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  • Greetings!

    I'm in search of a kind and patient tutor to help my 8 year old son (on the spectrum) get up to speed on his math skills. He is a smart kid, just hasn't quite latched onto math principle's and often gets distracted at school during Math. I live in Danville, zoom is fine.

    contact: tanyapisa [at] (tanyapisa[at]icloud[dot]com)

    thank you,


    Bee Schlotz has been workng with my 5th grader for the past year and she's great. My son was missing some important concepts and experiencing math anxiety before he started meeting with Bee. She specializes in working with neurodiverse kids and is extremely patient and calm. My son says "she just knows how to explain it so it makes sense!" She's based in the Oakland but offers Zoom as well. 

    Bee [at] (Bee[at]aves-eastbay[dot]com)

    Bee Schlotz (

  • Hello, 

    My son is a second grader and has consistently been about 6 months behind in math & reading. He’s been getting interventions at school, but we think he needs more help. We recently started him in tutoring for reading and we were hoping to find someone for math. I’m wondering if anyone has any math specific tutor recommendations in the Berkeley/Albany area? 



    Hi Lindsay,

    I also have a second grader with reading challenges.  We have been using school services, but I decided that a little more help would take us a long way.  He is seeing Joyce Kelley on the Berkeley Oakland Border.  She is great!   She understands kids and her goal is to get him to be an independent reader by 3rd grade.  We go once a week, but I think she usually sees kids twice a week.  Between school services, support from his teacher, us being really diligent about reading once a night at his level and Joyce he is making tremendous progress (still about a year behind though).  I am happy to chat.  Also, for both  reading and math I've heard good things about Kumon.

    Hi Lindsay,

    Our daughters have worked with Deb Brunelle. She’s an educational therapist who uses the making math real methodology.  She’s excellent and we’d recommend her highly.  She’s fully remote at this point, but my kids have very productive sessions with her.  
    She’s at room to

    I highly suggest Classroom Matters for tutoring.  I might also think about getting an outside evaluation to see if there is anything going that the school might have missed, and that could provide additional interventions.  If you do a search for psychological evaluation, testing, neuropsychology, adhd, dyscalculia, or dyslexia, you should surface some good recommendations.  

  • Math Tutor 3rd grade

    Mar 7, 2021


    I'm looking for a tutor for my son, who's in 3rd grade. Having a good relationship with a tutor and seeing them as a role model is something that's really important to my son and I think it will go a long way in helping him get excited and confident in math. In this vein, I've been having a hard time finding diverse tutors (people of color), so I'm posting here in the hopes that people will have recommendations. Ideally, I'm looking for someone who has some teaching experience working in math and with younger kids. I look forward to any advice or recs. Thank you!

    We have used Ali Mansour from Firecracker Math in Oakland. He has been amazing with my now 5th grader. By the end of 4th grade, my child was at least a year behind in math.  We did a session each week with Ali and by fall, my child was not only caught up, but is now one of the stronger math students. Also, my child HATED math, and working with Ali completely changed that.  Ali helped build confidence and appreciation for math.  He is very kind, patient and organized.  I can't recommend him enough.  

  • Making Math Real Tutor?

    Dec 4, 2020

    Does anyone know of a math tutor who uses Making Math Real and is NOT an educational therapist (we cannot afford their rates at all). I have a 2nd grader with ADHD who needs some math support and what the school has offered has not been helpful. Bonus if it's someone who is open to in-person outdoor masked sessions but we'd take Zoom at this point for the right fit. Thanks!

    Try Albany Math Center. I'm in the same boat and haven't used their services yet, but their website is up to date and they do use Making Math Real. See BPN archives for positive reviews--that's how I found them. Feel free to PM me for more info on other leads as I find them!

    Hi, My neighbor Deb Brunelle is a learning specialist who incorporates Making Math Real into her work. She is a credentialed special ed teacher, don't think she's an educational therapist. Several friends' kids have worked with her and only have good things to say--one friend's daughter worked with Deb in elementary school, then worked with her remotely this past spring when distance learning high school math wasn't going well. She has a studio in El Cerrito, not sure what she's doing now in terms of distance or outdoor learning. She's also a lovely person! Here's her website:

  • Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my first grader who is in an OUSD school. I think in person would probably work best, but given the current environment very open to Zoom. Looking for someone engaging who can help with supplementing content and providing assistance.  Ideally, looking for someone for 30-60 minutes 3 times a week. However, very flexible on time and days commitment. I also have a fourth grader so would potentially be interested in providing him with some math tutoring as well. Thanks!

