Eva Herzer (Albany, CA)

I understand your wish to go to avoid an adversarial divorce, but what you're dealing with is untenable for you and it's unhealthy for your kids, too. Have you considered mediation? Mediators know family law, they've *seen it all*, and they can steer tense conversations to help you work through to a concrete, practical strategy that you then record in a legally binding agreement. My ex and I used Eva Herzer, but that was over 10 years ago.

Regardless of what agreement you eventually reach, it sounds like you're dealing with somebody who isn't on top of the kids' day-to-day care and you'll need some solutions for that. Co-parenting got a lot easier for me when my older daughter got a phone and I could communicate with her and her sister directly; it allayed my worries and made it easier to pass along reminders about things like medications, school field trips, etc. School lunches were a struggle on the days when my kids weren't with me, so I signed my kids up for hot lunch at school. Maybe he'll grow into his new role, but if he doesn't you can still help your kids. Best of luck to you.

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December 2008

Re: Mediator for uncomplicated divorce & custody
My divorce was finalized in July, and I strongly recommend the mediation process. A good mediator functions almost like a therapist in the sense that s/he facilitates conversations about very difficult issues and gets you to a place of agreement. I can recommend both Judith Joshel in Berkeley and Eva Herzer in Albany, very close to the Berkeley line. You could talk to each woman to get a sense of her style. Judith Joshel's has a website at www.judithjoshel.com, and Eva Herzer's phone number is 510) 526-5146. If you would like to contact me about my experience, feel free.

Sept 2008

Re: Looking for mediator for divorce
We used Eva Herzer for mediation. We did get through after several months but - We had to rewrite all the financial statements and collect the documentation three times - Eva requested this upfront then twice again. We were not clear that it needs to be very up to date when filing. She presented us with a final document where some obsolete law was quoted. She didn't seem be up to date on a particular tax law that was applicable. She forgot about a visit we had scheduled. More subtle things... I felt she was taking sides and that she criticized me for my character traits. It was hard for me but of course it's just my perception and I might be subjective. Anon

May 2004

Re: Peaceful way to Divorce??
I highly recommend Eva Herzer as a mediator. My husband and I had very different ideas of how to settle things. We could barely talk without getting into a fight when we started mediation. Eva provided a safe and structured environment and walked us through the process in an amazingly efficient and calm way. She helped us focus on what really mattered, especially our co-parenting relationship. We ended up with a complete agreement, including a division of our assets, in less than 2 months. I really liked how balanced and fair she was, making space for both of our views. The whole process also helped us on the road to better communication and our agreement has proven to be very workable. Eva also did all of the legal paper work to get us divorced without us having to go to court. Her fee was very reasonable, expecially for someone as experienced as her. She is located in Kensington, off Solano Avenue in Berkeley (510- 526-4144).

Re: Peaceful way to Divorce?? (May 2004)
We worked with Eva Herzer on the Kensington Circle. She has a degree in psychology and was formerly a divorce lawyer. We were very pleased with the results of her mediation. She is easy to talk to and humane.
Re: Attorney for potentially complex divorce (April 2003)
Another suggestion at the other end of the spectrum is to use a mediator. Eva Herzer in Kensington (526-5144) is wonderful and very good at soothing ruffled feathers. She is a lawyer (unlike many mediators) so she can draw up agreements and submit them to the court so they will be legally binding. Good luck!
Re: Family-friendly mediator or attorney for divorce (May 2002)
I recommend Eva Herzer at 388 Colusa Avenue in Kensington (at Colusa Circle). I have not hired her, but have worked with her professionally and I have friends who have hired her as a mediator. She helped my friends (who have a daughter) work out an agreement and file the papers. She is an extremely professional mediator. You can reach her by phone at (510) 526- 5144. Felicia
Re: Family-friendly mediator or attorney for divorce (May 2002)
I recommend Eva Herzer, a family mediator/attorney. For about 3 years, we were co-mediators on a variety of cases. I was always impressed with her ability to listen carefully to clients and to work with clients cooperatively and constructively toward agreement. Her number is 510-526-5144. Jill
Re: Family-friendly mediator or attorney for divorce (May 2002)
We used Eva Herzer in Kensington (her office is on Colusa Circle) when we were separating and trying to work out a child custody agreement. Though it was a difficult process, Eva was great, not warm and fuzzy, but professional and able to keep us focussed on why we were there and what our priority (our child's well-being) was. I never felt like she was trying to draw out the process to be able to bill more hours. In fact, her hourly rate for mediation is (or at least was then) less than her hourly legal rate because she believes that mediation is usually the better way to go. I recommend her without reservation. anonymous
Re: Divorce attorney who won't cost a fortune? (Jan 2000)
To the person who is looking for a good lawyer or mediator - I would recommend Eva Herzer in Kensington. Her rates are a little steep but she isn't as high as some. And she's good (although I was not happy with my settlement but it wasn't her fault). Her number is 510/526-5144. Amy