Financial Planner or Contract Lawyer?

Hello, I have an opportunity to join a business partnership (with my employer), but I'd like to receive professional advice on (1) whether it is a sound financial decision and (2) whether the contract has any terms or conditions that I should be concerned about. I am not sure whether I should seek advice from a contract lawyer, an employment lawyer, a financial planner, or some other professional. I would appreciate any advice the BPN community can share about who to consult. Also, if you have specific recommendations for a professional you have used for similar advice, that would be wonderful. Thanks!

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(1) I would consult another practioner in your field who you know and trust, to run through the risks and rewards associated with owning a business in this field. If you don't already have a financial planner, I think you'd spend a lot of time familiarizing them with your overall portfolio and retirement scenario before they could advise you on this particular decision, so you'd be paying a lot. Maybe that's ok, and maybe it's not time-sensitive.

(2) Yes, a lawyer who specializes in contracts should review this for you for an hourly fee.