    Moderator Note: see Tutor listing for tutors and teachers with current availability:

    We have been working with a tutor through Prodigy Math game platform. It's via zoom but very effective. The tutor is a credentialed teacher. 

    My son is a senior at Berkeley High and is experienced tutoring elementary school students in math.  I’d be happy to direct message you with more information and put you in touch with him.  

  • We have a delightful, artistic 1st grader who is at a critical moment in her life where she will come to love the productive struggle of math or hate it forever. She’s in BUSD and is getting subpar math instruction (teacher is awesome but there is limited coaching for teachers on math instruction).

    I’d love to find a place where she can get grade level/developmentally appropriate math tutoring in the form of fun math games.  I want her to build her confidence. I can’t underscore this enough: it needs to be engaging. I fear if it feels too hard and/or boring she will hate math. 

    We had her in Firecracker math after school but that was a bust (she said it was boring, the math was too hard, she never remembered what they covered and it turned out the other kids agreed).

    I don’t want to put her into Kumon because it sounds like explicit instruction...but maybe I’m wrong?

    I've taught in the math enrichment classes at Lawrence Hall of Science, and also enrolled my daughter in those classes. The goal was to have fun while learning and thinking about math. Games like Set, Apples to Apples, and Mancala, as well as building materials like origami, pattern blocks, and Zome are good ways to develop mathematical thinking. Classroom math tends to focus narrowly on computation, and students don't spend enough time on problem solving and patterns.

    Our 5-year girl old loves math apps - right not she's into DragonBox apps (Numbers/Big Numbers), but they get much harder than this. The website common sense media has a wide range of recommendations. I've found this to be win-win-win. That is, our daughter will "work" to be allowed to play on the apps - she'll put on her clothes/take a shower without complaint/tidy up, then play the math app for the allotted minutes and improve her number sense, all while I get a bit of time for myself!

    At the first grade level, my kids seemed to enjoy interacting with adults at least as much as with their peers.  If you can find the time, there are plenty of family-oriented games and manipulatives that help develop logic and arithmetic skills.  Many of the games are targeting older children but otherwise you can't go wrong with this kind of quality play time.  It might be easier to find a 20 minute slot in the day to play than chauffeuring kids around.  Let me know if you'd like a list of what we've got in our arsenal.

    As part of my work, I have spent the past four years immersed in the latest research and innovative practices in math education. I also have grade school kids (grades 2 and 5), and my 5th grader was a lot like your 1st grader. So I have LOTS of thoughts on this! 

    It's not surprising to hear that your first grader is not getting engaging math ed in school. But please do not conclude that if she doesn't turn around in first grade, it's over for her. She has many years left to be hooked by math!

    The very best, most important thing you can do at this age is engage your child in mathematical play. Kumon and the like are a waste of time if they are just reinforcing what happens in school. And they often have a negative effect on a child who has already decided she doesn't like math. There may be some freelance tutor out there who can help you with this, but the world is full of people who think math is worksheets and spitting out a number, so proceed with caution. I have just wound up taking this on myself. And it has been fun for me too. Here's what's in my toolbox as their math cheerleader.

    (Some of this won't sound like math, but the thing to keep in mind is that when they get to higher math they will be best served by four things: experience with pattern recognition, numeracy skills, experience solving problems using logic, and a belief that they can do it.)

    1. We play a ton of board games. Some that are fabulously mathematical and really fun are: Blokus, Qwirkle, Dragonwood, Prime Climb, Set, and Backgammon. For a first grader, a big part of what she needs is just practice adding numbers, so any game that involves rolling and counting will help with that (e.g., Sorry, Trouble, Parcheesi). Dominoes is fabulous as well. There are so many! At various seasons with both kids, I have set aside weekly time to sit at a coffee shop, eat a cookie, and play games together. It is fun and great bonding too.

    2. Some kids get hooked into math through puzzles. Sudoku can be really fun, and there are variations that use symbols or colors instead of numbers. There are also a bunch of one-player logic games like Rush Hour that are terrific as well. The puzzles in the New York Times are fabulous too. (My kids love Tiles.)

    3. Not all kids are into this, but some kids eventually get really into the beauty of math. There are a few books out there that tap into this really well. (Our latest discovery is this book called This is Not a Math Book, which is full of beautiful art projects that are geometrical in nature and just fun and pretty to work with and look at.)

