Math tutor for my son - 2nd grade (zoom is fine)


I'm in search of a kind and patient tutor to help my 8 year old son (on the spectrum) get up to speed on his math skills. He is a smart kid, just hasn't quite latched onto math principle's and often gets distracted at school during Math. I live in Danville, zoom is fine.

contact: tanyapisa [at] (tanyapisa[at]icloud[dot]com)

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Bee Schlotz has been workng with my 5th grader for the past year and she's great. My son was missing some important concepts and experiencing math anxiety before he started meeting with Bee. She specializes in working with neurodiverse kids and is extremely patient and calm. My son says "she just knows how to explain it so it makes sense!" She's based in the Oakland but offers Zoom as well. 

Bee [at] (Bee[at]aves-eastbay[dot]com)

Bee Schlotz (