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I am 33 years old and have been through two miscarriages (one at around 10w and one at 5w) which were 4 months apart in 2021. Post that I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (the levels started to change right around miscarriage #2 so no way to know what caused #1) due to thyroiditis which the endocrinologist says will take care of itself in the course of a few months. So far, there has been no reason attributed to any of the miscarriages. I have been referred to a recurrent pregnancy loss specialist at Stanford. However, I was just informed that my insurance does not cover this clinic. Therefore, I am looking for other specialists who may be experienced in recurrent pregnancy loss cases to do workups if needed in the future. Thank you in advance for any suggestions! 

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I am so sorry to hear of your losses. I would highly recommend Dr. Mary Davenport. She used to have a clinic in El Sobrante but now only works through "My Catholic Doctor". However, you don't have to be Catholic to see her. After my miscarriage she worked with me to figure out what had happened and then about a year later saved my pregnancy with my twins by carefully monitoring my blood work up/hormone levels and through administering progrestrone shots etc. She is very knowledgable and helped me with resolving other health issues as well that I had had for years and seen many other doctors for who weren't able to help. You can contact her through 

or call at 314-888-5233 ext. 1005

I would check about insurance. If she doesn't take yours ask about a sliding scale or if there is a set fee per appointment. She tends to be willing to work with you when it comes to billing. 

Take care!


I don't have a specialist and my miscarriages were years ago.  But, I had two miscarriages and then for the next pregnancy I did a progesterone insert.  Something about how the oxygen changes at three months. (The doctor who did my cvc did not think that that does anything but anecdotally several women I know have had success with that insert.).  Well, that pregnancy went the full term and I had a wonderful baby girl.  I was 42.

All the best to you.

I am really sorry about your miscarriages.  I also went through two miscarriages this year and was diagnosed Hashimoto's / hypothyroid in March.  

I'm at Kaiser and just started the process for addressing my losses with a reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Hirata.  But, in general, I've been frustrated with Kaiser who only seem to say that if my TSH is in range, then everything should be okay (it was in range for both losses - but age is also a factor for me).  

This book about thyroid disorders and pregnancy might be helpful while you find a specialist.  It generally agrees with many other sources that it is probably good to check into a number of nutritional deficiencies that are common with both thyroid fertility issues:  Vitamin D, iron, selenium, Bs, etc.  As well as possibly removing gluten or other foods from your diet.

I also posted recently about my experience and found some great advice in case it's helpful.

All the best to you.