    4. I am super opportunistic about using math to look at the world. Recently, my 2nd grader declared that he didn't think Santa was real. When I asked him why, he said, "because there's no way that Santa could get to all those houses in one night." So we tackled that problem. How many houses? How many hours in a night? Average time Santa might spend at each house? The computation involved was quite simple, but knowing which questions to ask is a lot harder and something kids don't get nearly enough practice on in school. So... we do it at home, every chance we get. If it comes out of something they are already curious about, they will be really into it, I promise you. And then you can go further and debate the meaning of your data/conclusions, which is also really important.

    5. has some great resources for parents.

    Good luck!

    I so appreciate all of the excellent responses I'm seeing on here. I had the opportunity to read the question to our 19 year-old, who is home from college for winter break, and to ask them what they thought. This is essentially affirming what others have already posted, with a little bonus stuff from our kid's perspective.

    Our kid loathed "math" all through elementary school. A friend gave them Set for a gift in Kindergarten, which they didn't break out and start to play until perhaps 3rd or 4th grade, and that was pretty eye-opening. Turns out that is exactly what you need to do; play games like that with them, which develop pattern recognition. Don't push them and try to get them to "love" math - give them some space to have their own opinions. With games, they'll develop all the useful parts which contribute to advanced math, in a fun way. Demonstrate that it is fun through playing things with them, rather than turning it over to an outside enrichment person.

    And if they turn out not to "love" math in the end - that's okay, too. I don't love math, and that's okay. My kid does. I'm glad they do, but there are plenty of other talents and gifts to enjoy and develop; they don't all need to be good at all things all the time. The pressure they're under is super intense, and they know it. Let's give them a little breathing space to play and be themselves.

     I highly recommend Jane Molnar who has an unusual gift for getting young children to love math and many years of experience.  She worked wonders with our son who was struggling with math in 4th grade and had begun to dread math and think he would never be able to master it.  By the time he entered middle school, he was getting A's in math and science and was no longer intimidated by it.  She offers private tutoring in North Berkeley.  You can read about her philosophy and methods on her website


    In addition to my previous post, I'd also like to recommend Jane's book.  She recently published a book called, " Math Class Redesigned: How to Teach Children to Love Math", which is full of interesting accounts of her teaching children from a wide range of backgrounds. It’s on amazon.

  • Seeking piano and/or math tutor for third grader in Alameda. Flexible on dates and time. 

    Oliver Miller is both a math tutor and a piano teacher. He taught my son piano for several years and is a wise, kind educator and a gentle soul. Highly recommend him. Contact info for Oliver Miller: (510) 452-7729

    I also recommend Oliver. He has tutored my son in math over the last couple of years and has been invaluable to him. My son has gained self confidence in addition to great grades. Although Oliver is not my son's music teacher (my son is a pianist) I know he has a deep appreciation for it as they often discuss music, and Oliver attended one of my son's concerts.

    I'd like to enthusiastically recommend William Beatty as a piano teacher for any age or level.  William has been teaching our son for six years, and it has been an exceptionally positive experience.  William is a terrific teacher: patient, encouraging, and challenging all in the right balance.  While of course he brings plenty of ideas from across the piano repertoire, he is also very open to following his students' interests in terms of what music they play.  He's supportive of his students' musical endeavors beyond the piano too: he regularly attends school performances to see his students playing their "other" instruments.  We have loved having William in our lives and are so appreciative of the way he is cultivating in our son both a love of music and a deep understanding of the fundamentals.  William is based in Berkeley and is willing to come to your house for lessons.  You can contact him at wbeatty [at]

  • hi,

    i wonder if anyone can recommend a math tutor for my 8 year old daughter. 

    We would like someone who will come over once a week and help her to enjoy math and build confidence.

    thank you!

    Try Mathnasium in Albany. They are great. 

    Hi--we had a wonderful experience with Deborah Newlen.  She tutors all grade levels and is kind, patient and enthusiastic!  She builds confidence and helps the child feel secure in exploring information and gaining knowledge and mastery.  You can reach her at 510-691-6624.  Donna Eldridge

  • My daughter is in 4th grade and really struggling in math. Looking back she's always had trouble but it's coming to a head. When I think about her as a learner, I feel like she'd benefit working with someone who uses Making Math Real, or understands a bit about learning disabilities. (We are starting to wonder whether she might have a learning disability - she's far above grade level in reading, and far below in spelling as well as math. Handwriting is also a struggle. We may get her tested but for right now want to at least start the math help.) 

    I'd love any recommendations of math tutors or Ed therapists in the Berkeley/Oakland/El Cerrito area. A tutor with a good sense of humor would be ideal. Thank you!

