Roger Koppel, DDS

Berkeley, CA
Archived Reviews: 

Jan 2011

Re: 17-year-old is ready to leave the pediatric dentistry world
Dr. Roger Koppel at the top of Solano. 527-9564. We've used him for years. My kids are 16 & 20 now. Happy patient

August 2008

Re: El Cerrito dentist
I live in your neighborhood and have Delta Dental insurance and go to Dr. Roger Koppel on Solano Ave. I highly recommend him and his staff - he's very gentle and very nice. I haven't started my daughter w/ a dentist yet - but he does work w/ kids and I would have no reservations about taking her to see him. 1760 Solano Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94707 (510) 527-9564

Nov 2007

Re: Looking for Good Dentist
Dr. Roger Koppel, 1760 Solano Ave, 510-527-9564, is the best in my opinion. I have had so much work done by him and over the past few years, including having my teeth whitened, using the bleach method. Sounds awful, but it worked very well! The over the counter methods are pretty useless from what I have heard. I fear the day that Dr. Koppel retires (don't expect it to be for quite a few more years!). I am so relaxed in his office that I often fall asleep. I am usually a nervous wreck with dentists. I hope that you get to experience him and his other employees. A wonderful group of people! oni

May 2007

Re: Looking for Good Dentist in Berkeley Oakland area
Dr. Koppel in North Berkeley on Solano Ave. near Colusa. He and his entire staff are the BEST ever in my opinion! Most of my prior dentist experiences (there have been many in the past 40 years) have been quite unnerving, with me clenching on to the chair for dear life, sweating profusely and at times holding my breath. I have been so relaxed in Dr. Koppel's office and have actually fallen asleep while he was working on me! The atmosphere is so relaxed and the office staff and Doctor's are like family (a kind and functional one). And Dr. Koppel really takes the time to listen, to explain the details, and answers questions very thoroughly. They are well worth the drive! Their office number is 527-9564. oni

Jan 2007

Re: Dentist near Solano Avenue
I use Dr. Roger Koppel at 1760 Solano Ave., in the professional building across from Snippety Crickets. He's very thorough and personable. Delta Dental patient

Nov 2002

RE: Dentists who don't use mercury
The dentist I see, Dr. Roger Koppel, only uses composite (non-mercury, white) fillings in his practice. I believe he can also order all-porcelain crowns, although, in my case, he did not recommend it.
Roger Koppel, DDS 1760 Solano Ave. Suite 309 Berkeley, CA 94707 527-9564