How family friendly are the apartment complexes in Emeryville

Hi - My partner and I recently had a baby, and we are planning a move to the East Bay from Boston very soon. We also have two little dogs. I'll be working in Oakland and my partner will be a stay at home mom for some time. Access to BART is great but not crucial. Like everyone else, I've been frantically looking for safe and affordable places to live in the east bay. I've been looking at the luxury apartments, because they are some of the few places that allow pets, even though they are expensive (we may squeeze in to a 1 bed). The location is also great. 

These apartments look great from their websites and pictures, but I've read different reviews online(yelp, google, etc), about obnoxious tenants (younger,professional crowd), noise pollution, trash etc. I've also read about vandalism/vehicle theft in the area.

- Can anyone comment on the family friendly/safety nature of Emeryville in general? Are their certain streets/areas that are safer than others? 

- Can anyone also recommend good buildings or apartment complexes in Emeryville that accommodate pets and would be quiet and safe enough for an infant? 

- There's a little peninsula area off of Emeryville that I really like. Is this a good area? Any thoughts on how to reach out to apt complexes there? 

Would appreciate any advice!

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Hello, I live in the Glashaus Condominium complex at Hollis and 65th Street.  These are 74 owner occupied with some rented out.  This rental opportunity was just posted by a neighbor who is moving soon with their two boys about 5 and 2.   Two dogs are allowed....but you would need to use the elevator or stairs 2 floors to the street to walk them. The dog walkers property loop is nice.

We're holding onto our place in hopes of retiring back here someday and are seeking a renter for our 2BR/2.5BA unit. If anyone knows someone interested, we'd appreciate you passing along our info.  Here's a link to the CL posting: 

There are several families here with children.  The bus (non-stop as this is the last stop before the Bay Bridge) gets to the downtown of San Francisco in 15 minutes.  Emeryl-go-Round bus stops across the street and is a free bus to MacArthur BART Station 10 minutes away in Oakland.  I'd be happy to talk about Emeryville.  I lived in Berkeley for 40 years before coming here 6 years ago.  The little town is busy during the week with workers - then a ghost town during the weekend (happily so).  Lots of cafes and Berkeley Bowl West is less than a mile walk on the Greenway/Bike Path out the property back door.  Be happy to talk more.  Vicki


I think you are referring to Watergate complex in Emeryville. I have not lived there but I'm a Realtor and had sold few units there. I think it is a great place with the location, the free bus to Bart and the facilities.Another area that is great to buy, but maybe you can find rentals and Inbelieve they may take pets, its in Marina Bay Richmond. It is called The Shores. The same group just open a new one called The Cove, but probably that is only for sale. It is a little farther but they just started the ferry to SF and it has lovely grounds. If you want to chat about it , please feel free to contact me,