    Hi Betty

    I am in a similar situation, but with twin daughters in 4th grade :) We just started going to a tutor/ed therapist named Amy Draizen, who works out of an office on Piedmont Ave. She is great but for now is working with my girls on reading and writing. We have not had time to address math issues and one of my daughters is struggling with math facts still. I am thinking of attending a Making Math Real 1-day workshop for parents and teachers on Saturday, April 28:

    I realize this is not the answer you were looking for but wanted to share that I am in the same boat and would potentially like to share the cost of a tutor if you find a good one. In the meantime, I plan on training myself on Making Math Real as I have heard such good things about it. Their website is full of amazing testimonials by parents similar to us!

    Sarah in North Berkeley

    We just started working with Stefan Oste for my 14 year old son who has dyscalculia and dysgraphia (and lots of anxiety about math).  Stefan is amazing!  He is trained in Making Math Real and has a fun and supportive approach with his students.  My son has already improved his math skills (in just over a month) and has much less anxiety around math.  Stefan also teaches math at Bayhill High School and comes to our home in Oakland.  I can't recommend him enough.  You can reach him at stefanoste510 [at] and contact me for more info if you'd like.

  • Hello BPN,

    I have a wonderful 4th grader who is having some trouble with math. He does not have a disability but has trouble grasping concepts, has a lot of anxiety about math, and is behind grade level. I am wondering if anyone knows of a small group setting aftercare program that could help with math homework and provide some solid tutoring? It would be for next fall. We live in Albany and he attends Cornell Elementary. I would be happy to start a group as well if anyone else wanted to join and seek out someone to hire for a small group (2-3 kids) from 3-5:30 each day after school.


    Some friends of mine are happy with Mathnasium and with Albany Math Center for their kids who need help with math.

    This isn't for after-school but there is a summer camp math intensive option for kids entering 4th-7th grade using the Making Math Real program.  I'm signing up my child to this program for summer based on some pretty great recommendations, and we had also started using a math tutor using this same program which has been working really well so far.  Check them out- it runs 3 weeks 9am-12pm.  East Bay Kidz Math.

Archived Q&A and Reviews


Math tutor near Pt. Richmond for 10 year old

Oct 2015

I am seeking a math tutor for my son. He lacks confidence in his work. Ideally , it would work best for our schedule if the tutoring was in our home in Pt. Richmond. Of course, that can be negotiable. k.r

We've been working with Marissa Meyers at the Albany Math Center for the last year and couldn't be happier with the progress my daughter has made and most importantly the confidence she now has when approaching math problems.

There were many math concepts (fractions, some multiplication tables) that my daughter never quite understood in elementary school and it just made it harder for her when she entered middle school. She is now in 7th grade. Marissa is trained in Making Math Real which is what really helped my daughter learn. Wish we had started the math tutoring in 4th or 5th grade but glad we go now. My daughter really enjoys her sessions.

Students do go to her office in Albany. You can email her at albanymathcenter [at] or go on the website happy with math tutor

Math Tutor for 9 y.o. with Dyscalculia

March 2015

My 9 year-old, third grade daughter was recently diagnosed with dyscalculia. She desperately needs help understanding basic math facts / concepts in a way that works for dyslexic children. In this regard, I have found that most graduate students do not have the skill set necessary to address this learning challenge. Notably, my daughter does not have classic dyslexia (she reads 3x beyond her grade level). She already has a 504 plan but does not qualify for an IEP (we are in an Oakland public school). Thanks in advance. Anon

Sara Hanes might be the perfect fit for your daughter. She uses Making Math Real techniques to teach math to students of all ages, and really makes learning fun. She has many years of experience, and is also a warm, lovely person. My daughter worked with Sara starting in 4th grade, and truly enjoyed her sessions. Sara was able to help her understand the concepts, and her grades and self esteem soared. You can reach Sara at Sarahanes [at] / 510-549-9349.

Need math tutor for 5th grader

Sept 2014

My daughter has needed tutoring support for the past several years with math, and has never been happy with her tutor. We have generally hired retired teachers, but I think she'd be happier with someone younger who she can relate to more. She is very resistant to tutoring so it needs to have an element of fun. Would love suggestions. It's important we find someone who has strong familiarity with the new Common Core standards. We are in the Richmond/El Cerrito/Kensington area. Thank you

Sounds like your daughter would benefit from the Making Math Real approach. It was great for my 5th grader who needed extra support in math. We had a wonderful experience with Marissa Meyers who uses Making Math Real strategies in her tutoring. She works with math students at Albany Middle School (so is quite famliar with Common Core Standards) and tutors in the afternoon at the Albany Math Center. You can reach her at (510) 919-0843 or go on their website

Making Math Real tutor for 10 year old?

