Emeryville Superfund Sites?

Hi! My family is considering buying a house in Emeryville. We've heard that Emeryville has some superfund sites, so we were worried about the development of our two toddlers. The EPA websites are hard for me to parse.

Does anyone know if there are major pollution sources still active or potentially old sites affecting the surrounding neighborhoods?


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RE: Emeryville Superfund Sites? ()

Hi, I worked in a related area so know a bit about this. The disclosure documents will usually list these cleanup sites within a conservative radius of the home. To dig through the documents, you can also use Envirostor (https://www.envirostor.dtsc.ca.gov/public/) for the site that you're worried about. This site has things small and big from an underground storage tank to a superfund site. The superfund sites would have a long history of records. By state and local laws, residential use is not permitted on or adjacent to active sites.