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Friendly Condo/Townhome Communities??

April 2010

We're a family of 4, looking to purchase a condo or townhome in the next few years in Oakland. We would like some recommendations on a good place to raise our very young children. In our current condo community, people are very unfriendly (seem to go out their way to avoid eye contact). There are many smokers who do not care how secondhand smoke affects the few children who do live in the community. Neighbors have ignored us or have been hostile if we express concern about noise or other issues in the community. There are hardly any children but many dogs- people fawn over each others dogs but will look right past us and our children. We've had several instances where we've initiated contact with our neighbors-even commented to people how nice their dogs are... and our children will be right there...and they express no interest in them at all!

We would like a condo or townhome because a single family home would be too much upkeep for us. Maybe this is asking too much, but we'd love a condo community where: there are several parents raising children, we could get together with other parents with small children on the weekends, a place where we could stop by if we need sugar or flour, have playdates for our children, and everyone is invested in keeping the community safe and happy, and will not become hostile if you express an occasional concern. By the way, good schools nearby are not a factor because we are saving for private school.

1.Do child-friendly condo or townhome communities exist in Oakland?? Does this exist outside of Oakland? (we both work here and want to avoid a long commute). 2. Will we just have to go the single family home route to find the type of community we are looking for? 3. Should we just stay here, and focus on continuing to develop a support system outside of our current condo community (fortunately we have good friend and family support not too far away).

BPN, what do you think? Would love to hear from all of the condo/townhome dwellers out all over the East Bay or SF about your experiences, opinions, and recommendations about this issue. It would be a great help to us- we appreciate it! Wanting a warm and friendly community to raise our children

We bought a house in a townhouse community in Emeryville in 2006. I have to say that our experience is similar to your experience, i.e. people going out of their way to avoid you. After 3 years we still don't even have furniture in the 'community room' so their is not much community. There are a good amount of families with young kids and we have good relations with most of the families who have kids our childs age and they can play together and attend birthday parties etc so all is not lost. If we were not so busy perhaps we would develop these relations more, the possibility exists.

My experience is that people who buy townhomes are not really looking for community, in fact they buy a townhome to avoid dealing with neighbors (let the association handle it!) and not have to deal with maintenance of the outside. Seems like most of the people who bought in our community did it to flip the house and when the market went bust they resorted to renting their houses out or are sticking it out and are bitter and miserable.

Wil be interested to hear if such a townhouse community exists in the East Bay. Big A