Oct 2013

Hello, I looking for a math tutor for my 10 year old son. I have been reading about the Making Math Real approach, and would be interested in a tutor who is trained in this or a similar program. We live in North Oakland, so would like to find someone in South Berkeley or Oakland. Thank you! Anon

I highly recommend Leba Morimoto. Making Math Real is an excellent approach, and she is one of the practioners that works with pre-algebra and up through high school math. Her email is: lebasline [at] Pat

I highly recommend Sara Hanes who uses the Making Math Real approach. I agree it's a terrific approach. Sara has taken all the courses twice and tutors students after school at Bentley. Sara is on the Berkeley side up near Parkwoods Apartments by the Caldecott Tunnel. Used to be in Rockridge. I tried several tutors before I found Making Math Real. She has many clients but might have openings because some clients who've been with her for years are off to college. Worth every penny if your child is struggling. Contact sarahanes [at] Grateful mom, Becky

Math tutor for understimulated 5th grader

Aug 2013

My 5th grader is understimulated in Math and I've come to the realization that I need to supplement his education. I am thinking of starting with a math tutor and wondered if anyone can recommend a good one who charges reasonable rates. (As an aside, what is the going rate for a math tutor?) I'd also be open to other ideas about ways to keep math interesting for a 10 yo boy. bpn grateful

Math can be very inspiring when taught in an inspiring way... Here are some ideas: - Berkeley Math Circle: options=bmc%7Cbmc_elementary%7Cbmc%20elementary has classes for kids interested in math that go all the way up to high school. They don't teach topics that are taught in school. - QuantumCamp is an innovative academic program in Downtown Berkeley with a fabulous group of teachers who have a deep understanding of their subject areas and a passion for education. - Internet: Youtube channels such as and are fun and informative - orit

I think you might be better off with something like Berkeley Math Circle than with a tutor because then your child will meet other children who are interested in math. Also, for next summer, ATDP, through CAL is a good choice -- just keep on top of the deadlines. The Julia Robinson Math Festival at Cal and the Stanford Splash are both full of interesting math activities. The new Exploratorium has some wonderful mathematical exhibits -- if you and/or your partner aren't comfortable talking about the math that goes with the ''Wow!'' one of the docents can help explain what is going on. Lawrence Hall of Science has many math enrichment books, and you (or a tutor) could work through some with your son. Sometimes LHS has classes for middle-grade children. Another option would be to start a Math Circle or organize a math fair at your child's school (other parents and I did one at Jefferson for a number of years.) The important thing is to keep math social and fun, and to remember that there are many aspects of mathematics (number theory, geometry, problem solving etc.) that tend to get short-shrift in the school curriculum, but can give your child a deeper understanding of mathematics, and hopefully lead to a life long interest in mathematics. math geek mom

Have a look at They have many math videos and they are only 10 minutes long. you could have him look at some intro videos on algebra. There may also be ones on fractions, percents, and the like which may be more appropriate for his age. I've been tutoring math for many years and charge $70 and hour but for his level of math you may be able to find someone for $30 an hour? Sean

I would enthusiastically recommend my daughter's math tutor Daniel Mayeri. His website is My fourth grade daughter started working with Daniel shortly after the start of third grade. She was doing just fine in math at the time, but we felt she could be challenged to learn a bit more advanced material for her age. Daniel has been fantastic. Although most of Daniel's students are in high school, he has shown that he can work well with younger students. My daughter genuinely looks forward to her afternoon sessions with Daniel. Her confidence has increased tremendously. The sessions are rigorous but fun and relaxed. We plan to continue for the foreseeable future. We find Daniel to be extremely professional, and at the same time, terrific with kids and young people. Prior to signing up with Daniel, we talked to a few other tutors. Daniel's rate is within the range of most tutors in the area. Jenny K

Math tutor for struggling 7 yr old - Making Math Real

Aug 2012

Our 7-yr old needs help with math. We're looking for a tutor in the Berkeley/North Oakland area. Some friends speak very highly of ''Making Math Real,'' so we're interested in pursuing that option. Our daughter is smart but a bit shy. There are a few Making Math Real tutors with notices on BPN; what we'd like to hear from are some parents re good tutors. Thanks! Kate

Our son was struggling with math for quite some time. I became concerned that he would never enjoy math at all, because of the frustration he was experiencing in school (over the course of a number of grade levels and teachers) combined with our nightly struggle with math homework.

