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  • Contractor for Metal Railing

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    We need to replace the metal railing around our front porch and down the adjacent stairs.  The whole thing is about 21 linear feet.  Can anyone recommend someone who does this?  This will also require repair to the bricks where the railing attaches to the floor.   Also would appreciate guesstimates for what this should cost.  Thank you.

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    You should go to the website at and look at the wide variety of styles of metal handrails they offer. I have hired the company for several installations and they have always provided excellent service and quality of their work. I am not sure if they would repair the bricks but you should inquire.

  • Iron railing contractor

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    I had a deck railing fabricated and installed 13 yrs ago.  Within 2 yrs, the powder coating on it failed and the fabricator/installer was no longer in business.  I am now looking for someone to replace these.  Have you had any outdoor iron work done and it has lasted? Would love to get some recommendations.

    RE: Iron railing contractor ()

    we just had fernando romero from universal ornamental iron works install several new railings, and were very happy with his quality, price and timing. he's easy to work with too.

    RE: Iron railing contractor ()

    You might want to consider removing the railings and taking them to a body shop to be repainted. 

    RE: Iron railing contractor ()

    We had exterior iron handrails added to an apartment building by Reed Brothers on Telegraph, and they've held up great so far - more than 5 years.  They were reasonably priced, they donate to our elementary school, and were nice to work with.  I recommend them.

  • We are seeking advice on obtaining stainless handrails for our interior stairs. Does anyone know of a good company that can provide and install such? Or perhaps a contractor who knows how to do such? Any advice would be appreciated. We made it through our kids growing up in the house without stair handrails, but those of us getting older may not do as well as the younger set...


    If your handrails need to be custom made, I can recommend you call the good folks at Architectural Metalsmiths. Their website is: and phone number is:510-318-4664. Friends of mine as well as I have hired them to design, craft, and install railings for the front steps of our respective houses. Solid and attractive.

  • Wrought iron stair railing recommendation?

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    Looking for an iron works company recommendation --- a place that manufactures wrought iron stair railings.  Thanks in advance.

    We used Mr. Handrail. They did the design and manufacture. We were very happy with the result.

    Granite Expo has a great metal shop. Just go to their website ( and click on the Metal tab. They will make anything you want.

    This might sound weird, but Reed Brothers Security did one for us inside our house for the top of the stairs at the landing and it looks really nice and they do quality work.

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Wrought iron stair railing

Feb 2007

We need someone who can help us design and create a couple of stair railings and a banister railing. Does anyone have a referral? Thank you.

I used Universal Ornamental Iron Works to put in hand and stair railings in the front of my old craftsman style home in 2004. They did a great job for a reasonable price- looks like the railing was part of the original design of house rather than added on years later. Their phone is 510.278.2990. I think they are in Hayward. Good lluck

Sept 2004

I need to have a decorative iron stair railing built for the concrete steps that are part of the pathway to my front porch. I haven't found any recommendations on the website for metal fencing. Can anyone recommend a company or individual specializing in this type of work, especially small jobs? Thanks very much! Nancy

To Nancy who was looking for someone for her iron stair railing.. We were very happy with Serratos Iron Works Co, located at 927 76th Ave, Oakland. We worked with Louis, 510-636-9227 Dan

March 2004

We've had a great experience with Serratos Iron Works. They made the railings (and gate, posts and pickets...) for our new deck, and they also made us new handrails for the stairs inside our home. They were fast and super nice. Their price was also excellent! Serratos Iron Works, 923 76th Ave, Oakland, 510-636-9227 Dan

Nov 2002

We need to find wrought iron hand railings for interior stairways -- does anyone know where we can find them or find someone who makes them? My contractor says that these need to be custom-made (I haven't found any in any home improvement stores) and our job is too small (only 2 stair cases) to interest any of the ironworkers who would make them. Any suggestions? Thanks. SMB

We just had a wrought iron stair railing installed by Tim Cisneros, an architectural blacksmith in Oakland. You can see it on his website, under ''Residence Railing, Albany, CA 10/25/02.'' It was a small job--just the stairs from our first floor to the second (about 16 feet), and we enjoyed working with him. The work was neat, on time, and precisely done. You might give him a call. 510.763.1242. R. K.

Mr. Bill Roan Blacksmith Home: 532-5158 is a very talented local blacksmith who can make custom railings for your home. He was a joy to work with. He came to my home and listened to what I needed and then made something even more perfect than I imagined. He also teaches his trade at Hayward CSU. Call him and tell him JM Drew sent you. jmd

Wrought iron window guards

Feb 2005

I saw the post about Belaire Engineering and the wrought iron window guard. I e-mailed Tom and he responded immediately and was extremely helpful. I e-mailed him a photo of what I needed and he made it perfectly. my wife loved it. I highly recommend them. e-mail : belairee[at] Phone 510-538-6950, Fax 510-538-4084 seth

Nov 2002

I'm looking for decorative iron window guards. I see them on houses all over (on a lot of the new houses in the Oakland hills)- they are decorative and put over the small windows on doors(sometimes even over larger windows). I'm sure they do serve a security purpose, but they also just look great- especially on Spanish style houses. Does anyone no where to purchase these decorative iron window ''guards''? I've had no luck finding them. Thanks! Molly

We have a Spanish-style house and recently got wrought iron window guards for our two front windows for decorative purposes. We had them done by BelAire Engineering in Hayward and were pleased with the work. The contact person is Peter Chien at 510-538-6950. Janice