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  • Seeking experienced installer for a large rain barrel/rainwater catchment system. 

    We'd like to install a large rain barrel, connected to gutters. Not looking for anything fancy or underground. But barrel has to be big to be useful. (We already have laundry-to-garden greywater system. Not interested in DYI because those barrels are too small to make much of a difference in keeping our fruit trees alive through a long hot summer.) 

    Please share any recommendations for an installer who can do this for a reasonable price. Last time I priced this out, I was shocked by the prices they were charging for labor. Thanks. 

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Can you recommend a rain barrel / supplier?

Sept 2007

We're hoping to get a rain barrel for the upcoming wet season, and I have a few questions. If you have one you like, what brand/style/size did you choose? And where's a good place to buy either rain barrels or plain plastic drums that could be converted around here? I've looked online, but shipping is high due to size. This barrel is going on our deck -- very visible -- so the more attractive the better, but I think price is most important to me. Thanks! Trying to be Water-wise

http://www.rainbarrelsandmore.com/ I googled ''rain barrel SF Bay Area'' This url came up--- they do not charge shipping. Also, here's a url for how to make a rain barrel yourself. http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/11/rain_barrel_how.html Susan and Russel

I, too, am looking for about three rainbarrels, and have been put off by price (including shipping). I looked at Gaiam, but too expensive! Maybe we should organize an order of 20 or more to be dropped at an accessible location in Berkeley, and go bulk? I bet we could get more families who are interested to join us.

We shopped around and found www.cleanairgardening.com It was the best deal at the time we bought for buying just one barrel. We wanted to start w/ one and see how much we used it. So far so good -- but it's not rocket science, you could probably furnish one yourself. Free water, yay!

Thinking about collecting rain water

April 2007

Has anybody used a rain barrel or other rain collecting device? We're thinking about setting something up for next winter to hold water for the garden, but not sure what to get and how to set it up. How do you avoid creating a mosquito breeding ground? How long can you store the water? Is it worth all the trouble? Thanks! Garden Neophyte

Sure! Rainwater is an excellent source of water for you garden and you can rig up the barrels to be inaccessible to mosquitoes. Portland and Seattle have excellent stormwater control programs that includes disconnecting roof downspouts and diverting roof runoff into rain barrels. This stormwater control provides the benefit of capturing rainwater that can be used later in your garden! Refer to their websites and I bet if you called them for more information they would be very helpful. Here's a quick look at Portland's and Seattle's websites: http://www.portlandonline.com/oni/index.cfm?a=chicg=cjdhd http://dnr.metrokc.gov/wlr/pi/rainbarrels.htm good luck capturing rainwater for later re-use. susan