Practitioner knowledgeable about CBD for anxiety?

I have anxiety and am looking for a practitioner who has a scientific/medical knowledge about using CBD to control short term anxiety. I also need some guidance about how to find CBD made by reputable companies, that is ethically grown, uncontaminated, etc. I see some of the recommendations were from a few years ago but now the marijuana is legal I’m hoping that there are a lot more resources available. Thanks!

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I can’t recommend anyone in particular. However as a therapist myself I would recommend looking for a psychiatrist versus a therapist, and versus regular primary care doctor. Reason being they’ve gone to medical school and whereas therapists do not have the medical background. In addition they also have the knowledge of and expertise of mental health. I would also assume if you find someone who has an expertise in use of CBD or marijuana to manage symptoms they can also give recommendations for legitimate sources and companies to buy CBD from. 

Dr. Frank Lucido has a Family Medicine practice in Berkeley.  He has been at the forefront of the medical marijuana movement for years and years and I think he will either be able to help you himself or know who to refer you to.   The office number is (510) 848-0958.