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Consultant to give me an energy assessment

March 2012

TAKE ME OFF THE GRID! I'm rebuilding in Berkeley and looking into solar, wind, and water power. Having some trouble on rainy days getting power from solar and looking to install other passive energies. Anyone out there give energy assessments? Honesty, I found no one in the phone book or web search so thanks ahead for any wacky-doodle ideas folks! ~ gettin' off fossil fuel NOW!

If you want to 'get off the grid' I heartily recommend calling Larry Giustino at A-1 Sun. They do solar installations and other related work. I have known Larry for a number of years and attended a number of his presentations. He gave me an extremely reasonable bid for solar at my house. In addition, since Larry knows I am a piano and guitar teacher, he has helped sponsor our awards program here for our young students.You can contact Larry at larryg [at] or or (510) 526-5715. Ernie M
I recommend Keith O'Hara with Eco Performance Builders ( Keith is 'totally geeked out' (in his own words) on green building. He's clearly passionate and very knowledgeable about it. He did an energy audit and work on our home to give us heat (we didn't really have any) and some other improvements to help us retain the heat. He looked at the house as a whole, rather than trying to stuff us into the standard box that everyone else we talked to tried to do. His energy audit gave us several options to choose from and he was very good at listening to what we wanted when coming up with solutions for our home. We only used EPB to fix our heating problems, but they also work with off the grid and net zero homes. So glad we didn't go elsewhere