A family therapist recommended Leba Morimoto, a tutor who specializes in the strategies of Making Match Real. Leba is kind, patient, soft spoken, and her love of math is contagious! Our son felt very comfortable from the start, and Leba's positive attitude not only helped his math skills, but it helped him gain confidence in his math knowledge. His teachers saw significant improvement in math skills, comprehension, and attitude very quickly. I highly recommend Leba: lebasline [at], 510-528- 8224. Kim

Feb 2012

I highly recommend Jane Molnar at She teaches classes and does tutoring in North Berkeley. My 9 year old son, though bright, was struggling with the Everyday Math program in his Albany public school classroom. Working with Jane began to turn things around for my son right away. Confusing concepts became clear. Jane taught him ways to solve problems and do his homework that made it much easier and less stressful for him. I plan to sign him up for one of Jane Molnar's after school math classes to keep the momentum going. My son's frustration and confusion have been replaced by confidence and a willingness to do his homework which now takes much less time. Jane has helped him with basic concepts such as fractions and division and has also taught him really fun topics from algebra and logic which he loves. Jo

Looking for math tutor for 5th grader who is struggling

Sep 2011

I'm looking for a math tutor for my 5th grader. Any recommendations? My son is struggling, and beginning to feel dumb in class. My husband and I have tried, and we are butting heads with our son so it's time to bring in a neutral 3rd party to help out. Open to high school students, college students, anyone who is good with kids and good at explaining math. Thanks!

We have a 5th grader who was really struggling with math last year. He now has a wonderful math tutor, Leba Morimoto. Leba is great! She is kind, calm, encouraging, and has worked wonders for our son. He sees her 1x/week, and now enjoys math. His teachers and the support staff at his school have noticed his improvement since he's started going to Leba. Leba Morimoto: 510-528-8224 Kim

My daughter uses for math, science, history and literature. I like the math program because it follows the standards set by Massachusetts, which is the #1 state in the nation for math and science education. I like the science and history and literature because they have her exact textbooks on as study games and she uses them right before tests. Not sure if you have the same California Life Science textbook or World history book but you can use the math. There's a promotion right now for 5th grade math. Good luck!! Irene

Math Tutor Needed for 3rd Grader

March 2011

Hi. We are looking into hiring a math tutor for our third grader. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We live in North Berkeley. Thank you. Anon

My 4th grader has a great math tutor - Leba Morimoto. Leba is a kind, patient tutor, who has done wonders with my math-phobic 10 year old. She tutors all ages and levels, and works out of her home in the El Cerrito hills. We highly recommend her! Phone: 510-528-8224, Email: lebasline [at] Kim

I can highly recommend Natalia for math tutoring. She is patient, great with kids, and is able to do math tutoring through High School level. Feel free to contact Natalia directly at 510-910-2722 or by e-mail: nataliakapa [at] Anon.

My daughter's tutor (Larissa) is wonderful and reasonable. She and her husband have day jobs, but tutor children and teens in math. I found her after using two tutoring services. Her email address is l_nabokova [at] pmog

Summer math camp for struggling 3rd grader

Jan 2011

Hi, my 3rd grader needs some extra help with math over the summer. He struggles with math as it is...he has some mild dyslexia that makes symbols hard for him. Anyway, he needs to continue doing math over the summer or I fear 4th grade will be very hard for him. I am seeking some kind of a math camp that he can do throughout the upcoming summer. I've heard about ''making math real'' program and am wondering if there is anyone out there in Berkeley who is doing somethink like this? We're open to other math programs as well. Looking forward to hearing from you! needing summer math

Aurora School in Oakland had a math camp last summer, and will have it again next summer. My own child did not attend, but I've heard great things about it from people whose children did; some even decided to go for an additional session because they enjoyed it so much. anon

Math tutor for 5th Grader in Walnut Creek

Jan 2011

I'm looking for a math tutor or afterschool math class for my 5th grade daughter. She's struggling this year, and really hasn't had any troubles up to now. I live in Walnut Creek, so prefer this area/Lafayette for convenience. WC mom

I would recommend Andrew Solter. He is an awesome math tutor. He was recommended to me by a math professor. My daughter really enjoyed working with him. He is great with kids K-12. He really knows how to keep kids attention. You can email him at asolter [at] or 310-849-5015 I know that you'll love what he does for your child. Sincerely, Adrian

Earlier Recommendations

Summer math catch-up class for 8-year old

January 2009

I'm looking for a math summer course for my 8-year old. He goes to a Montessori school and seems to have missed out on a lot in terms of math facts and numbers sense. Is there a math camp that would make sure that he has had the equivalent of a conventional second-grade curriculum and would be ready for third grade in public school? Most of the camps seem to be for kids who love math and are really good at it (for example ADTP) or for kids who have the public school curriculum down and now need something a little more inventive. He doesn't like math and has had relatively little exposure (there's no way they do 5 hours of math a week in his school), so I worry that something for kids who love math would just make him feel worse about the whole thing. Should we try Kumon? Any recommendations for tutoring would also be appreciated. sigh

Check out Head Royce 's summer program.

