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  • lawyer for psychotherapy practice?

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    Hello, i recently opened a private psychotherapy practice and I'm looking for a lawyer to help me decide whether to incorporate. Any recommendations? thanks

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  • Looking for lawyer to help set up series LLC

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    We are looking for a lawyer who can help us set up a series LLC. Does anyone have experience with this and can recommend someone?  This is in regards to real estate holdings, so a lawyer who can give real estate / property tax law advice would be a HUGE bonus.  Thank you.

    I worked with Schinner & Shain based in SF.  They set up a LLC in Series based in Delaware for us.

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2008 - 2013 Recommendations

Attorney needed for small food ecommerce biz

July 2013

I'm looking for an attorney with small food business expertise that can help me draft website terms and conditions and consult on the best way to structure my company. Reasonable rates and down-to-earth personality are big bonuses. food entrepreneur

I would recommend you contact Allan Zackler of Zackler & Associates. They specialize in business and food law and come highly recommended from a friend who is also a food entrepreneur. His website is audrey

Small business/employment contract lawyer needed

July 2013

I am looking for a small business/employment contract lawyer who can look at an employment contract and make sure it is legally sound for a variety of potential situations, including a buy-out situation by another company, as well as the employee buying into the current company. Would prefer East Bay. Thanks

Richard Lee has been my small business attorney for over 20 years. He has helped me develop contracts, advised me with intellectual property and even helped me prepare a case myself in small claims court. He is knowledgeable, caring and reasonable with his billable time. Here is his contact info Richard J. Lee 510.272.0200 x304 fax 510.451.3931 rjl [at]

Business Attorney for Contractor

Sept 2012

Hi. I'm looking for a recommendation for a business attorney to help us change our business entity from sole proprietorship to an LLC. We are a local contractor. need help

I can highly recommend Jean Shrem of Shrem Law Group. She is an excellent business attorney and specializes in working with small businesses. I have found her to be sharp and to the point., Jean [at], 510-882-9992. Business Owner

I recommend using Trevor Caudle - 415.260.0947 - - We are a painting contractors and he helped us to form a corporation. He was super reasonable at the time and a really nice guy. I continue to use him for advice and if I every have to file mechanics liens. He's located in SF but that wasn't an issue at all. Fellow contractor

Business Attorney to form a corporation

Feb 2012

Hi, I am looking to start up a new medical business and need a lawyer to help me form a corporation. I am in the east bay. Any advice appreciated! Preferably someone with reasonable prices new venture adventure

Try the nolo press attorneys. neil

Spencer Young is an excellent attorney who is a good listener, very knowledgeable and, at the same time, quite affordable. He does business law as well as personal injury. He's helped several people I work with in handling business issues. I recommend him highly. 652 8751. symetrick

Tova Zeff is a business attorney who can help you with your business needs including incorporation. Her phone is: (510) 593-8393 and email is: tovazeff [at] Good luck. Shoey

I have worked with Richard J. Lee for over 20 years. He knows how to set up corporations, and he is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I believe his fees are reasonable. Feel free to contact me if you wish. rjl [at] (510) 272-0200 x304 stu

Business Consultant for Holistic Practitioner?

March 2011

One of my clients is starting a practice in Ayurveda and seeks a consultant to guide her through the tax/legal/financial forest of starting a small business. A consultant practicing in the East Bay would be preferable. Thanks! Eva

I think that Nolo Press has books of help. Neil

LLC legal advice

Jan 2011

Im thinking about setting up an LLC for a home that I own. Any suggestions as to an attorney that could handle this for me or suggestions from others who have done this either on their own or used other resources (ie. Thanks Need to Know

Nolo Press puts out a lot of free/low cost information regarding how to do these types of filings at a minimal cost. Please visit I am not an attorney, however, I believe that you cannot transfer your home into an LLC unless your primary business is real estate investment. Regardless, I highly recommend you consult an attorney and you can contact either Bob Buchanan (415) 395-4700 (who formed my LLC) or J. P. Harbour (415) 728-7205. Please tell them that I referred you. Good luck! Sincerely yours, Kevin

I can recommend Tova Zeff who is a business attorney who does exactly this kind of work. She has been very helpful to me, and I recommend her highly as a lawyer who can answer your questions and help set up your LLC. Her phone is 510-593-8393, or you can email tovazeff [at] David

I've been using Richard of Lee, Lawless & Blyth for my business for over 20 years, and more recently for a trust for my home. They specialize in setting up organizations, and Richard is very knowledgeable with business structuring. He has been generous with his time, reasonable with his fees and easy to work with. phone: 510.272.0200 x304 email: rjl [at] stu

Consultant for LLC for real estate investment

July 2010

I am looking for recommendations for a consultant/lawyer/ or accountant who is familiar with the creation of LLCs for the purpose of real estate investment. Thank you, East Bay Investor

