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  • Emeryville afterschool program?

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    Can anyone provide some details and feedback about the Emeryville after school program? I'm considering enrolling for next year, and this year they are running the program differently due to COVID, as a full day program instead. Is it usually 2:30–6:00? How are the staff? What kinds of things do the kids do? Thanks for the help!!!

    Hello, we used it for TK before we changed schools and went to NOCCS. The afterschool is fine. Nothing special but nothing horrible. They do basic art projects and play outside. The staff is sweet. I recommend signing up for the extras like soccer, swimming through ECCL that breaks it up. After care is sort of like everything else at Anna Yates, just fine but nothing special. 

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Emeryville does mostly full inclusion from what I’ve heard and the preschool services are typically integrated into the headstart/YMCA preschool programs. They have specialists who will do a variety of push in/pull out therapy depending on your child’s IEP. Once the district makes their offer, I’d recommend going to look at the program they offer to see if you’re comfortable. If not, call another IEP meeting to discuss and see if there are other options available. Through the IEP process you won’t be able to pick and choose any school, but hopefully the district will work with you to find a mutually agreeable solution and offer of services. (I work for another local school district in preschool special education.) Feel free to contact me with more questions if you’d like! 

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Emeryville schools? How are the schools?

Sept 2007

We are looking to stay in emeryville, but our concerns are the schools? We have a 16 month old boy and soon school will be upon us. I have not read any current reviews on the emeryville public schools. Does anyone have 2007 info? thank you. ann

My husband works at Pixar, I am a Real Estate Broker and our 20 month old daughter goes to the Emeryville Child Development Center. I can not say enough good things about ECDC. It is diverse - racially, economically and culturally. Although Emily is less than 2 years old, she already loves books, music and drawing. She can open a book and identity many objects by name. She knocks out little tunes on her xylophone and she has great social skills. But most importantly is this - she can't wait to go to ''school'' in the mornings. I attribute all these wonderful developments to the love and support she receives from her teachers and fellow students at ECDC. The ratio of student to teachers is 3:1, so school is not cheap. We pay $1150 per month for 5 days of care, from 8:00am to 5:30 pm. However, since Emily is an only child, the friendship and love she gets from ECDC is priceless.

When she is ready for kindergarden, we are definitely going to send Emily to Emeryville's public elementary school, Alta Yates. We believe that Emeryville's schools are getting better every year,and schools get better when there is a critical mass of committed parents and dedicated students. Many of our friends, neighbors and co-workers are coming to the same conclusions and making the same decisions. Emeryville rocks! Amy


Thinking of moving to Emeryville - how are the schools?

March 2004

I'm thinking of moving to emeryville. I am wondering if anyone has any updates on the situation at the Emeryville School District? Are things getting better? I would appreciate information on both the schools and the school district. thanks

Emeryville's School District is doing great. The voters approved the City's first parcel tax to support school operations. With the parcel tax funds, the school has added art, music and dance programs, hired librarians and counselors, and added instructional coaches to coordinate instruction between all grade levels. The City and School are working together to coordinate after school activities. The Chamber of Commerce is working with Pixar, Chiron and other businesses in town to provide tutors, mentors and additional resources. The City's Recreation Department now runs the swimming pool located at the High School. The parent organizations at both schools are working with the Principals to shape how each school is run and the School Board supports the work of the Parents.

As for the District, the State will return local control in June. The District is in the process of hiring a new Superintendent who will start when State control ends.

It's not perfect, but there's a strong coalition of City, businesses, neighborhood activists, parents, and students who are working together to make Emeryville schools the best in the area.

Each of the two schools has about 400 kids. With the resources of Emeryville now focused on the schools, they are well supported. My oldest daughter will start Kindergarten in the fall, so my husband and I have gotten very involved. Let me know if I can answer any other questions. Ruth