The Academy , a K-8 private school on Benvenue Ave. in Berkeley has a summer math program exactly geared for children in situations like yours (i.e. aimed at children who need to catch up). The Academy itself is an academically accelerated school and many people assume the summer program is accelerated & for math whizzes, but in fact it's not the same as the regular academic curriculum and Academy children do not generally attend the summer program (sometimes children do who are switching into The Academy for the fall & need to catch up). Contact them and see if it fits your needs. Very happy Academy parent

Experienced tutor for 9 year old daughter

Nov 2007

I am looking for an experienced tutor for my 9 year old daughter. Primarily math but possibly language arts also. We are in Alameda and would prefer someone local who has experience with elementary school children. Also prefer someone who is a good listener and motivator -- my daughter has low self-esteem and does not think of herself as a good learner. Concerned Alameda parent

Sounds like my neighbor would be a perfect fit for your daughter! She is an experienced, credentialed teacher who has worked primarily with 4th and 5th graders. She's wonderful, great with kids, really talks their language and kids really seem to respond to her. She isn't teaching right now, because she has a baby so she tutors. She is also located in Alameda. Her contact info is: Phone # 510 847 0444. Email kelley.seltzer[at] Kerri

My good friend, Kelley Seltzer, lives in Alameda and has taught 4th and 5th graders for 7 years. She is currently staying home with her daughter and is tutoring students from home (she also tutored when she was teaching full time). I know all of her students love her and she does more than just go over homework with her students - she makes her sessions interesting and accommodates different learning styles. You can contact her at kelley.seltzer[at] or at 510-847-0444. Brooke

Call Suzie McLean, a recently retired 3rd-grade teacher, and Educational Therapist with lots of Making Math Real training. She's great: warm, experienced, and creative. 501-4159

Tutor for bright but unmotivated 5th grader

Oct 2007

Hello...We are looking for a tutor for our 11 year old (5th grade) son. Although a bright child, he seems to lack some motivation and confidence in his abilities. We, and his teacher, are concerned that he won't be ready academically for what is to come once he enters middle school next year. We would like referrals for a math and reading comprehension tutor who would come to our home. We think a male tutor would be a better fit for him; one who is sincere and warm, knows how to motivate a child (who might think he knows more than he does!), and possesses a sense of humor. Thanks in advance.

Check out The University of Learning in Walnut Creek: Active learning through hands-on activities. Small, personalized classes. Private tutoring available. Mariessa

Paul Osborne is a great, motivational tutor with quite the sense of humor. He is in Berkeley but does make home visits throughout the Bay area. He can be reached at 510-301-5302. onika

Tutor for son who needs a lot of remedial assistance

Oct 2007

I am in need of finding a math tutor for my son. He is in elementary school and needs a lot of remedial assistance with number sense, basic concepts, and key operations. He has learning disabilities so the tutor needs to have a foundation in educational therapy or neuropsychology. We have tried the making math real route and at this juncture think a different approach may be more appropriate for him. Someone in or close to Berkeley is optimal, but more important is the right person who can connec with him yet be firm and disciplined. I know of some people, but interested in knowing who else is out there. Any suggestions? Anonymous

My wife and I highly recommend Pam Marquardt at Grasshopper Tutoring in Berkeley (Cedar and Shattuck) as an elementary-through middle school tutor. Our daughter (now in 5th grade) is dyslexic and has struggled in school. She has made dramatic progress in both reading and math with Pam's help. Note from my daughter: Hi my name is annie and Pam helps me with math. I have dyslexia. I met pam and I learnd how to live with it. If you go on the web site you will see me! Her website is NIck

You can't go wrong with David Freedman, who is a truly gifted teacher. Good luck. You can reach him at: derfree[at] happy with tutor

Leba Moramoto is a Learning Specialist who is not only a master at tutoring math- Making Math Real but is also very warm, friendly, calm, organized, supportive, fun, creative with learning challenges, and has a lovely studio in El Cerrito where she works with students. She was recommended by other professionals to me and I cannot say enough good things about our experience with her. In 6 months my daughter has gone from struggling to top of her class and more importantly, now has a strong sense of herself as GREAT at math... Leba's focus on self-esteem building as well as the academic skills is very evident and has made a huge difference in our family.

