Wrought iron stair railing recommendation?

Looking for an iron works company recommendation --- a place that manufactures wrought iron stair railings.  Thanks in advance.

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We used Mr. Handrail. They did the design and manufacture. We were very happy with the result.

Granite Expo has a great metal shop. Just go to their website (http://www.thegraniteexpo.com/) and click on the Metal tab. They will make anything you want.

This might sound weird, but Reed Brothers Security did one for us inside our house for the top of the stairs at the landing and it looks really nice and they do quality work.

For artistic and creative railings (and other items) contact the fellows at architecturalmetalsmiths.com and look at their portfolio. A friend of ours hired them for a front stair railing and was very pleased with their work. Excellent but pricey. For a less expensive project contact Reed Bros. Security on Telegraph Ave in Oakland. They can make one to your design and/or dimensions which is more straightforward but not as costly. 510-652-2477.