Wanted: Lawyer for property tax overcharge

We need a lawyer to persuade the city of Berkeley to refund a tax overcharge.  Thanks.

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Hi, have you already gone through the process with the City, filled out their request for refund form (called something else) and subitted your documentation, and been turned down?  Assume so since you’re seeking an attorney, but I’d start there if not.  Also, there is LOTS of discussion of this issue on NextDoor, so I’d definitely read everything there, you’ll find a fair amount of information, maybe even a lawyer referral. A very common issue, from what I understand. Good luck. 

The City of Berkeley Finance department will not be persuaded by an attorney,  you will have to sue.  There are a lot of Berkeley property owners who are being over taxed and the city is well aware.  Property owners have sued the city and have won only to have a higher court overturn the lower court's decision on a technicality.

A class action lawsuit in the works.  Instead of hiring your own lawyer you might want check out what the folks at Berkeley for Assessment Tax Equity    https://berkeleytaxes.info/  are doing.  Their mission is "Seeking a remedy for systemic inequitable taxation levied on Berkeley property owners."  If you've listened to any of the City Council Meetings you will find the Mayor, City Council members, the CoB Auditor and the Alameda County Assessor's office are all supporting what Berkeley for Assessment Tax Equity is doing.  If you still want to hire your own attorney I'm sure they will know who to hire.  AND they can provide you with the argument they used to win in the lower court.

Hope these people can help you. 

There is a class action lawsuit in the works