Where to get large capacity rain barrels/tanks?

My wife and I want to get two large capacity rain barrels for our yard.  Thinking somewhere in the 200-400 gallon range.  I can have the gutters routed down into the barrels themselves but I'm wondering who in the east bay sells rain barrels of this size.  I need a place that can also supply pumps for the barrels so I dont have to build a tall platform to elevate the barrels and support all the weight. I know urban farmer in richmond has bushman tanks/barrels but the last time I spoke, they didn't have pumps in stock.  Not opposed to going through someone not in the east bay if they can deliver the tanks to Berkeley.

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Try Water Champions - https://thewaterchampions.com/

They're located in Fairfax in North Bay. Lots of experience with water catchment and gray water systems.