OBGYN recommendation after departure of Dr Kurt Wharton


I am looking for a new OBGYN recommendation after Dr Kurt Wharton left for an amazing professional opportunity in a different state. 

I had a great first-time-mom experience during my pregnancy/delivery at Alta Bates with him and I am hoping to find someone else soon.

I have Aetna insurance. I live in Oakland and I can drive for someone like Wharton (he was based in Lafayette).

Many thanks,

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Dr. Arzou Ahsan at Sutter Health is wonderful. I had surgery done by her and she was with me through my pregnancy also. Doctors and nurses always sang her praises when they knew that was who my OB was. I've heard two things consistently, "Isn't she the best?" And, "If I were getting surgery done, I'd want her to do it." Hearing these comments always made me feel more confident that I was in the right hands.

I love seeing Dr Jane Fang at Golden Gate Obs. https://goldengateobgyn.org/ She's in the city, but that worked for me because although I live in Oakland, I work in the FiDi in the city so could pop over for appointments.