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Dr. Meeta Doshi is an expert at doing pediatric dentistry using distraction and old-fashioned people skills. My daughter unfortunately needed multiple fillings starting when she was almost 3. She kept my daughter still by telling her a story while she filled the cavity, then by having the hygienist blow up exam gloves with the air hose and draw silly faces on them. And shots were a non-issue: Dr. Doshi numbs the gum first so the child doesn't feel the shot, and uses her hand to hide the needle. My daughter had a number of fillings done over the next few years (sigh) and not one of those experiences was traumatic. When she was 8 or 9 she was talking a to a classmate and said "my dentist doesn't give shots" -- the whole time she hadn't noticed. My daughter is now 21 so my info may be out of date, but it's worth a call.

My daughter got her first cavities --and fillings-- at age 2, and Dr. Meeta Doshi was so gentle that it was completely non-traumatic. After many subsequent visits, she never had any fear of dentist visits. When she was 8 she said "my dentist doesn't give shots" -- Dr. Doshi was so adept at numbing with a topical andvthen hiding the needle that in 6 years my daughter had never realized she got a shot with each filling. 

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2999 Regent St., Berkeley 843-9572

June 2011

Re: Dental hygienist (for those with perio issues)
Hello, I can unreservedly recommend my dental hygienist, David, who works with Dr. Meeta Doshi on Regent Street, near Alta Bates. Like you, I have had periodontal issues as well, and I really really care about the quality of my hygienist. While Dr. Doshi has reasonably good hygienists, he is outstanding. I have been to many dentists, and Dr. Doshi is a good one so I am satisfied with my treatment at her office. However, after years and years of meh hygienists with several different practices, I am extremely satisfied with David and plan to stay with him!! anon

Nov 2010

RE: Pediatric Dentist needed
I have the greatest dentist: Dr. Meeta Doshi. If she's not taking kids, I'd wholeheartedly trust any referral she would make: 510-843-9572 Hariet

Jan 2010

Re: Gentle dentist for fearful adult
My children have been seeing Dr. Meeta Doshi since they were toddlers, and she has an extraordinarily gentle and reassuring manner. My older daughter is very prone to cavities and had her first fillings at age 2... not until age 9 did she realize there was a shot involved! Both my kids actually look forward to dentist visits. Dr. Doshi does family dentistry, not just children, and her office is at Regent and Ashby, right next to Alta Bates. Jennifer

August 2008

Re: Looking for a great dentist
I've been going to Meeta Doshi in Berkeley for about 5 years. I've found her professional and she seems to keep my teeth clean and pain free. Fearless patient

May 2007

Re: Looking for Good Dentist in Berkeley Oakland area
I was sent to Meeta Doshi about a year ago by a woman who used to work for her and I feel very lucky to have found her. She communicates well, is gentle and very professional. I got a couple of old fillings replaced and that went fine. Meeta Doshi D.D.S., PDC 2999 Regent Street Suite 406 Berkeley, CA 94705 (510) 843-9572

June 2004

Re: Dentist for a Root Canal
I have the kindest, gentlest, BEST dentist in the East Bay. Her name is Dr. Meeta Doshi and she is in Berkeley by Alta Bates on Regent Street. Her phone number is 843-9572. She recently took care of a root canal for me and I have not had a single problem with it! Another dentist had done some of the prep work, but did it wrong because I still felt some pretty intense pain. Dr. Doshi took care of it and did the root canal correctly. She is absolutely excellent! Jessica

April 2000

I know there have been some recent requests for dentists for children, and I'd really like to recommend our wonderful dentist, Dr. Meeta Doshi, who treats our five year old daughter. The name of her practice is Fenske and Doshi, at 2999 Regent (just across from Alta Bates hospital), phone 843-9572. Dr. Doshi has been fantastic in caring for our daughter's teeth. She and her office staff are extremely competent, warm, caring professionals, and they clearly are oriented toward working with children, though I'm sure they're great with adults as well. Our daughter has already had a lot of experience with dentists, and with having cavities filled. Unfortunately, she had one painful experience early on (with a different dentist!), and so developed a great deal of anxiety around going to the dentist. Dr. Doshi and her staff are very reassuring and gentle and playful (and have a full line of stickers, sunglasses, etc. for rewarding their patients), which has helped my daughter to feel more comfortable. They also seem to be up-to-date with the newest technology -- my daughter's most recent filling is completely invisible to me. Eve

Oct. 1998

Meeta Doshi, DDS is a wonderful dentist, a mother and has a very gentle manner. Her office is located on Regent Street across from Alta Bates. Lisa