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Attorney for breach of contract

Jan 2011

I recently experienced a breach of contract whereby I paid money in advance to use a facility to hold classes and half way through the session the owner abruptly breached the contract, forcing me to cancel the classes. I have tried mutual liability contracts which were met with: I'll get back to you and naturally have not heard anything. I'm only asking for the amount of money I paid in advance for the canceled classes. Nothing more or less although there is the potential to file for loss of earnings, medical bills, etc. if such an attorney wishes to do so! Is there an attorney that can help me out without breaking the bank?? I'm located in the Walnut Creek/Lamorinda area. Thanks in advance. tired of playing 'nice guy'

Try giving Christina Sherman a call at 415-728-4192. She should be able to help you at a very reasonable rate. Jayme
I suggest that you call Jean Shrem to have her write a nasty lawyerlydemand latter. She does great work at reasonable rates. She is areal estate attorney and a real estate broker. /Jean [at] or call: 510-882-9992. anonymous