If you have questions about forming an LLC, I'd recommend Tova Zeff who is a business attorney - her offices are on Boradway in Oakland. She specializes in helping set up LLCs and other corporations for businesses, and I have found her to be extremely knowledgable and helpful. You can email tovazeff [at] or phone 593.3893. Best wishes! David

Absolutely! I would highly recommend the following legal team. KYLER KOHLER OSTERMILLER & SORENSEN, LLP. They are based out of Cedar City, Utah & handle all of my tax preparation, legal pprwrk, etc. Speak to Susan Kumpe who is the Legal Assistant for any questions at: 435-586-9366 / susan [at] Good luck! Isadora

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Starting a business - do I need a lawyer? CPA?

Aug 2006

I am starting a photography business and first want to know if I need a lawyer, to draw up papers for an LLC? A bookeeper to help me keep track of finances? (And teach me Quicken for Mac) A CPA to do taxes & give tax advice? And/Or an accountant? How many of the above do I need & can anyone make any recomendations as to who is wise to tax law, honest, and not too expensive, not condescending, as well as a shrewd business person, preferably in the Richmond,El Cerrito, Berkeley area? ruby

You don't need a lawyer to create your LLC: you can do it yourself, or use Nolo Press materials to guide you. That said, it's still often a good idea to have a lawyer do it, or at least to consult with one. Why? It's simply that the lawyer will be able to use the time you spend together to discover any other issues that may exist with your prospective business. Some will be relatively obvious things to check - licensing requirements, fictitious name statements, etc. - and others probably less so. Nor is it necessarily expensive to involve an attorney: I offer a free consultation, for instance, and so do many others. K.

I'm, a videographer and have used Richard Lee, 272-0200, as my attorney for over 20 years (thankfully not frequently!). He has a reasonable fee, but you can see him for a half hour free if you join Film Arts Foundation for $45. (415)552-8760

Dennis Middleton is a tax CPA who can set things up for you so you get maximum deductions. His phone is 339-8860, email is dnm at

Sandra Garselle, with Hilliard Management, can do your weekly/monthly bookkeeping 655-2041

An excellent lawyer to contact is Richard Lee, 510-272-0200, or e-mail rjl at He is experienced working with new businesses. You might also try Ann Valliant, who is a Management Consultant, 510-848-1516 ann at She could help you set up bookeeping and advise you on your other needs ernie

Starting a small business; need legal advice

Sept 2004

I am considering starting a small business and would like to consult with an attorney about my options. I have looked at the website, but there are only a couple recommendations and they are old and not geographically convenient. Can anyone recommend someone in the East Bay, first choice being Berkeley/Albany, but others would be great too. Lucy (Berkeley) good, knowledgeable attorneys to help you decide a) which corporate status is right for you, b) how to secure your trademark or trade name, and c) what issues you should be worried about as you begin. Ask for Angelique Tremble for corporate formation questions and Tsan Abrahamson for trademark/tradename issues. (flat fee for corporate formations, and they provide excellent back-up materials for keeping your coporate records straight). They make house calls! (berkeley) good website for getting basic legal knowledge and links to help you do-it-yourself and to keep abrest of the law. Also have corporate and litigation lawyers. Very reasonable rates (roughly $240/hr) and nice people. (Lamorinda) Good resource for forming large corporations or for securing funding/raising capital, and creating private placements or angel funding documents. (SF) good for start-up companies who plan to do a great deal of high-tech work, including software and technology licensing work. Ask for Hilary Luros; she will take the time to really talk you through your issue and has excellent rates, including a 20% ( I think) reduction if you go over a certain amount of money each month.

-- legal eagle

I work with several small business clients on issues relating to formation, contracts, employment, etc. Happy to assist. david at

Kathleen Hunt is an attorney located in El Cerrito. She has worked with quite a few business start-ups, so she might be able to help you with whatever you need. Her office number is 510-289-2288.

2003 & Earlier

Need an attorney for my small business

April 2002

I own a small business and need an attorney to deal with several issues related to it. I'd prefer someone in the East Bay. Any ideas? Thanks anon

Dear Anon, My husband is a partner with a firm located in Palo Alto. He'd be available to speak with if you like. We live in Danville. You can email us at jeffreyiiATsbcglobalDOTnet Kim

My husband, Rick Randel, is an attorney in Oakland who does corporate/real estate and general business transactions representing small businesses in matters relating to new venture formation, raising capital, real estate transactions, etc. He can be reached at 510-336-9454 or randoloATsbcglobalDOTnet

I have used Peter Sproul (925-256-3900) for my small business needs for years. He is a nice guy but also a very effective attorney. He is not cheap, but he is worth it. Rebecca