By the way, her gifts are not limited to tutoring math. She also tutors reading, writing, and organizational skills. She is an extraordinarily gifted tutor I recommend her most highly. Her number is 510-528-8224

I can give my child's math tuor a strong recommendation! Jon Hoffman is trained in Making Math Real techniques,and makes math FUN! My daughter really looks forward to her sessions with Jon. He tailors his approach to each child's individual needs and learning style and uses a structured, multisensory approach. It has made a huge difference for my daughter.

Third grader needs a woman math tutor

Sept 2007

my daughter, who is in third grade, would benefit from a math tutor who can show her that math is fun, while also teaching her the basics in a manner she can easily retain. she would prefer it be a woman who comes to our home in south berkeley. thanks. lola

I highly recommend A Perfect Match Tutoring Service! The Director has worked in education for years and truly cares about finding the best fit for your child. She will come to your home to meet you and your child in order to match your child with a compatible tutor. The tutors that work for A Perfect Match are highly qualified and go through a rigorous interview and background check process. To get started, visit or call 510-290-0208 or 650-704-6196. Kamila

Hi. Kumon is a great math/reading program that instills discipline and makes learning math simple and easy and builds tons of confidence. My sons have been in the program for three years and what a difference. Math is a positive in our household. The days of arguments and constant battles over ''numbers'' are over. Mom of Kumon Boys

I am writing to let you all know about a wonderful tutor who was instrumental in helping my daughter to understand the principals of Algebra 1, Algebra II, and Geometry. Her name is Erica Smith. She teaches math for students at all levels from Arithmetic to Math Analysis to Trigonometry. She also teaches Biology, Chemistry, English and History. Her humor, compassion and patience encouraged my daughter to want to do good in school and built her self confidence in a way that I will be forever grateful for. Erica has a way of taking a difficult subject and presenting it in a practical and enjoyable way. I Highly Recommend Erica Smith. Her e-mail address is riceandsmith[at] bonnie

I can recommend an excellent math tutor, trained in Making Math Real techniques. He truly makes math FUN by playing lots of games; he uses a multisensory approach that facilitates learning, tailored to each child's specific learning style. My daughter really enjoys her sessions and has made so much progress since she has been seeing him! His name is Jon Hoffman; his phone number is 333-4083. I realize that you are looking for a female tutor, but thought this recommendation mught be helpful. pleased parent

4th grader needs work on math

June 2006

Can anyone recommend a fun, dynamic and competent math tutor for a soon-to-be 4th grader? Our son needs work on math concepts and multiple-step math problems. He very much needs to be inspired, so the personality of the tutor is key. He loves young adults and high school students, but he also loves older adults who are fun and have an easy repoire with kids. We couldn't find many postings on BPN for tutors at the elementary-school level. We live in Albany. Thanks very much

Hi, I would like to recommend my friend David Freedman. He is a great person and really good with kids. He has been teaching elementary school-age kids for years. Here is his website: His phone number is (510) 549-3506 and email is derfree[at] Good luck! nadja

If you're willing to drive your son to Alameda, I can recommend a GREAT math tutor: Michelle Liotsakis (510)769-6842. A former classroom teacher, Michelle has been working with my soon-to-be 5th grader since last August and my daughter loves working with her. I don't think my daughter will ever be a math major, but she no longer defines herself as someone who ''can't do'' math. Michelle tutors individually or in shared tutoring sessions if the students are at the same level. Plus, this August she's having Power Math Camp. Give her a call. As my daughter told a friend, ''Math is fun with Michelle!''

Summer math camp suggestions for catch-up


I am looking for a one or two week camp in August that focuses on math for my 10 year old daughter (going into 5th grade). I would really appreciate any referrals and am open to any camp that includes math skill development. I prefer a camp in Oakland, Berkeley, or other nearby east-bay locations. Also, any suggestions for ways to improve my daughters math skills (and have her enjoy it!) are appreciated. Thanks! Todd

Have you tried Lawrence Hall of Science? They have a number of math camps and programs in the summer including Math for Girls.

about the math camp: I'm pretty sure Lawrence Hall of Science offers a math camp this summer. Their camps are typically 3 hours a day and last one to two weeks. Ellen