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El Sobrante

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I am so sorry to hear of your losses. I would highly recommend Dr. Mary Davenport. She used to have a clinic in El Sobrante but now only works through "My Catholic Doctor". However, you don't have to be Catholic to see her. After my miscarriage she worked with me to figure out what had happened and then about a year later saved my pregnancy with my twins by carefully monitoring my blood work up/hormone levels and through administering progrestrone shots etc. She is very knowledgable and helped me with resolving other health issues as well that I had had for years and seen many other doctors for who weren't able to help. You can contact her through 

or call at 314-888-5233 ext. 1005

I would check about insurance. If she doesn't take yours ask about a sliding scale or if there is a set fee per appointment. She tends to be willing to work with you when it comes to billing. 

Take care!

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Oct 2007

Re: Female GYNO
I would recommend Dr. Mary Davenport. She's a short drive away in El Sobrante, especially if you travel during non-commute hours. Phone number is 510-222-2098. She delivered both my kids, now 16 and almost 18, and I've stayed with her for gynecologic care ever since. She's warm, down to earth and open to holistic alternatives. There's usually a wait (in the office) to see her, but she's one of those doctors who really takes the time to fully address all the concerns of each patient. Wendy