being a very skilled surgeon. Good luck. 


I highly recommend Golden Gate OBGYN. I’ve seen Dr. Ulrich since I was pregnant with my first, and I’m about to have my second. I have liked every practitioner I’ve seen at that practice (occasionally you might have appointments with other OBs at the practice if your primary OB is unavailable). They all deliver at CPMC, which is probably where you’d deliver with your current OB, too. 


I love seeing Dr Jane Fang at Golden Gate Obs. She's in the city, but that worked for me because although I live in Oakland, I work in the FiDi in the city so could pop over for appointments. 


If you're willing to go to SF, I wholeheartedly recommend Golden Gate Ob/Gyn. They're one of the busiest private practices in the city, but with good reason and they handle the volume very well. If you just need the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in expert hands, these are those doctors and midwives. They're all excellent, but for what it's worth, my faves are Dr. Karen Callen, Dr. Donna Wiggins, and Dr. Jane Fang. Good luck! 


I live in Oakland near Lake Merritt but saw Dr. Fang at in the city. I ended up having a c-section after 40 hours of labor. The whole practice is awesome and I would certainly recommend anyone in the office. They deliver in the city at Sutter CMPC. We were happy with the experience of delivering and staying with them as well. 


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Physicians reviewed on this page: Karen Callen, Jane Fang, Beth Gailaif, Katherine Gregory, Fung Lam, Donna Wiggins
May 2007

Re: Blue Shield OB GYN & a General Practitioner in SF
I don't know if she's accepting new patients, but my ob/gyn, Jane Fang, is completely amazing. She is warm, personal, kind, smart: I actually feel like she knows me and likes me, which is such a rare experience with medicine! I'm halfway through my second pregnancy with her and feel so lucky that she happened to be the one to deliver my son two years ago. I've referred several friends to her and everyone loves her. She's not conected to UCSF, but CPMC is also very well-respected (and I had a great experience with them). Her practice is Golden Gate Obstetrics and their number is (415) 666-1250. I've met the others in the group and I liked them, so if others are accepting new patients but she's not, it might be worth meeting them at least. Note: this practice does not allow you to bring a doula to the delivery room (they've had some bad experiences, I think), so if that's crucial to you, you should go elsewhere. (For what it's worth, I had a natural delivery with only my husband as labor support, so it can be done!) proud member of Jane Fang fan club!

July 2005

Re: San Francisco ObGyn/GP
My experience at Golden Gate OB/GYN has been absolutely fabulous. Dr. Donna Wiggins has been my doctor since 1991, before she was even in the practice. I delivered two babies with the practice at CPMC (both times I was living in the east bay but chose to travel over the bridge because I like the practice so much), one was delivered by Dr. Fang (vaginal) and the other was delivered by Dr. Gailaif (emergency C-section). I very much disagree with the other poster's experience. The poster wrote that all members of the practice use forceps. Neither of my children had forceps used on them, and when I asked my doctor, she said they avoided it unless absolutely necessary, which, I think, is the standard of care. This was true even with my first, with whom I pushed for almost 3 hours when my labor slowed to every 7 - 8 minutes, and presumably forceps might have helped, but Dr. Fang very patiently waited in the room with me for over an hour until I got my daughter out all by myself. It is true that they don't have to remain in the hospital, but even with my emergency C-section, for which they had to call the doctor back, she was only about 15 minutes away. Also, this is true of many CPMC practices. And they absolutely do not do episiotomies unless the patient demands one, and even then they'll give you all the reasons why you don't need one. This is particularly true in light of new research showing that episiotomies are rarely, if ever necessary. I can't imagine a better practice than GG Ob/Gyn. Rebecca

I really like Dr. Katherine Gregory at Golden Gate OB/GYN. She is a brilliant physician, and she takes her time during our appointments to answer all of my questions. The other doctors in the group are excellent as well. Diana
Re: My sister is pregnant, looking for SF Ob/Gyn (7/04)
As a labor and delivery nurse at CPMC I can tell you that the best OB/Gyn group is Golden Gate Ob/Gyn which includes Donna Wiggins, Karen Callen, Fung Lam, Jane Fang, Kathy Gregory, and Beth Galaif. It's the one group I would be fine with any of them delivering my baby, which is what you (rather, your sister) want because whoever is on call at the time you're in labor will do your delivery. I don't know if they're all accepting new patients; my guess is Donna Wiggins and Karen Callen are not - they're the most popular. My next choice would be Jane Fang (happy, smiley, gives lots of information) followed by Fung Lam (the only man in the group; he's very sweet), Beth Galaif (quiet, smart), and Kathy Gregory (nice but often rushed) I can tell you that a large number of nurses, including myself, go to this group and there's a reason for it. Good Luck!