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A question about marketing food

Feb 2012

I have been working on making various concoctions with food since I was a child. My friends and family, who are all foodies, are very supportive of my experiments, and I really love making good, healthy food with good ingredients...Anyway, I've been working on a few ideas and I think I now have something that many people would want to buy, the problem is I have no idea where to proceed from here. I'm wondering if any of you generous souls could point me in a direction. I'm hoping for any advice about marketing gluten free, dairy free, organic foods that are easy for a busy person to take along to work... Thank you in advance for you time! Laura

Try Jan Matsuno at Mindful Food Consulting, 510-923-1939, Good luck

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Financial consultant for small family business

March 2005

Hello: We have a small, family owned business and are looking for an advisor/conultant/cfo? We need someone who is good with numbers, honest, experienced, and interested in helping uswith cash flow, projections, analyses,etc..Since 9/11 our business like many others has been suffering and I need some good, sound advice. We cannot afford a full time CFO/COO so I thought maybe going to an experienced advisor would be abetter choice? I would appreciate any reccomendations. Thanks BE

I know a very honest hardworking husband/wife bookkeeping company that works with small businesses. They have a variety of options available depending on what you need. Their office is in El Cerrito and the info is B & T Bookkeeping 510-528 8411 or
Check out Small Business Logic in Oakland, they may just be what you need.