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Practitioner knowledgeable about CBD for anxiety? Jan 9, 2020 (2 responses below)
Cannabis for anxiety? May 23, 2017 (8 responses below)
  • I have anxiety and am looking for a practitioner who has a scientific/medical knowledge about using CBD to control short term anxiety. I also need some guidance about how to find CBD made by reputable companies, that is ethically grown, uncontaminated, etc. I see some of the recommendations were from a few years ago but now the marijuana is legal I’m hoping that there are a lot more resources available. Thanks!

    I can’t recommend anyone in particular. However as a therapist myself I would recommend looking for a psychiatrist versus a therapist, and versus regular primary care doctor. Reason being they’ve gone to medical school and whereas therapists do not have the medical background. In addition they also have the knowledge of and expertise of mental health. I would also assume if you find someone who has an expertise in use of CBD or marijuana to manage symptoms they can also give recommendations for legitimate sources and companies to buy CBD from. 

    Dr. Frank Lucido has a Family Medicine practice in Berkeley.  He has been at the forefront of the medical marijuana movement for years and years and I think he will either be able to help you himself or know who to refer you to.   The office number is (510) 848-0958. 

  • Cannabis for anxiety?

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    Can anyone talk to me about using cannabis or THC for managing anxiety?  I don't have a desire to get high (at least not regularly), but am curious if this is a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals (ex. xanax).  I don't currently take any anti-anxiety meds, and would prefer to explore what I view as a less medical (potent?) route.   What is a reliable resource for learning more about this?  Are there any psychiatrists/therapists in the area that are well-versed in this topic or using cannabis  as a treatment for anxiety?

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    I doubt you'll find medical professionals well versed on the topic. If you google CBD for the treatment of anxiety and psychosis you'll find some good medical literature. I think medicating anxiety, especially panic, with thc would be a nonstarter. Especially edible thc, which tends to be strongly anxiety inducing. On the other hand cbd can be very effective. If you get a med marijuana card, you could buy cbd heavy strains. Some have no thc and give little noticeable high. The popular ones are AC/DC, Swiss tsunami, harle tsu, etc.

    some have good success with strains having equal thc to cbd ratios. Cbd modulates the way the brain reacts to thc. Some good strains include cannatonic, dr. Cookies, Harlequinn, and CBD OG. The cbd og available from Craft delivery is phenomenal stuff. It's about 20% cbd and 10% Thc. id be a little cautious with it at first as it well dilefinitely get you high.

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    My son uses cannabis for anxiety and it really helps him. He's now 22.
    He had a really intense anxiety disorder when he was young. We never used meds...we controlled it with supplements, breathing, visualization etc.
    When he was old enough he got a medical marijuana card. It makes a huge difference for him.
    You can smoke it (he has special filters on his pipes to filter out the smoke) or you can get edibles and drinkables.
    I know many other adults who use it for anxiety and depression.   While I don't have need for it myself, and my pot smoking days are long gone
    I use it for my dog for his arthritis (Treatibles).  Wishing you luck. I hope this works out for you.  We are a way over medicated society, but don't get me started.

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    Hi, VitaminB-

    It is, of course, always advisable to work with a psychiatrist/therapist on any mental health treatment. That said, there is plenty of information available online and at your local dispensary to get you started.

    My situation was extremely similar to yours, and for me, cannabis has been revelatory. I no longer take xanax or wellbutrin. I was not previously a cannabis user, and I also didn't want to get "high" (although I've learned to quite enjoy it in measured doses.)

    I would start by getting your prescription so that you can at least visit a dispensary; you can't enter without one. I would then visit a truly medical/patient focused, well-established dispensary, like Harborside in Oakland. Avoid the glorified head shop-type places. Harborside has a specific area for consultations, where you can talk to an employee about what you hope to accomplish. They aren't medical professionals, but they are extremely knowledgeable about all of their cannabis products and their best applications. 

    You'll likely end up with Indica dominant products, with at least an even THC:CBD ratio, if not a prominently CBD product. I ingest mine exclusively via tincture or edible products, although i've heard good things about vaping. 

    Read up on "microdosing" cannabis, make sure that the products that you end up using are precisely measured and dosed, candidly consult with a "budtender" at a reputable dispensary, and most importantly, START SMALL. Edible/sublingual cannabis treatment takes an hour or longer to reach maximum effect, so don't take more after 30 mins of "not feeling any different," or you may find yourself incapacitated and extremely hungry after 90 mins or so. 

    Once you find the best method of delivery and dose for you, I think you'll find it a superior treatment for anxiety in contrast to the harsher effects of good ol' xanax. 

    Good luck!

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Downsides of having a Cannabis Card?

June 2016

My doctor just told me I meet the medical criteria for medical cannabis. I am hesitating and not entirely sure why. Can anyone share personal experiences of downsides of having a cannabis letter in one's medical chart? anonymous

I have had a cannibas card for three years, and I have not expeienced any downsides. Here are some considerations:

To get the card, you must show ''a government-issued photo ID''. It so happens that I have such an ID that is not a California Driver's License. For those who enjoy paranoid conspiracy theories, the worst case scenario would be that the California DMV would try to revoke driving privileges of those with medical cannibas cards. I know of a case where this happened some years ago in Nevada. But this is unlikely to occur in California.

Our state of CA is very irrational on the subject of cannibas. The social conservatives would like to continue prohibition, yet the libertarian and progressive folks regognize that it is very prevalent, without any notable problems. It is very likely that it will be legalized by ballot initiiative in November.

Why do you want/need the card? If it is for actual medical advice on the use of cannibas, that's one thing. But if you would like to - as I did - have a legal cover for getting stoned, it might make sense to wait and see how things go in November.

And BTW - those who say that a 100 mg dose of concentrated cannibas is an appropriate dose are badly mistaken. I am an average size woman, and 25 mg is plenty, or else I am too stoned to function. Card-carrying pothead